Create and get Zenith Bank Transfer Code in Nigeria

I will be explaining the Zenith bank transfer code in this blog post. Zenith bank is one of Nigeria’s leading banks. For their quality service and customer service treatment, they are renowned. 

Zenith Bank USSD code, it’s a short service code that lets you handle your zenith bank from your comfort.

To pay bills, buy airtime, upgrade VPN, check your bank balance, etc., you can use the Zenith bank money transfer code. EazyBanking is known as Zenith Bank Mobile Banking.

Banking has become simpler and less stressful due to the age of technology and Internet solutions. 

People may now transfer money from their bank accounts from the corners of their homes or wherever they are to other accounts and the recipient will automatically receive the money. 

Zenith Bank has made life more comfortable for their customers by offering various options for moving money from their deposits to other banks.

When you want to move money from your bank account, there are three different ways you can try. Included are:

  • Online banking from Zenith Bank 
  • Mobile Software Zenith Bank 
  • Code of the USSD for Zenith Bank

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Online banking from Zenith Bank

You must have signed up for internet banking access to use Zenith Bank Internet Banking, and you must have hard token hardware. 

The hard token is a small device that each time you want to make a move, you can use to generate various unique codes. 

  • Visit and, using your account number, password or pin, and token, log into your account. 
  • When you have signed in, go to the section of the transfer option and choose to transfer to other bank accounts.
  • On the transfer page interface, carefully enter all the necessary information as needed. 
  • Ensure that the name of the bank is chosen. To generate a code, press the button on your hardware token, which you will enter in the token box given on the page. 
  • If you have cross-checked everything to be OK, you can click on the button to continue and the money is transferred immediately.

A transfer payment fee is paid for moving money to accounts in other banks. 

Note that transactions using a separate network to other banks outside Nigeria incur different charges from transactions to other banks in Nigeria.

Mobile software Zenith Bank

On your phone, you can download the Zenith Bank mobile app. The requisite measures are comparable to using internet banking. 

You can use it to move funds to other bank accounts once you have the app downloaded on your phone and it’s registered. 

On the AppStore, Google Play, and BlackBerry World, the Zenith Bank Mobile app is open.

Code for the USSD for Zenith Bank

Without the need for the Internet, you can conveniently move money out of your Zenith Bank account from your cell phone. Only follow the basic steps below to do so: 

Dial * 966*Amount*Account Number # from the Zenith Bank account associated with your mobile number. * 966 * 1000 * 1234567890 #, for example. 

Then follow the instructions on the computer, which follow.

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Zenith Bank USSD Code Daily Limit Transactions 

N100, 000 (One hundred thousand Naira) daily cumulative transfer cap 

The Airtime top-up gross transaction cap is N3, 000.00 (Three thousand Naira) per day.

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How to Transfer to Other Banks from Zenith Bank 

You can easily dial * 966*Amount*Account Number # (e.g. * 966 * 1000 * 1234567890 #) from the phone number that you registered with Zenith.

Bank to instantly move money from your Zenith bank to other banks, then follow the prompts on the screen.

Well, like other Nigerian banking systems, you have to provide a security tool first, which is either a four-digit transfer pin or your debit card’s last four digits. 

This transfer platform allows you to transfer funds electronically from your account to the accounts of any bank and the recipient of the transfer receives the value instantly.

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How to subscribe to * 966 # EAZYBANKING? 

With your AlertZ code, simply dial * 966 * 00 #. 

Enter your debit (ATM) card number with the last 4 digits. 

The 4 digit PIN Build and Validate

Anyway, you will see a message “Retrieving your balance” and receive an SMS with the balances on all your accounts to ensure that the operation was successful.

Zenith Bank transfer code features 

  • Open Account- Dial * 966 * 0 # and follow the prompts on the screen 
  • Check Account Balance-On your mobile phone, dial * 966 * 00 #, and follow the prompts on the computer. 
  • Purchase Airtime Dial * 966 * Amount * Mobile Number # # # 
  • Capital Transfer 
  • Paying bills 
  • BVN Update
  • RESET Dial; * 966 * 60 # Dial; 
  • Other SELF Support

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Other Vital Zenith Bank details 

Founder: Jim Ovia Jim Ovia 

Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Amuchie Stanley 

Year of establishment: May 1990, Nigeria 

1st June 2014 CEO: Peter Amangbo 

Headquarters: Lagos Headquarters: 

Subsidiaries: Zenith Bank Gambia Limited; UK Limited; Sierra Leone Ltd; Medicare; Nominees Ltd; Pension Custodia Ltd; Investment Banking Group, etc.

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You don’t have to worry, because Zenith Bank ensures that it’s * 966 # EazyBanking is far more secure as all your banking transactions require registration and PIN authentication.

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If you have any problem or question, however, then you can call, reach or email Zenith Bank customer care service easily from either offline or online. 

Here is their quick customer support line: ZenithDirect on 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK, and choose Choice 4 to talk to an assistive executive.

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