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$5K Dosomething Scholarships (2024 Update)

Start with current updates on Dosomething Scholarships for 2024/2025 school year; the requirements, application guides and updates from official sources. For over a decade, we have been creating guides; helping thousands of young people tap into global career opportunities.

Are you aged between 13 and 25, dreaming of winning a college scholarship? Well, gear up because jobreaders.org is your 2024 guide to the DoSomething.org scholarship grant, offering a whopping $5,000 towards your educational journey.

DoSomething.org stands as the largest not-for-profit dedicated solely to young people and social change. Buckle up for an easy DoSomething scholarship in three steps:

  1. Sign up for a volunteer campaign.
  2. Take action to complete the campaign. (Some take under 5 minutes!)
  3. Upload a photo to showcase your completed action. Boom! You’re automatically entered to win.

No essays, no GPA requirements, no recommendations, and absolutely no complex applications. We roll out new volunteer actions monthly, awarding over $300,000 in scholarship funding each year. In 2024, be the change and be a recipient.

Founded in 1993, DoSomething.org motivates young people for positive change online and offline. With Aria Finger as CEO, the organization has evolved into a powerhouse, boasting a network of over 5 million young individuals aged 13-25.

Features of Dosomething Scholarships

Unlock Opportunities through Service: Enter to win valuable scholarships by engaging in community service. The DoSomething scholarship program offers a unique chance without the usual hassles—no essays, no GPA requirements, no recommendations, and no complex applications. Plus, here’s the bonus: you can apply for multiple scholarships, widening your chances to secure financial support for your educational journey.

  • No Strings Attached: Worried about the usual bureaucratic hurdles? Fear not. DoSomething.org has simplified the process. No complicated forms to fill, no extensive essays to write, and no specific GPA needed. This scholarship is designed to be accessible to all who are willing to contribute to their community.
  • Proven Track Record: Over the past six years, DoSomething.org has proudly awarded an impressive $857,000 in scholarships. This support has benefited more than 390 winners, making a tangible impact on their educational pursuits.
  • Flexible Funding: Are you still undecided about your choice of college or university? No problem. DoSomething.org understands the importance of flexibility. If you haven’t made that decision yet, rest assured, your scholarship funds will be securely held until you’re ready to embark on your higher education journey.
  • No Rush, No Pressure: At DoSomething.org, we believe in giving you the freedom to decide your educational path. There’s no rush, and there’s no unnecessary pressure. Your scholarship money will be patiently waiting for you to take the next step whenever you’re ready.

Embark on this exciting journey with DoSomething.org, where your commitment to community service can open doors to educational opportunities. Join us, make a difference, and stand a chance to be a proud recipient of a DoSomething scholarship. Because your actions today can shape a brighter future tomorrow.

Dosomething Scholarship Application

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for the Dosoemthing Scholarship Program:

1. Find Scholarships

Before you dive into applications, locating the right scholarships is crucial. Our extensive list of online scholarship resources is your starting point. (A little bragging moment:

DoSomething offers no-essay, GPA, or recommendation scholarships for volunteering and community service.); has a whole list of online scholarship resources to get you off and running.

DoSomething offers scholarships for volunteering and community service, no essay, GPA, or recommendation required.)

2. Start Early

Initiate the scholarship application process early—time is your ally. Since deadlines vary, commence research in the summer between junior and senior year. You wouldn’t want to discover the perfect scholarship only to find out the application closed a month ago.

3. Keep Organized

Become best friends with spreadsheets! Track scholarships you plan to apply for, submitted applications, and deadlines. Compare your work with this example of a super detailed scholarship spreadsheet, but use whatever works for you

4. Widen Your Applications

As your middle school poster wisely said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Apply to numerous scholarships, even if the award amounts seem modest—they add up.

5. Follow Instructions

Attention to detail is key. Specifics like formatting or essay word counts matter. Keep a checklist to monitor the unique requirements of each scholarship. Different scholarships have different requirements, so keep track of them with a checklist like this one.

6. Be Yourself

Your unique talents and qualifications set you apart. Embrace your strengths rather than embellishing weaknesses. Let your voice shine through; scholarship readers want authenticity!

7. Show Don’t Tell

Avoid generic essays. Instead of stating you’re a good problem-solver, narrate the specific instance where your solution saved the day. For comprehensive essay advice, check out these tips. (If essays aren’t your thing, explore these no-essay scholarships!)

8. Proofread

While re-reading your application might feel tedious, those few minutes are invaluable. Fresh eyes—perhaps someone else’s—can catch errors you might miss.

9. Keep Copies

Given the effort invested, safeguard your documents. Having backups ensures a quick resend if needed. Additionally, retaining copies of your essays enables repurposing for similar essay questions down the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – DoSomething Scholarships

Q1: What is DoSomething.org?

  • A1: DoSomething.org is the largest not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people for social change. It offers unique scholarships for volunteering and community service.

Q2: How can I find DoSomething scholarships?

  • A2: Explore the DoSomething.org website for a range of scholarship opportunities. Additionally, keep an eye on their campaigns, which often feature scholarship opportunities.

Q3: Are DoSomething scholarships limited to specific age groups?

  • A3: Yes, DoSomething scholarships are typically available for individuals between the ages of 13 and 25.

Q4: What sets DoSomething scholarships apart?

  • A4: DoSomething scholarships often require no essays, GPA requirements, or recommendations. They focus on rewarding community service and volunteering efforts.

Q5: How can I apply for DoSomething scholarships?

  • A5: The application process usually involves participating in a volunteer campaign, completing the specified actions, and uploading a photo as proof. Check the specific campaign details for each scholarship.

Q6: Can I apply for multiple DoSomething scholarships?

  • A6: Yes, you can enter multiple DoSomething scholarships. Keep an eye on new volunteer actions as they are regularly updated.

Q7: What is the typical scholarship amount offered by DoSomething?

  • A7: The scholarship amounts vary, but DoSomething has awarded over $857,000 in scholarships over the past six years to numerous winners.

Q8: Is there a time limit for claiming the scholarship if I haven’t chosen a college yet?

  • A8: No, DoSomething.org will hold onto your scholarship until you’re ready to claim it. There’s no specific time limit.

Q9: How are DoSomething scholarship winners selected?

  • A9: Winners are usually selected through a random drawing. Notifications are sent via text message or email, and results are announced a few weeks after the campaign closes.

Q10: Can international students apply for DoSomething scholarships?

  • A10: While DoSomething scholarships are primarily for U.S. citizens or those living in the U.S., international students may be eligible if they meet specific criteria. Check individual scholarship details for eligibility requirements.

Navigate the world of DoSomething scholarships with ease and make a positive impact while earning financial support for your education.

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