5 Core Factors to Consider Before your Professional Blog in 2019

Everything is changing, and the web is seriously leading. There are factors to consider before hosting a blog in 2019, and you must adhere to experts’ recommendations.


For the sake of most potential bloggers here, I want to drop this one here. You may call it the basic things you need to know before your blogs get to run on the internet.



A Blog is a great digital marketing tool that will showcase your interests, opinions, products and services to the large world. But with the wrong professional or administrative guides for your blogs, the efforts to boost your visibility might end up being disastrous to both your privacy, and entire businesses.

However, in this post, I want to point out, these core areas we need to keep an eye open, while being assisted or learning to host our blogs.


Here we go;

#1. You need a Reliable DNS

There are huge networks of DNS servers spread mostly across the US and Europe (and few other countries in the world) which delivers highly reliable service, featuring URL and email forwarding, as well as real-time record modification.

You need a dynamic DNS manager that has the power to dynamically change your IP addresses to keep your site running with zero downtime.


Most of your web developers won’t let you know this. But instead of relying on what you were told, I recommend that you take some time out; read about these hosting companies and what they stand for.


#.2 You need a WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

WhoisGuard service removes much of your personal info from the publicly accessible Whois database, to insure your privacy online. WhoisGuard also reduces spam and protects you against identity theft. It’s affordably priced, and it comes free for a year with every eligible domain you register through some hosting providers, like Namecheap (but I’m not a NameCheap Marketer)


#3. You May Need an SSL Certificate

There are many SSL Certificates out there. But the truth is that some are said to be better than others.

How true?

Well, I may not know. But I always go for the most popular ones in this instance.

I chose this Comdo because it’s one of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates available today.

PositiveSSL secures a single domain, takes only minutes to set up, and provides a free site seal and 128/256-bit encryption. It requires no paperwork.


PositiveSSL is just about $1.99 for the first year of any new domain purchase (in that my favorite industry)


#4. You Deserve a Great Support

Due to the ever-changing nature of the web, questions must arise on daily basis and you’ll need answers. Hosting your blogs/sites with providers of poor support might result to prolonged downtime and totally affect the productivity of your strategies in 2019.

Before you chose to hosting provider, ensure that you are aware of their support reputation. And don’t expect your developer to have answers to the entire question you may ask later (as soon as you’ve paid for his work).


#5. The Payment Process (and Currency )

This is mostly for Nigerians.

And the truth is that, you can get most of this in Nigeria. It’s not most you patronize Dollars and Euros. There are reliable and easygoing Web Hosting Providers in Nigeria, who will be willing to serve you beyond expectations.

One of the reasons is that I consider the ease with which you can renew your domain and or hosting plans.

It almost looked like you most have a domiciliary account before you can run any reasonable online business in Nigeria, but the fact is that the time gone.

There are many other beautiful payment systems that will even help out, if you still consider hosting abroad.



There is no end to the dynamics of the web. And neither is there any end to the nature of challenges that will face bloggers. Not every bloggers though, I consider the serious ones who’re on regular check for excesses.

These are not the only tips you need to start or manage a great blog. I just decided to judge from the technical angles of running the online house.

But there are other important factors like the hosting plans, the blogging platforms, contents and naming; that you might be assisted on.

Feel free to leave a comment here, or run back to your expert for proper orientation.



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