Create Information Product (such as eBook) and Make Money in Nigeria

Here is a comprehensive guide to creating information products such as eBooks and make money in Nigeria.

You should bear it in mind that most of the ways people make money on the internet is by creating and selling products, rendering services or by showcasing talents and skills to consumers.


One thing is to have great insight and skills. Another thing is your wiliness to share it to others. But the greatest thing is your ability to productize these offerings.

That is how to make money from the information you have upstairs.

And although I’m too aware of the fact that everyone must not become information marketers, there are some reasons why I think that information business is the right option for you.

But before we argue about that, let’s get to understand what and what the information systems are; and how to get these hungry buyers on the internet.


What are information products?

They come in shapes and sizes. And it’s just like stories that should be consumed based on who tells them and where they were told.

People are successfully selling a range of information products online, and they may include eBook, Videos, Audio files, Multimedia courses etc.

However, these are four most popular information product formats: EBook, Video, Audio and Designs.




Now I want us to consider the arguments I raised in the beginning; why information products are the best option for you.


Why sell information products?

Having created many eBooks, and taught in so many seminars for money, I’ve come to a pure observation that selling information products online is:


Costs Effective

Stress-Free (when compared with physical products)

Closer to the Market

And additional reasons include the fact that people are in constant demand for information.

In fact, anyone that goes to the internet for a search searched for solution to his/her problems.

Some will be willing to pay for it (the solution), while some may prefer the free options such as blog posts, and social media articles. But remember, in one ways or the other, everything on the web is paid for.

But come to think about this; just image you’ve successfully written an eBook on CCTV installation (which is one of the most sort after skills now), and on the verge of clicking the ‘publish button’

There will be no need to consider the cost of shipping the books to buyers. No cost of carrying cartons of books from the printing press to your bookstores and all that. All you need is a valid email address to send the copies (after confirmation of payments)


Steps Involved in Creating Information Packages

This depends on the nature of information you want to share, and also depends on the platform you’ve chosen as yours.

It might be a blog (through blog sites), a video streaming platform (such as YouTube), eBook (to be sold across social media platforms and blogs), Webinars, Audio Books, and other forms of propagating information; even on radio.

You need to observe the following steps that have been my guides of making anything happen through the web:

  1. You need an idea

You can’t just wake up one morning and start thinking o writing an eBook or creating a blog, without having tangible ideas of what content you’ll be in to deliver.

The idea should be based on what you target audience wants and needs most


  1. The ability to write or speak or type

Think about this; how will I be able to make this book available if I’ve never had a typing skill?

But if you are not the world’s best writer (for instance), there are short cuts

If you don’t know how to create a cover, you can hire a freelancer


  1. A good Package for Your Products

No matter what you are selling, it is very vital that you be of the best look.

First impression matters in any instance, and in selling digital products the look should be as good as the content itself.


Making your information product available for purchase

How to accept payments online

Once you have your information products ready to sell, it’s time to accept payments online. You can sell at Amazon, Gumroad , And/or your own (Blog)site .

I prefer the last option. And that is the reason why I recommend a personal blog for anyone that wants to thrive in this information circle.


Creating a Sales Letter

People call it book description.

But what it means is that the description of everything they will get when they purchase your product.

For the sake of truth, it will be the key to enticing your target audience to Buy Now

Your sales funnel

Your sales letter is the start of your sales funnel. Your sales funnel takes them from learning about your product, to buying it and then downloading it. There are a number of essential elements to any highly-converting sales funnel.

For me, (Maybe because I am a storyteller, I prefer the use of stories to buy the time of my audience) I make use of good conversion methods to convince the readers.


Marketing your product

Once you have created your product, sales letter and sales funnel, it will be time to start marketing your product to a wider audience, for traffic and sales .


How much marketing you do, and where you do it, will depend on what the product is and how much money you want to make from it.


Other ways you can make money from your information products

Once you have created your own information product, especially a book, you will have a certain amount of prestige and a reputation as something of an expert

You can use this authority status to spin your information products into high-paying opportunities

The Summary

Information products are:

Low risk

In high demand

Easy to create

Easy to sell using simple technology

A great way to enhance your professional reputation and

Make more money

Got a great idea for an information product? You don’t need to keep waiting for jobs. Here is time to start creating your own products for sales and earnings. And don’t be like them that will fail to ask more questions when they get into trouble with their ideas.


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