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Are you an inspiring production engineer? Here are what you need to know about the Cairo University Faculty of Engineering in this blog post: Enrollment, Tuitions, & Scholarships

Maintaining the speed of dramatic developments in the environment through advanced training programs.

Where the college is mindful that its primary mission is to promote success by upholding high academic expectations and conduct for graduate students.

As well as equipping them with the potential of an intellectual mind and the creative side of practical skills, technical and spiritual responsibility.

You go through this article for more information and scholarships in Egypt 15 Best Scholarships for Egyptian Students and All Requirements(Opens in a new browser tab)

In particular, by offering opportunities to learn high-quality research, engineering, and technological applications that enable them to succeed in the local market and globally.

ABET, the accrediting body for programs in applied and natural sciences, electronics, engineering, and engineering technology, is accredited by the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University.

In the field of higher education, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, is one of the educational and academic institutions of the Arab world with a positive and lively face.

Recognized by the prestigious US-based Commission on Higher Education Accreditation as an accreditor.

Cairo University, based in Giza, Egypt, is a comprehensive higher education institution.

Excellence in the procurement of facilities for higher education to address the needs of the state, regional, and foreign populations.

This will effectively lead to the social and economic growth of Egypt.

The mission is to be fulfilled by a dedication to international standards of excellence in the areas of education, science, and service to the world.

As well as the convergence of staff, technologies, and business processes, as well as the growth of the human resources of the institution.

About The University of Cairo

CU was established in 1908 and currently has 26 faculties/institutions in various scientific disciplines, with a total volume of approximately 250,000 students.

Over the years, Cairo University has been renowned for effectively carrying out its goal in terms of offering education, study, and cultural tasks.

Amongst other younger universities in Egypt, it is called the mother university.

Cairo University also provides Arab, international students, and scientists with its education and research facilities and has become well recognized around the world.

The University of Cairo is a comprehensive higher learning institution situated in Giza, Egypt.

It is committed to training students for the demands of a workplace that is constantly evolving.

Just 2% of the staff and 2% of the students at Egypt’s universities come from outside the country.

Via immersive technology for learning and knowledge. In today’s competitive economy, graduates enter the workforce with the expertise needed to succeed.

It is ranked 477th highest worldwide and 801st by the Best Global Universities Rankings in the World University Rankings.

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Prospect of Studying at Cairo University

  • In the center of Great Cairo, Cairo University is convenient to both facilities and entertainment places.
  • The University of Cairo boasts an elite of top professors and scientists in different fields of research and knowledge.
  • 25 faculties and institutions as well as specialized study centers and divisions are included in Cairo University.
  • In addition to specialist collections in all departments, the recently formed Central Library consists of the finest technology in documents and research databases.
  • Any university schools and research centers have specialist labs and laboratories fitted with the newest scientific equipment.
  • Cairo University is engaged in delivering numerous facilities to its students, such as medical treatment, leisure, and cultural programs.

Goals of the Faculty of Engineering Department, University of Cairo

  • Creation of advanced engineering graduates and practical and technological applications targeted at community service.
  • Conducting engineering science and application studies and analysis to focus on the growth of society and the resolution of its problems.
  • Contributing to future planning by investing in developing plans for growth.
  • Establishing ongoing processes of growth for instructional services and success assessment.

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The requirement for Undergraduate Enrollment

For all aspirants of Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, here are the Undergraduate enrollment procedures.

  • The candidate must submit a previous student achievement document and the results of the tests.
  • In order to get admitted, the candidate simply needs to meet the criteria set by the university.
  • The school year consists of semesters, traditionally. For bachelors, CU has competitive programs that cost less than 1,000 USD / year.
  • To receive a master’s degree, the recipient must spend about 1,000 USD per year.
  • Despite the tuition fees being very small, the students still participate in scholarship schemes.
  • CU is changing with the times and now provides online programming in addition to traditional full-time programs.

Cairo University Travel Grants for Engineering, Egypt

A grant from the United States is provided by Cairo University Engineering Travel Grants.

State Department for students enrolled in the semester of Summer Engineering History or Cairo University Civil Engineering.


Support is accessible only to participants in the Cairo University-related AMIDEAST Education Abroad Programs in Egypt.

Please notice that only students who apply for Pell Grants and Stafford Loans can be eligible for these travel grants under the terms of the grant from the Department of State.

How to Apply

How to Apply: Please upload the necessary documentation by the applicable deadline (see below) online, to be eligible for a Need-Based Scholarship or Cairo University Travel Award.

A complete application will include the following:

  • A completed submission form
  • A resume
  • Include a 500 word, written, single-spaced essay on a separate page that discusses subjects such as
  • How your time abroad will advance your academic and private objectives
  • Your financial need and how the assistance helps to fulfill that need
  • Your background as a college student of the first generation or membership of a category that is underrepresented in overseas studies.
  • And/or other criteria or factors why you consider you are eligible for the chance.
  • The completed documents must be scanned and e-mailed within the deadlines to [email protected].

Deadline for Application: This has passed but I encourage you to visit our site for updates on scholarships and other opportunities that may be of your interest.

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2020/2021 Scholarships offered to both Local and Foreign Students at Cairo University

Students outside of the region where the university is based are given overseas scholarships, fellowships, or grants.

This is often referred to as financial assistance and is mostly dealt with by the Cairo University Financial Aid Office.

There are numerous grants from Cairo University and internships for foreign students.

There are also other organizations, including charities, trusts, corporations, etc., that offer scholarships to foreign students, in addition to university-based scholarships.

