How to Create an eBook in 5 Minutes [For Sale or Free Download]

Whether it’s for sale or free, how to create an eBook will happen in just less than five minutes and you are here to follow very well-explained and comprehensive steps that will get your first eBook right away.

We are covering how to write an eBook and how you can publish a copy to your audience without spending a dime. In this regard, writing an eBook is concerned with the process of organizing your thoughts, choosing and writing the right topic that will help you touch the needs of your audience – but ultimately, be able to see it reach the right target.

While on the other side, making an eBook is concerned with the simple processes of converting the written work into portable formats that can be read via phones and desktops.

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Why should I Create an eBook? 

You probably typed in a question ‘how to create an eBook’ but do not know exactly how you can earn from it; no need to worry. 

There is no cap placed on how much you can sell an eBook.  Therefore, eBook is very lucrative but your chances to earn more depending on several factors:

  • Who needs the information?
  • The value in the eBook 
  • Your marketing strategies 

eBook helps in lead generation: As a web entrepreneur, business owner or blogger who has other items or links to share with the same prospect in future, asking users to sign up with their emails to download your eBook is one of the cheapest ways to generate leads.

You can achieve this when you put it behind an opt-in form so that if your visitors need the information, you can have their emails in exchange. With this, you can reach out to them any time with new products, services or announcements. 

Make your Point Known

Even if you own a blog or other types of websites, eBook features like in-depth charts, graphs, and full-page images etc. will help your readers understand your topic more. 

With your eBook downloaded on their mobile phones and desktops, you may need no further marketing regarding the topics as you can include every detail in the book. 

Ease of Distribution 

Unlike other books or digital content, you can distribute your eBook file a multitude of times with no additional production cost. 

Create More Returning Visitors 

As a blogger, affiliate marketer and business owner, you can embed links to other media in the eBook file, encouraging the reader to further engage with your content.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to Make an eBook:

  1. Choose a topic that your audience need
  2. Subdivide your topic into chapters 
  3. Break down each chapter as you write.
  4. Design your eBook.
  5. Make the best of Color Combination 
  6. Add illustrative Visuals  
  7. Place appropriate Call to Action on the eBook
  8. Convert into eBook (PDF, EPUB etc.)
  9. Design eBook Cover
  10. Create Landing Page 
  11. Drive Traffic to make sale

Choose a topic that your audience need

To create any digital content, one must think about the value he or she is bringing to the table. It is when you have genuinely answered this question that you can consider what topic will be more appropriate for the content and for the audience. 

Remember: The essence of having an eBook is either to sell it or freely generate leads for your sales. To achieve optimum results, you will pick a topic that will make it quite easy to convert. 

Just like creating a blog post, titling an eBook can also be a great deal. This is because the title is what attracts the audience before they hit the button to buy or download. 

Choosing an attractive title does not, in any manner, suggest using ‘clickbait’ methods that will only increase your bouncing rate. Choose titles that summarize the true content of the work to users rushing to leave your content the same way they rushed to grab it. 

Examples of titles for eBook include:

  • An Introduction to [Insert Industry/Topic]
  • X Best Practices for [Insert Industry/Topic]
  • 7-Figure [Insert Industry/Topic] Blueprint 
  • X Common Questions About [Insert Industry/Topic] Answered
  • X [Insert Industry/Topic] Secrets Revealed 
  • x Ways to Grow your Business with XYZ etc.

Subdivide your topic into chapters 

After choosing your title, the next job is to subdivide your work into chapters, and from chapter to subheadings. 

Clarity is key and the best way to gradually pass your message is to carefully arrange your work to follow an understandable sequence. 

Get this; you may need to even display your title alongside the subtitles (chapters and subheadings). How clearly outlined it is will help answer the following questions:

  • What will you cover in your eBook? 
  • How will the reader benefit from reading it?

Break down each chapter as you write

Fire on! Start writing your eBook by following the guide given from your title and subdivided headings.

To flow more effectively, endeavour to maintain a consistent structure across each chapter. Following a uniform flow in communication will help you establish natural transitions between each chapter. 

One of the writing strengths that help us deliver information clearly is by creating this clear progression from one chapter to one, and you can adopt the method for optimal delivery. 

Design your eBook.

