How to Set Up Facebook/Instagram Ads in 5 Minutes

How to Set Up Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

Learn how to set up Facebook and Instagram Ads to create publicity, generate more sales, and reach more prospects. In this post, we will be showing you how to set up Facebook and Instagram ads that convert.

Social media ads are a great way of creating publicity for your brand and reaching out to new prospects. With the behavior tracking bots used, you can reach out to an audience who might be interested in your products or services.

You can use social media ads to build a strong brand image and reach out to prospects, who can then be converted into customers if you use the right strategy.

Maybe you just want to sell your digital products such as online courses, eBooks, or affiliate products. Running social media ads is just a simple way to reach millions of people who are more likely to be interested in what you offer.

However, in this article, we will focus solely on Facebook and Instagram ads.

It is not difficult to set up Facebook and Instagram ads. Instagram, with over a billion active users, is one of the best places to interact with social media apps.

Because of its large number of users, all types of audiences are available for all types of markets, including yours.

In this article, you will be learning how to set up Facebook/Instagram ads that can convert prospects into clients.

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The Benefits of Setting Up Facebook and Instagram Ads

When done the right way, social media ads can be leveraged to derive maximum benefits. These ads can help bring your business to the limelight, along with other benefits. Here are some advantages of social media ads.

I. Generating Traffic: Social media ads are a great way of generating traffic to your page or website. With the advancement of technology, these apps are programmed to show these ads to people whose online behavior shows they are interested in the topic or product your ads contain.

So, your ads get more chances of converting mere viewers to an audience on your website or page.

II. Building awareness: thanks to digital marketing and the social space, business models and products that just started can gain awareness and publicity within short periods. New businesses can create awareness and new products can gain publicity and be sold.

With social media ads, prospects can be converted to customers and subscribers to your page or platform. Ads that aimed to create awareness should contain the important aspects of the brand.

III. Generating leads: Social media ads can be a great way of generating email leads for marketing. The best way to do this when using ads is to attach a free prize when they sign in their emails to subscribe to your newsletter.

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How to Set Up an Instagram Ad

To set up a basic ad on Instagram with either an image or video format, you must first have an Instagram business account.

To open an account on Instagram by downloading the application on your device from your mobile app store. If you already have a personal Instagram account, you can convert it to a business account to run ads with the account.

Next up, create your ad’s picture or video. When setting it up, ensure it resonates with the intent of setting the ad so it accomplishes its objective.

For example, an ad that is aimed to make viewers buy a particular product can be set in a campaign format where a certain discount is offered when a customer buys the product.

In the same manner, an ad that is set to convert viewers to followers or subscribers can come with a free e-book option if they follow a set account.

Afterward, set up the ad objective in a format that aligns with the intent and audience outreach. For instance, the age, grade, and interests of the select audience.

Before setting up an Instagram ad campaign, post the selected video or picture on your Instagram time. Select the three-dot icon on the top left corner of the post and tap “promote” to create the ad.

How to Set up a Facebook Ad

Facebook is estimated to have over two billion monthly users. With this large number available audience with vast interests, Facebook guarantees your business the right publicity.

To set up a Facebook ad, open a Facebook page by clicking on the page icon and selecting the open new page.

Fill in the right information about your page and set it up. Skip this process if you already have a business page

Next up, download the Facebook ads manager application from your mobile app store or visit the Facebook business website.

Click here to visit the Facebook business website.

Tap on the “create a plan” icon at the top left corner of your screen and proceed to sign up on the next page. Be careful to align the ad goals with your intent of creating the ad. When using the Facebook ads manager ads, link your Facebook account to the application and your pages will appear afterward.

How to Create Facebook and Instagram Ads that Convert

Facebook ads manager serves as the connection module between Facebook and Instagram for creating ads.

To create an ad on Instagram, you must first link with your Facebook account. With the ads manager application, you can run consecutive ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

The main aim of setting up an ad is to convert. Convert viewers to customers, traffic, followers, or subscribers. This is because it costs money to patronize social media ads, hence, results should be evident. 

Understanding how social media works and how most users behave is important when aiming to convert. Here are some important tips on how to create Facebook/Instagram ads that convert.

I. Select an audience that matches

Facebook audience segregation enables you to select the right audience to view your ads. When customizing your demographics, ensure the specifics such as age, grade, interests, and location match with the ad intent.

As we stated earlier, understanding how social media users behave online is important. So, you must think through the particular age group, gender, and location of people who might be interested in what you offer.

Advertising to interested people is one of the quickest and best ways of converting prospects to customers.

Ii. Quality content, always

When dishing out ads, don’t just focus on the campaign alone. Put more effort into developing your page or website. Furnish it round with quality content.

Before subscribing, following, or patronizing, most users like to go through a particular page to confirm its authenticity. Whether or not they stay depends highly on how impressive it was.

Iii. Be creative with your campaign

It is no secret that the most impressive ads get the highest conversion rates. When it comes to designing ad campaigns, there are no limits. The aim is to capture the viewers’ attention. You can capture their attention using trending slang and the latest quotes. Don’t be left behind. 

When running a promo campaign, you can include that the offer is limited or the offer is valid while stock lasts. 

Iv. Set your budget.

With Facebook/Instagram campaigns, the more people you reach, the higher the cost. For example, a 25 days ad campaign run will cost twice as much if you double the number of set viewers per day.

Edit your budget according to the intent of the ad and the level of publicity you hope to gain. 

There is no spending too much to gain the right publicity as it pays off eventually but set limits. Ensure the budget grants you the value for its cost.

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