For assistance, we mentioned the latest foreign awards, fellowships, and grant information at Jobreaders.

You may now register for scholarships online using the Cairo University scholarship application form.

At the University of Cairo, as you can see, these scholarships can be awarded at different degree levels.

Apply for credit for education from Cairo University

Provide documentation of the application to Cairo University using the DHL student bid

A talk about Cairo University scholarships with the global student community.

Here are some scholarships for students to study at Cairo University:

The OFID Egyptian College Scholarship

The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) is pleased to invite Egyptian scholars to apply for the 2018 OPEC Scholarship for Egyptian Candidates.

Eligible Egyptian scholars who have met the criteria for the program are welcome to submit an application before the deadline for the program. Hurry up and apply for this program right now.

Scholarship of UNICAF for Egyptian Students

UNICAF is pleased to call for applications for the Unicaf Scholarship for Egyptian Students 2018 from Egyptian students.

Eligible Egyptians who are passionate about studies and have demonstrated excellent academic track records and have exceptional leadership qualities are urged to hurry up and apply before it’s too late for this initiative.

Fulbright Egyptian Students Scholarship

Egyptian students are currently invited to hurry and submit their applications for the Fulbright Egyptian Students Scholarship.

The U.S. has provided this scholarship program to Egyptians to assist graduates, students, masters, and doctoral students as well as to conduct research-based programs in the U.S. Hurry now and send in your application!

Chevening Scholarship for Egyptian Students

Applications from Egyptians for the Chevening Scholarship for Egyptian Students are invited.

In order to prevent disqualification of any kind, candidates for this program must also ensure that they have met the resulting eligibility requirements. Hurry and apply now!

RUFORUM MasterCard Undergraduate and Master’s Scholarships for African Students

In partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, Gulu University, and Egerton University.

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is providing scholarships to enhance the application of research, technology, industry, and innovation to rural agriculture.

The University of Sussex, International Chancellor’s Scholarships in the UK

The University of Sussex encourages foreign students to apply for 25 scholarships for a postgraduate (teaching) degree program.

Financial (Non-UK / EU) candidates have access to scholarships.

This scholarship seeks to support foreign academic scholars at the University of Sussex who are highly accomplished and highly inspired.

Japanese Government Scholarships for Undergraduate, Research & Masters International Students

Applications for the 2020-2021 Japanese Government Scholarships for Undergraduate Study & Masters.

Foreign Students are currently being approved. Eligible individuals are invited to apply!

Program for African Countries by MasterCard Foundation Scholars

For the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program 2018 in South Africa, applications are formally invited.

Only candidates from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are eligible to apply.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship for Developed Countries (Masters & Ph.D.)

The Aga Khan Foundation is proud to announce its Developed Countries Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship.

Per year, the Aga Khan Foundation offers a small number of postgraduate research scholarships to excellent students from developing countries who do not have any means of supporting their studies.

Enrollment Protocols for (Foreign and Local) Postgraduate

Foreign Student Papers to Submit:

  • The Supreme Council of Universities of Egypt has issued an identical certificate of the new academic degree.
  • A letter of candidacy from the student’s nation arrives from the faculty at which the student wishes to study, clarifying the awarding jurisdiction, the university year in which the student wants to study, and the student’s degree. Often, to be addressed to the dean of the desired faculty, the letter must be signed by the cultural adviser of the embassy.
  • A copy of the passport of the student that is valid for one entire year.

An initial copy of the Information Form and three photocopies of it must be submitted with the student’s signature on them, after following all previous criteria.

Includes a photocopy of the student’s embassy acceptance that the embassy agrees to study at the desired faculty by the student.

Clarifying the body that offers, the university year in which the student wants to study, and the degree that the student wants to do.

The faculty is to submit the student data forms to the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

Egyptian Students’ Document to Submit:

  • The temporary certificate of a bachelor with the grade needed to apply for master’s degrees or diplomas.
  • Temporary Master’s Degree with the appropriate grade (for Ph.D. applicants).
  • A four-year report of a bachelor’s ranking.
  • A birth certificate or an official copy of it.
  • A National ID Card replica.
  • Six personal photographs (4 * 6).
  • Approval by the student’s supervisor so that he or she can engage in postgraduate studies.
  • If the student is a civil servant, he/she must have his / her work approval so that, if possible (or according to the faculty’s bylaws), he/she can spend all his / her time studying.
  • A military rank credential (postponed / briefly exempted / finally exempted).
  • A sanction for conscripted students by the Armed Force.
  • Recognition on whether the student is either a military officer or a police officer by the Officer Relations Departments.

Tuition Fees of Cairo University

Undergraduate Program

Domestic (USD) – 2,000

International (USD) – 4,000 – 6,000

Postgraduate Program

Domestic (USD) – 2,000

International (USD) – 6,000 – 8,000

An approximate annual course fee in US dollars is the payments above. Please notice the payments for the course can vary.

Both review the actual cost of the service and take into account possible excess costs.


This 112-year-old Egyptian higher education institution has a preferential entrance program focused on entry tests and previous academic records and grades of students.

The 90-100 percent acceptance rate range makes this Egyptian higher education agency a less selective institution. Foreign applicants are eligible for registration applications.

Cairo University also provides students with a range of academic and non-academic facilities and resources, including a library, accommodation, athletic facilities, financial assistance and/or scholarships, research and exchange programs overseas, online classes, and options for distance learning, as well as administrative services.

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