Writing the eBook is different from making the eBook 😊 funny, right? But that’s the correct assertion. When you are done typing (writing the eBook it is time to arrange your work right inside the eBook maker of your choice. 

Make the best of Color Combination 

While making your eBook it is important to apply the right combinations. Darker colours such as black and deep blue are ideal for eBook texts on a white background but to make buttons more noticeable you will have to appeal to the psychology of colours. 

Red is more preferable for making links and buttons where you want readers to click or take other actions. 

Add illustrative Visuals  

Most people who ask how to create an eBook only do so because they want to either inform people or because they intend to sell some products and services.

For instance, one of our recent eBooks, Affiliate Marketing blueprint is made to teach various ways how you can create cash flow selling products and services you don’t own. 

In the book, we used a series of images and illustrations to clearly explain the processes that have helped us generate weekly and monthly income from affiliate marketing.  

This and many other tactics, as explained in this post have helped us generate more brand advocates, increase signups through our affiliate links and our premium courses and books. 

You can achieve the same result when you start adding clear illustrative visuals into your work and remain very honest with the piece of information. 

Place appropriate Call to Action on the eBook

At this point, your content is written and you have to continue making it more appealing for readers through optimization. In doing this you will need to add the right call-to-action (CTA) in various sections of the eBook.

You may be wondering what CTA is all about, but that was how you got here. You probably clicked on a link from social media, search engines, an eBook etc. that asked you to learn how to create an eBook here. You can, as well, use the same methods to command others to take certain actions.

By definition, CTA is a link or visual object that entices the visitor to click and arrive on a landing page that will get them further engaged with your products and services. 

Assuming your readers got converted into leads in order to download your eBook, to begin with, use the CTAs within your eBook to reconvert your readers and convert to your other marketing funnels.

Example: A Call-to-Action CTA can lead your readers to other offers, your annual conference’s registration page, or even a product page. 

You achieve this by hyperlinking the CTA in your eBook (it may be an image or text in your eBook) in such a way that when users click on the object, they will be redirected to your other sales pages or blog posts.

Convert into eBook (PDF, EPUB etc.)

Now that everything is set, you will convert the written content into the right PDF format and, of course, the most used extension is the PDF. To convert your written text from Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) all you have to do is navigate to ‘Export’ or ‘Save As’ and then select PDF or other file extensions (depending on the software you use)


You have created your first eBook. Now, what next? After creating a copy of an eBook that needs to be sold or given out for free you need to create a Book cover and a landing page.  


Create an eBook Cover 

An eBook cover is what tells the audience that you have an eBook – it is on this cover that the title solution will be spelt out. 

To get a converting cover for the work, a graphics designer may be needed. However, using premium and free tools like Canva you can get a beautiful cover that will pass the message.

Create Landing Page 

On the other hand, a landing page is a dedicated page where prospects will land when they want to download the eBook. 

It is on this landing page that you can generate leads or get paid (if it is not a free copy) before automatically redirecting users to direct download links. 

The choice of landing page platform and email marketing software is important because that determines how you collect readers’ emails and be able to engage them with emails. 

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GetResponse is one of the best solutions for marketing any digital product because it has all the features in one dashboard. 

Features of GetResponse that make it unbeatable for selling and distributing digital products include: 

Email marketing: GetResponse has hundreds of Professional templates, easy design tools, and first-class deliverability. With this platform, you can integrate an opt-in form to collect emails and be able to send subsequent bulk emails to your customers, blog readers, clients and prospects.

Website Builder: If you don’t own a website, with a single account you can create a drag and drag website without any technical skill needed. In fact, this is one of the most affordable ways to promote your business online with an AI-driven, code-free website builder.

Webinars: Webinars are a faster way to reach millions of audiences live (without having to arrange for a physical gathering). Whether it is a live webinar or pre-recorded one, it is very easy to set up powerful marketing webinar software that you can trust.

Marketing automation: You can automate emails to be delivered to thousands of subscribers, track their behaviours on your stores and other web pages, filter the right audience to target etc. This feature brings your customer journey to life with automation that helps convert internet users to paying customers.

