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Just in case you are new to the tariff or forgot about the Easy Codes to Check MTN Data Balance, we at Jobreaders would like to remind you of how simple, and fast the codes are.

According to the NCC, MTN is one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications networks amongst other telecommunication brands.

Although they might be 2nd in terms of internet subscribers, they certainly have the largest network coverage in Nigeria, including the internet network. 

However, if you plan on buying an MTN Sim Card mainly for internet purposes, it’s certain that your curiosity to learn how to check your data balance is high! Already subscribed customers aren’t left behind here!

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MTN Subscription 

MTN in Nigeria is easy to subscribe to. Since 2001, this telecom operator has operated and has a long list of numerous packages with inexpensive phone calls, SMS messages, and also telecom Internet access. 

In addition to your standard package, the key benefit of most plans provided with MTN subscription for Nigerian users is the additional benefits you get. 

Since the business has over 50 million customers, all of them will enjoy cool tariff rates as well as impressive incentives. 

While it’s easy to check your primary balance on the go, to monitor your use and consumption of MTN data.

However, you still need to keep an eye on your bonus balance relatively. 

The special MTN code for verifying the data balance on your primary plus bonus accounts can be found below.

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MTN code to check data balance on different plans 

There are several MTN plans that you will enjoy in with MTN bonuses. The key data plans that give you incentives are here: 

  • Weekly schedule with data of 500 MB plus a bonus of 250 MB 
  • Monthly schedule with 1 GB of information plus a bonus of 500 MB 
  • Monthly bundle of 2.5 GB of data plus a bonus of 1 GB 

You should note that there’s a need to remember is to check your bonus balance relatively. 

Bear in mind that these data bonus is only available for your incentives and can be used from 1 am to 7 am. 

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1. MTN Beta Talk: 

MTN Beta Talk is, however, one of the prepaid tariff plans that reward customers with # 100 and above 250 percent bonus airtime on each recharge. 

This is how to check your credit balance if you are on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.

Simply dial * 556 # to check MTN data balance or * 559 * 43 # to check the bonus balance, and within seconds your credit balance will be shown on your phone.

2. MTN Extra Value: 

The MTN Extra Value Package is also a plan that allows consumers to purchase a package.

This package offers a mix of enormous voice call airtime and also a tremendous data volume to go with it. 

Once they opt in to the plan with the special code given by the network, this package is available to any MTN subscriber. 

Simply dial * 556 # or * 556 * 61 # to search the MTN data balance for the MTN Extra Value package credit balance.

3. MTN Pulse: 

The MTN Pulse tariff plan is relatively a special prepaid tariff plan that allows customers to enjoy a flat rate of 11k per second for calls after paying # 11 daily across all local networks in Nigeria. 

To check the MTN Pulse credit balance data balance for MTN, simply dial * 556 # for your credit balance or send 2 to 131 and MTN will send summary details of your data balance at once.


MTN Awuf4u is a call tariff package that rewards clients with an airtime bonus of 200%.

On every recharge below # 100 and an airtime bonus of 300% on each recharge below # 100 and above. 

Simply dial * 559 * 14 # to check the MTN data balance for the MTN Awuf4u credit balance and your balance will be shown within a second on your phone screen. 

5. MTN Start Pack: 

MTN Start Pack is a tariff package that is specifically for new MTN network subscribers.

It also grants them a 500 percent airtime bonus on each recharge plus free browsing data for 10 mega bites. 

However, to check MTN data balance on MTN Start Pack for bonus credit and data balance,

Simply dial * 559 * 17 #, and within a twinkle of an eye, you will have your balance details shown on your phone screen.

6. MTN Extra Special Postpaid: 

The MTN Extra Special Postpaid tariff plan is a special package that allows customers to receive a flat rate of 15k per second regardless.

From the very first second for MTN to MTN calls, MTN to other networks, and 27 chosen foreign destinations. 

Simply dial * 559 * 61 # or * 556 # to check your credit balance on the MTN Extra Special Postpaid tariff plan.

Furthermore, your balance will instantly appear on your computer without stress.

 7. MTN True Talk: 

MTN True Talk is a tariff plan that gives all MTN prepaid customers the freedom to enjoy 20k per second billing for calls across all Nigerian networks.

From the very first second to the last, free # 300 bonus airtime weekly on each # 200 recharge to call 2 registered numbers, free 10 mega bites daily on each # 100 recharge, etc. 

However, to check your credit balance on MTN True Talk, simply dial the normal * 556 # and immediately display your balance on your phone screen.

In addition to the phone number * 559 * 65 #, the codes to search your MTN data bonus balance are the following:       

  • *559*43# – This quick USSD number allows you to check the amazing 700 percent bonus for users who enjoy the YafunYafun SIM package and earn amazing bonuses when a user recharges his or her account with at least 100 Naira.
  • *559*14# – This number can be used to check your balance on the Awef4U package that gives users a 200% bonus when they recharge less than 100 Naira and a 300% bonus when they recharge more than 100 Naira.
  • *559*63# – This is also another MTN code to check data balance bonuses for bundles relatively.

Furthermore, in Nigeria, all MTN users can easily find out the amount of airtime available on their bonus balance. 

However, follow our guide on how to verify the balance of the MTN data bonus, and you can also learn more about your account. 

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1. USSD Direct Code 

As the name suggests, this technique is very simple and straightforward regardless.

However, if you dial the USSD code on your screen, the message prompt for your current data balance is automatically displayed. 

In the same fashion, to use this method to verify your balance, simply dial * 131 * 4 # and your data balance will appear. 

NB: This technique does not provide data incentives awarded to you because of the tariff on which you are currently offering you bonus data.

Simply dial * 559 # to check your bonus data balance nonetheless.

2. Through SMS: 

This approach is also very simple, but before submitting the data balance to your phone, you’ll have to wait for a while. 

Although you’re supposed to do is send 2 to 131. 

However, you will receive an immediate reply after you have successfully submitted it, stating: 

“Y’ello! Your application was received and is being processed. A reply will be given to you shortly “Please don’t give your application back. Oh, thank you”. 

Nevertheless, your data balance will be forwarded to your phone in a minute or two. 

3. Via the Code of 131 USSD: 

The * 131 # USSD code menu is an MTN service that allows customers to easily subscribe to information nonetheless.

And relatively, check their data balance, and so many other services related to data.

It’s quick to remember this approach and it only takes two steps, so we can also assume it’s simple and straightforward.

Checking Steps: 

Step 1: On your computer, dial * 131 # and press send, and you will also be taken to the USSD Menu. 

Step 2: Pick 4 on the USSD menu, which is used to verify the data balance, and then press Send.

However, your current data balance will automatically show on your phone’s screen. 

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How to verify the balance of MTN data using MyMTNApp

Follow these measures in order to verify your data balance using the MTN mobile app.

  • Go to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s app store for your android or iOS smartphone. 
  • Search for and download “MyMTNApp” 
  • Open the app and you will be asked to include the number of your phone. 
  • An OTP code is sent to the number given and inserted into the app. 
  • Again, you might also be asked to set up your login information, such as a password and a username. 
  • You should be taken to the homepage of the app after you have done that, from where you can see your simple account information such as your new tariff schedule, your airtime balance, and current data balances. 
  • Also, you will find basic information about your SIM card if you take your time to work your way through the app such as the full name you used in registering the SIM, your PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) in case you lost your SIM pack, and some other important information.


Everything you need to know about the Easy Codes to Check MTN Data Balance on the MTN network has been taken care of in this article respectively. 

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