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In this masterclass, you will be learning exactly why you need a blog or why you need to take your blogging business more seriously.

Before we dive into the 4 profitable ways you can be earning income in your desired currencies, let me remind you what a blog is truly all about.

What is blogging?

As you can see on the screen, blogging is all about creating content, primarily written content about events, situations, topics and so on, in a blog.

On the other hand, a blog is a website that is regularly updated.

Before we proceed, let me remind you something very important. There is no shortcut to success, you need to acquire well enough knowledge about blogging.

Secondly, you must offer the right kind of value that people are willing to pay for.

To achieve success blogging you also need to learn basics skills such as page building, content research, creation optimization and monetization.

But in this masterclass, we are focusing on 4 proven ways you can start making money from your blog, even if it’s a 1 month old blog.

That said lets dive right into it;

Selling of products

It only takes a visible blog to start selling your products to more people within and outside your geographical location.

You can start selling from units of 10 to thousands of units.

And this huge difference is because with just a single blog post, you can help millions of prospects see your goods, it does not matter the nature of products.

It could be fashion products

  1. Electronics goods and services
  2. Skincare products
  3. Real estate properties
  4. Software subscription
  5. Knowledge products, such as;
  6. Online courses
  7. E books
  8. And even webinars

Interestingly with a blog, you can sell your goods in retail and wholesale prices, by leveraging e-commerce website functions.

Connecting a visible blog with an online store is the most effective way to sell many times better than any other businesses out there.

Ads and content publishing

 The purpose of advertising is to call the attention of the public, and a blog makes it pretty much easier than other old-fashioned methods such as:

  1. Television advertising
  2. News paper publications
  3. Radio and other traditional means methods of advertising.

There are various ways you can publish ads or content on your blog to make money; and they include:

Guest blogging

Guest blogging Is a process where you allow other blog and businesses to publish their content on your own blog.

You can charge per content or based on the number of links you can share on your website.

Guest blogging is a very lucrative blog monetization because every other blog depend on building quality links to grow their domain authority

Take for instance, here is a probably growing blogger pitching to pay us $30 for his content to appear on your blog.

If you want to make money from guest blogging you must publish great content to increase your visibility.    

With your blog you can become a digital ad publisher with international brands; and be making money from selling ad spaces on your blog.

There are so many ads publishing brands and you can apply with your blog once you meet their publishing standards.

But among all these platforms, only two are more popular for the fact that their revenue formulas favour blogs.

  1. The first advertising brand in this list is
  1. The second and the most popular among them is Google Adsense.

Just take a look at this!

As a Google AdSense publisher Google pays you over 50% of the advertisers’ budget – with an average pay-per-click of $3.

Let’s head over to the official Google AdSense website.

This official estimate shows that a blog or YouTube account, somewhere in Africa with just a traffic of 50,000 people per month – can be taking home from $2000 to $3000 from Google

As you can see, it depends on the business region, the type of content on your blog and the quality of traffic but there is no limit  on how much you can be making from Google AdSense.

As a proof with my personal experience, this is Google Payment alert into my local bank account in Nigeria.

You can see that clearly, over $4,000 in just one month.

Let me go ahead to refresh this page, to actually show you that this is a life page.

This is not all, let’s head over to the next way you can start earning income from your blog.

Promoting Your Services

The third way you can start making money from your blog  – even if it’s a one week blog is, by promoting your services.

At this point I can only remind you that blog posts can travel far and wide – even without spending any money on adverting.

And, instead of adverting for other companies alone, you can start promoting your services on your blog posts.  

If you are a service provider, blogging is a cost effective way to land better contracts and well-paying jobs.

With a blog you will be directly connecting with the right set of prospects who are already hungry for your services.

It doesn’t matter the nature of services.

  1. It could be your teaching services
  • Plumbing services.
  • Painting Services.
  • Coaching services.
  • Medial services.

And just, any kind of services

Affiliate Marketing

You can start now by reviewing  platforms on your blog to make money for simply helping people find their business, career and other solutions.

Let me show you a clear example.

If you are able to get 10 readers from your blog to sign up with this platform every month, you will be adding from $1000 to your income every month.

Now, you may be asking – how can I get started?

First, you need to setup a blog.

To setup a brand new blog or look into your existing blog to start generating income, then it must pass through the three clear phases.

Phase  One: requires that you get a profitable blogging idea for your business.

Phase Two: demands implementation. This is where you setup all the accounts, get a domain name, hosting and have your blog running.

Phase Three: is continuation. At this stage you will start blogging, researching, providing values and making money from what you love.

Do you desire to get started with a very profitable blogging business that will help you earn income in a more stable currency?

Or a blog that will help you promote and sell out your products and services so many times more than regular businesses?

All you need to do is to grab this course right now. Blog to Bank is a practical online course with an e-Manual that will teach you:

  1. How to setup a blog from scratch
  • How to master simple techniques that will help you to effectively diversify your income .

In this course, you will be learning how to design and run a multi-million blog that you can monetize in less that 60 days.