>>You can Sign Up for Free GetResponse Trial here<<


The Complete Features you’ll get with GetResponse include: 

  1. Email marketing
  2. Email creator
  3. Autoresponders
  4. Email analytics
  5. List management
  6. Transactional emails
  7. Conversion funnel
  8. Sales funnel
  9. Lead magnet funnel
  10. Marketing automation
  11. Website builder NEW
  12. Web push notifications
  13. Live chat
  14. Landing pages
  15. Webinars
  16. Signup forms
  17. Paid ads
  18. Facebook Ads
  19. Google Ads
  20. Social Ads Creator

To understand the dynamics surrounding the platform here is a guide on 5 Creative Ways to Make Money with GetResponse  

How to Sell an eBook

You are presented with multiple options when it comes to selling digital products but we’ve been able to categorize the processes into two options.

Manual Method: with this method, you cannot track the behaviours of the user – such as knowing who visits the page or not.

However, you can upload online and generate a downloadable link from storage systems like Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you own a blog, a description of the book contents (can be created in form or a page of blog post) with the payment method. Upon receiving payment for the book, you can forward the download link to the buyer.

The second and the most effective method is the automated method that will give you the freedom to sell continuously even while you sleep.

Paid Automated Method: With a dedicated and more attractive sales page you will automatically generate leads and collect payment from buyers. With this method, you will make sales automatically through your sales funnel and also be able to effectively engage more prospects until they buy.

These whole processes can be achieved using the complete marketing features designed by GetResponse; you can use this link to sign up for the free trial

Drive traffic to make Sales  

The question on how to create an eBook has been answered but the key to making an eBook is the reward system. If it is a free eBook, you created it for a reason, and when that reason is fulfilled, there will be joy.

The same goes for eBooks you create for the purpose of selling; when people buy your copy you earn profit. 

To achieve this, you need to use ads (online advertising) to drive traffic into your landing page – to make people see your products and either download them free or buy them. 

There are two ways to this:

One can share a link to this landing page across instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp groups, inbox user’s on-demand or share across personal and business pages. 

Another option is to make use of paid ads (such as Facebook/Instagram ads, Google AdWords, Google AdSense etc.). 

With a well-targeted paid ad, you can reach millions of internet users and have your downloads or purchase range in thousands and hundreds depending on the value of the eBook. 

Frequently Asked Questions about eBooks.

From the backend of our systems, we get questions from users and different young web entrepreneurs who crave to know more about how to earn from their work or how to make their eBook copies ready for download.

Are eBooks profitable?

Yes, you can earn huge income from written eBooks and it takes different shapes and sizes. Like online courses, EBooks are great ways of sharing values (in the form of guides) and can be monetized. 

However, eBooks are considered low-price commodities depending on your industry and niche but what helps one book sell more than another is the content therein. 

To a great extent, the message that a digital material contains will determine its price but we advise that before setting a price for your eBook you need to conduct research. 

Such research will help you ascertain what others sell books of the same content, the competition online and your chances of being heard. 

Secondly, determine the platforms you’ll sell your eBook through. Amazon is a great option and we also have the best platform but for creators who own platforms it is recommended you create awareness with your personal pages.  

How can I write an eBook and make Money? 

How to write an eBook and make money is actually one of the reasons a lot of people read this topic, but the true answer boils down to the simple process that we share below:

  • Create the eBook 
  • Create a Landing page for the eBook
  • Create Ads Campaign to the right audience 
  • Optimize your page for organic traffic 
  • Share to friends and followers etc. 
  • Trace your sales 

How do I create my own eBook?

First, to create an eBook you must be sure of the right software that you can use, know your topic and be able to write them using your usual Office World software (for Windows, Macintosh, Linus, Android etc.). Upon completing the writing, you can then simply convert the work into the right eBook format (PDF, EPUB, MOBI etc.)

How do I make an eBook for free?

Making an eBook and selling it for a price is very simple and follow easy processes as having been outlined in this work:

  • Choose a topic that matches your audience’s needs.
  • Outline each chapter of your eBook.
  • Break down each chapter as you write.
  • Write the Contents 
  • Convert to PDF or any other format
  • Create a dedicated landing page for your eBook.
  • Promote your eBook and make sales

Is it free to make an eBook?

Yes. You can make an eBook for free using some of the free tools mentioned in this work. However, you can also prepare more beautiful eBook copies using already made templates for Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop etc. 

Now, what are you waiting for?

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Desire to Learn how you can start making money with Getresponse? Watch the video below:

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