Trending fashion schools in Ghana with Certifications

Trending and Accredited Fashion Schools in Ghana with Certifications

Fashion Schools in Ghana: The current trends that keep unveiling in the fashion industry would require great minds with top-notch creativity and tailoring skills in the fashion industry that would blow minds and burst brains big time.

So if you are passionate and have a burning flair for fashion and resident in Ghana or have intentions to journey there within Africa or outside to enrol in a standard fashion school with all the trends and hypes for an intense training together with certification to affirm acclamations, this post is for you. Continue reading keenly.

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The rise of fashion schools in Ghana

Fashion has found expression in the century and is a top industry that is acknowledged in the world and gives a sustainable reputation to a country leading in it and this is bait youngsters would run to due to how catchy and alluring it can be.

This and many more has sponsored the rise of fashion schools to train and harness inborn skills in the fashion line. Ghana isn’t left behind as individuals and institutions have taken it upon themselves to provide platforms for growth and betterment in the nation.

Factors to consider before picking a fashion school

There are quite numbers of factors every individual must consider in picking a fashion school to enrol in  if one wants to excel without much hurdles in the fashion industry.

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Accreditation of the fashion school

This is an important consideration when making a choice of fashion schools. The institution must be accredited by the national accreditation board to issue certificates that would be reckoned with in the society. This makes the school gain reputation as many factors are considered depicting quality before accreditation is issued.

Quality training program

This cannot be overemphasized as this is the foremost factor. What fashion schools offer to students is paramount as this would, in turn, affect their career positively or negatively.

This equips one with needed capacity in the industry. Every intending fashionista must not deal with this factor with levity for this alone defines their outcome. Be sure, the intended schools bridge the gap between theories and a standard, effective practice.

Also, society honours schools with high repute stemming from the standard of education they dish out. It makes a great impression and in turn, paves way for one. A question everyone is always asked is where did you get certified?

Reputable fashion designers who are alumni of fashion schools

This gives individuals insight into the intended fashion school. The success of an individual in any career is majorly traced back to their foundation institutionally you would concede.

Be on the lookout for top and well-known fashion designers in your country and traceback schools they got trained in and this would most definitely be a good shot too.

Tuition price

This should also be considered when making a decision on enrolling in a fashion school. There’s a saying on cutting coats according to the available material we have got in possession and this is true.

Go for a fashion school within your financial range so as not to feel burdened due to the financial implications accompanying.

There are quite some quality and reputable schools with really affordable prices. This is due to the competition in the fashion industry.

List of fashion schools in Ghana

This is a comprehensive list of accredited fashion schools in Ghana with a consideration of the above factors earlier stated. Carefully go through and click links where necessary which would direct you to the school’s official website for more clarification and insight.

Riots Originate Fashion School

This is one of the topmost accredited fashion schools in Ghana with high repute sustained over nine years in existence due to the quality services provided.

It is situated in the heart of Ghana, Accra precisely behind Zooba shop, Dzorwulu Cres. The school runs with a vision to transform the fashion industry of Ghana by developing today’s talent through providing high-quality services and a delightful experience to prodigies and clientele as their core mission; this is sourced from their official website.

This fashion school offers a six-month foundation certificate in fashion design and illustration succeeded by three months internship which is compulsory leading to an award of a merit-based certificate on graduation after rigorous training and demanding assignment schedules. Prospective student must possess a flair which will sustain the commitment demanded.

There are no fixed admission requirements because the school acknowledges the novice state of the prospective student but rather one just has to possess an unfailingly committed spirit to the course to gain the very best.

Click the highlighted link to visit the school’s website to get the fees breakdown and other information.

Joyce Ababio college of creative design

Formerly known as vogue style school of fashion design, been in existence over seventeen years and poses as one amongst the top best fashion schools in Ghana is another great choice. Its structure is situated in Accra.

The institution runs great courses ranging from fashion design, fashion CAD; Computer-aided design programme, fashion business and branding which are quite required in today’s fashion industry with certifications; diplomas and degrees.

This fashion school in Ghana is known to be accredited. Interested or prospective students are implored to click the highlighted title to get linked to the school’s website for apt information as regards tuition fees, admission requirements for the various courses they intend to apply.

Blue crest school of fashion and design

 This is another promising and trending fashion school in Ghana with a striking notable alumni record across the continent. It is situated at Cola street, near ATTC adjacent Societe Generale Head Office, Kokomlemle in Accra.

SFD is a whole package offering degree and diploma programmes in courses. Also, it’s accredited by the National Accreditation Board.

It is well equipped with great human resources with high repute profiles, possesses standard facilities to aid in the training of students. Interested students should click the school’s website to have a better glimpse to aid your choosing.

Second Image Beauty School

This is known to be one of the first if not the first fashion school in Ghana established in 1986 with a vision to becoming the leading technical and vocational training institute in beauty, hair, fashion and technology.

Courses aligned with the school’s vision are available for interested candidates and of course, one should be well assured that it has been accredited by appropriate authorities including her amongst schools that are great and qualified choices.

To know more, visit the school’s website for reliable details that would guide your decisions.

Jiffah Fashion Design School

This is one amongst the list of accredited fashion schools in Ghana situated in Madina.  It offers her students a wide scope of fashion skills hand in hand with practical on the necessary equipments to harness skills.

The school also provides its student’s access to talented and top-notch fashion designers with the knowledge that networking builds and paves way for great opportunities. Visit the school’s website for in-depth information.

Libelt School of Fashion

LSF is another great choice referring to trending fashion schools in Ghana. In their archives are top fashion designers accrued to them through the quality training programmes the school offers.

Students are trained effectively to take up fields in the fashion industry and perform excellently. You may want to know more, do refer to the school’s official website.


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