Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria with 100 Genuine Career Websites (Apply Now)

Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria with 100 Genuine Career Websites (Apply Now)

This is the list of Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria with 100 Genuine career websites. Every candidate who seeks a job from any discipline and States in Nigeria is advised to adhere to the guides and facts presented plane on this page, for their safe job applications, scholarships, and other career opportunities.

Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria are available for eligible and qualified candidates from different classes (graduates and professionals), but the application time and official websites vary from ministry to ministry and parastatals.

Candidates who are currently searching for these jobs are hereby advised to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Candidates are to Apply before the set deadline
  2. One should only visit the valid/genuine website
  3. Understand that no Agency will demand payment before offering jobs
  4. Candidates should know the basic requirements for Jobs.
  5. A candidate is advised to join the social media platform to get firsthand information from these employers.

And to be on top of these factors, Jobreaders have devised a regular email update that informs potential candidates when and how to go about current jobs in Nigeria. You can visit this link to sign up for this free notification.

The Issues

Some of the most challenging issues are that most Nigerian job seekers fail to ascertain genuine opportunities, and in most cases fall into a scam.

And one of the best ways to seek and find Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria is to follow the official website of the ministry or office in question.

In a case of some federal government job that requires a physical interview, the applicant is expected to appear in the organization as early as possible.

So in this post, we have carefully culled out the list of regularly recruiting government bodies and their career websites.

Candidates who seek these jobs can either sign up for our regular Newsletter or visit these websites for genuine information about current job opportunities.

Federal Government Agencies and Minsitries | Career pages and recruitment Portakls

Some of the career pages listed on this post show that they are not currently recruiting while some have concluded their recruitment exercise. On this ground, candidates are encouraged to be in touch without notifications, for jobs and other career opportunities.

Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and Short Service Combatant (SSC)

Currently, the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and Short Service Combatant (SSC) are ongoing. And depending on the time you come across this page. We also advise you to read through the application guidelines and deadlines, for adequate information on the application.

This is one of the very popular Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria, and if you can recall, the essence of this page is to ensure you visit the right websites for any of the job applications. But before that, you may want to know the basic requirements for these recruitments.

Requirements for Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and Short Service Combatant (SSC) recruitment

Note: This is not the official recruitment website for any Job in Nigeria. but we are going to be updating this page from time to time, to include links and genuine websites for all the Federal government agencies or their direct career pages for job opportunities in Nigeria.

You can also click here to access information on other jobs and recruitment opportunities in Nigeria.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation was created in the year 1977. They have been known for creating yearly massive job recruitment that comprises of both the graduate and the masters. Below is there recruitment link  nnpcgroup.com

Nigerian Police Force

The security situation in Nigerian has been a very big challenge to the Nigerian police force and all that it concern.

In a bid to tackle this the Nigerian police force has open their recruitment exercise for the year 2021 which will last for 2 weeks.

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Nigerian Prisons Service

the Nigerian correctional Service usually known as prisons service is a government organization that is known to coordinate prisons in Nigeria.

The organization has its headquarter located in Abuja where they also have other branches in different locations in Nigeria such as Lagos, Bauchi, etc.

The Nigerian Prisons Services is also legally known to take into lawful custody of individual that is to be kept by court order, get other suspects and prisoners as at when due, identify the causes of their abnormal behaviors set plan on how to train and reform them so that they will get back to the society as law and abiding citizen. 

Career Website https://interior.gov.ng/nigeria-correction-service


Applicant must possess at least SSCE certificate

Must be up to 18 or above

Should not have any criminal record

Must be a Nigerian

Willing to work

Means of identification

Good communication skills

Nigerian Immigration Service

The Nigerian Immigration service is responsible for filtering the individuals entering and leaving Nigeria.

They are also responsible for issuing and renewing traveling documents such as a passport for Nigerians that resides within or outside Nigeria and also resident permit for individuals.

The Nigerian immigration service do recruit yearly and their requirements are below


Candidate must be a Nigerian by Birth

Must obtain a medical fitness from government hospital

No form of financial debt

Age range must be from 18-30 years

Male applicants must not be less than 1.65m and 1.60 for female

Candidate chest measurement should not be less than 0.87m for men

Official link: https://immigration.gov.ng/


Nigeria Center For Disease Control is a public health institution that is responsible for detection, prevention and control of diseases outbreak.

The organization was formerly established in the year 2011 which comprises of some individual from different department of ministry of Health.

