Apply for Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria (Submit your Credentials Free)

One reason you should apply for Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria is the fact that they are pensionable, but the need to secure these limited positions has continued to add to the scarcity of jobs in Nigeria.

With your current credentials, you can apply for federal Government Jobs in Nigeria (with even WASCE, NCE, HND, Masters, etc.) so far you are eligible for the particular entry.

But you might be faced with lots of competition as you search through your dream jobs, in that there is an obvious scarcity of job placement opportunities in most populated Nigerian Cities.

This is why you are about to arm Your CV with the right information that has guaranteed jobs for other in the past, irrespective of the popular assumption that there is no job in Nigeria.

Before you click on any of the application links (for jobs or scholarships), please endeavor to follow go through the right procedures designed to help you stand taller than every other applicants.

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What are the Government Jobs in Nigeria?

It is not just the appointments inside the Presidential Villa. Federal Government jobs in Nigeria ranges from store keepers in Federal Projects to Executives and Legislative workforces.  It does not exclude the like of Road Safety Corps, Teaching at Federal Level, Federal Inland Revenue Job positions, Civil Defense jobs etc.

So, there are various opportunities which demand several categories of workforce in Nigeria. Also, there are job opportunities that may not even consider the academic qualification, yet they are pensionable.

Ongoing Jobs: Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment 2019 —Click here to APPLY

Who is Eligible for Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria?

Frankly, it is always written for the public to apply. But in the actual sense, it is not truly given to the fittest at all times.

In order words, being qualified for federal government jobs in Nigeria is not enough to grant you the right seat for service in any government organization or office.

You need to know the best practice to job hunting, be on time and also have the other factors that can never exclude prayers.

And based on the scope of this career journal, we are going to redirect you to several pages where you can apply for jobs within your discipline or any loved office.

What have I done wrong?

You must have applied for federal Government Jobs in Nigeria or even other jobs and failed to secure one.

That must have been why you asked “what have I done wrong with searching for jobs in Nigeria?” Actually, you did nothing wrong. You only failed to get something right.

Here at Jobreaders, we do not believe that there are no jobs in Nigeria, or that there can never be means of securing legitimate federal appointment to serve.

We only believe in the scarcity of jobs, the nepotism that exist in many of Nigeria’s federal human resource spheres.

But we also believe more in excellence, persuasion and the right actions towards jobs and career in general; and that is why we can’t get tired in sharing the opportunities around your career.

One of the things you have done wrong, however, is the fact that you were not informed when they were recruiting.  You did not check your email on time, for the invitation for interview; to just mention a few.

How do I Know about Latest Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria call for recruitment and application?

That is one of the prime motivations behind this guide; to help you know when to apply, and when to expect opening for your job applications.

In order to scale though this information gap, you can subscribe free to the email Newsletter below. You will be located through your email, when scholarships and job opportunities call for your application.

This is one step to being informed.

How to Apply for  Government Jobs in Nigeria

As you are about to start your journey to job hunting around the federal positions, it is pertinent that you understand the challenges we shared in the beginning.

The best way to tackle the competitiveness of the job opportunities in Nigeria is to be on time, and also be eligible.


What happens on the background is not as predictable as what you submitted to the job portal. In other words, you need to make sure that your credentials, age, application time, location and referees alight with the requirements of the respective job opportunities you apply for.



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