It is their major function to protect Nigerian Health, integrate disease surveillance, and rapid response activities. The NCDC always recruit every year with their link as follows https://ncdc.gov.ng/jobs  


Applicant must possess M.Sc. in laboratory science, or other related field with a period of 10 years of post-national youth service experience with at least 5 years in provision of laboratory support.

Individual must have experience in management of laboratory service most especially public health facility, laboratory analysis, interpretation and reporting techniques based on practice and safe work.

Federal Fire Service

The Nigerian Fire Service is popularly known for preventing, firefighting and para medic services.

One of their major work is to discharge the state fire function services which is provided in the policy direction for the national fire service.

Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corp-

the NSCDC is a para military agency within the federal republic of Nigeria.

It was established in the year 2003 and later amended in the year 2007, one of their duty is to curb threat, attack and any form of disaster against the citizens and the country at large.

They have successfully carried out several responsibilities that made them to be known within short space of time. On the basis of recruitment, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corp publish all their recruitment through the career web page.

Career Websitehttp://nscdc.gov.ng/nscdc-careers/

Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA)-

The Nigerian Defense Academy came to existence on 5th of February 1964 with the aim of training Nigerian armed force men. It was formerly known as Royal Military Forces Training College.

The function of the academy is to provide the officers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude. That is capable of helping them to meet up with the basic military requirement, the NDA also serves as enabling ground where selected men and women are trained to be educated and courageous soldiers.

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) –

It is the work of the federal road safety corps to make sure that there is no road traffic crashes thereby creating enabling transportation mode for the travelers.

Other functions of the federal road safety corps are minimizing road accident on the high way, clearing obstruction, issuing of driving license

National Agency for and Drug Administration Control-

The Agency was established in the year 1992. The work of this agency is to coordinate and control the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, sales, and consumption of foods, drugs, cosmetics, packaged water, chemicals and detergents.
The agency general function includes administration and control of regulated products which is under the directorate four-division office namely technical service, information and communication technology, procurement and internal audit

National Identity Management Commission

National Identity Management Commission is known to be delivering long lasting, client focused, reliable and trustworthy identity service that can enable the individual prove their identity in dependable manner.

This commission, seeks to recruit, retain, motivate, and train continually skill and knowledgeable individuals that are good in modern information communication technology infrastructure and application

Official Website: https://www.nimc.gov.ng/careers/

Economic And Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)-

The economic and financial crime commission is a law enforcement agency which investigates mostly financial crime such as fee fraud and money laundering.

The EFCC mode of recruitment is a very sensitive one in the sense that you must pass through so many criteria before you can join the service.

Some of the criteria include verification of employment documents, a test of illegal drug, credit and record check, an extensive interview with colleagues both former and recent.

Official Website: https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/career

Things to know Before Applying for any Federal Job

Always make sure that your CV is updated, you will notice that every year there is always a new format of writing CV and when you are not aware of this your employer might see you as some one that is backward or behind the trend.

Work on yourself and skills

Practice the your job interview before hand

Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)

The federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is the apex tax administration agency in Nigeria. The agency is responsible for collection, implementation or tax policies in Nigeria.

And based on several factors the agency recruit in regular basis across all the states in Nigeria, to tackle the ever growing needs for tax implementation.

To know the official time for any of these recruitment opportunities, the federal government jobs in Nigeria that comes from FIRS was included in this page to help to intend taxing employees in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

People also ask these questions, and we intend to address them as much as we can.

How do I get a job with the federal government?

To get a Federal Government Job in Nigeria, candidates must first be informed about the openings and recruitment opportunities.

To be in touch, you can sign up free for our newsletter. You stand a chance to be informed as soon as there is new recruitment.

We also update you on jobs, scholarships, and other career opportunities once you sign up using the link on this block.

How do I apply for Federal Government Job in Nigeria?

Applying for a job in Nigeria, one needs to understand the criteria and job specifications/requirements.

And one can only see the true facts through the official web page or other sources set by the potential employer(s).

This is why we made a post of these government agencies and either their career websites or common websites for trusted information.

There are so many ways you get informed about federal government job which are as follows

Listening to News Everyday-

Reading Current News paper

Joining job social media page

Subscribing to Jobreaders Newsletter to get information and tips on how you can get a federal government job and other details.


Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria can be very competitive most especially when one is not adequately informed on the genuine recruitment links, time, and application criteria.

But with these parastatals and their career website you can directly access the legitimate employment recruitment exercise

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