How to Pass Federal University, Dutse (FUD) Post UTME 2020

How to Pass Federal University, Dutse| FUD Post UTME 2020

Aspiring candidates for the FUD Post UTME 2020 are hereby informed to adhere to the following information, regarding gaining admission into the institution this year.

It is necessary to make inquiries about this particular exam called POST UTME because it is the determining factor in admission.

It will be against the record to have performed well in JAMB but scoring low in screening. Your peers and every other concerned person in your life might be thinking you bought your way through in JAMB.

To keep the record and making yourself look reliable, you have to do what is within your power to score high in the POST UTME exam.

It is against this backdrop that we have decided to write this article which help you in smashing the exam and getting this your dream course cum next academic session.

The article will help you in knowing what to do and the strategies to employ while preparing for this exam. You will also know the Cut-off Mark, eligibility, and how to apply for FUD POST UTME 2020/2021.

Federal University,Dutse,Jigawa state.

The Federal University Dutse (FUD), is one of the nine universities created by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2011 under Dr.Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR.

FUD offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs (Pgde.Msc. and as well as Ph.D.)

The university’s campus is located in the ancient town of Dutse, the capital of Jigawa State.

Federal University, Dutse, seeks to attract a diverse cast of lecturers and students, support research and teaching on local, national, and global issues and create academic relationships with many universities and higher education institutions in Nigeria and across the world.

FUD is offering a range of degree programs in Humanities, Natural and the Social Sciences, Agricultural Science, and also in Medicine.

Faculties present in the school are; Faculty of law, faculty of engineering, and faculty of management science.

From the university’s pioneer crop of 205 students enrolled in four academic programs in three faculties had grown to about 3,200 students in the university’s fifth academic year of operation.

The number of courses in the university now stands at 17.

Admission into this school is based on merit and has come to be competitive considering the number of students that are applying for admission.

If you are to get admitted into the school,you have to be doing what others don’t seem to do much in other to beat the competition.

In order to succeed in this POST UTME exam,hacken to the tips below.

What Can I Do To Pass FUD POST UTME 2020/2021

In every exam, there are suitable approaches to it. When you use these approaches or strategies, you will definitely perform well.

FUD POST UTME exam is just like other exams that you have been writing over the years, just a little different.

It is not so difficult to pass, with determination and having the right approach you will scale through it.

Remember that this exam you are about to write is the most determining factor, so don’t relax because you made good grades in JAMB, you will be disappointed at last.

These tips below when followed religiously will be if help.

Make Use Of The Right Materials.

One of the most important factors in every exam success is following the laid outline for it.

Just like your subjects in secondary school, there are textbooks that are being recommended, the same applies to the POST UTME exam.

There are recommend texts which every candidate should read in preparation for their exam. It is in these textbooks that the questions you will be facing on that day lurk.

You have to note that getting these materials is not the ultimate but making use of them.

To succeed in this POST UTME exam, you have to start reading on time, this will help you in mastering the stipulated topics and having them at your fingertips.

Also, make use of the past questions and answers, it has been revealed that they use to recycle questions. Not only this fact, past questions and answers will expose you to the nature of the FUD Post UTME 2020, but this will also help you to know what is ahead, how to tackle the questions, and the time limit.

It will be pertinent to note that past questions and answers cannot do it alone for you, it should be in conjunction with the recommended textbooks, believe me, it will do wonders for you.

You can obtain these past questions and answers online if you want the soft copy. If you prefer the hard copy, it will be easier if you walk into the school bookshop.

Attend Tutorial

Attending tutorial classes in preparation for the POST UTME exam is very important. It will reactivate your brain and help you in understanding some subject matters that have eluded you.

It will also pitch you against some other students thereby igniting that competitive spirit in you and helping to put you on guard.

You can take advantage of the numerous lesson centers within your area for this will be helpful. As an average student, you will be needing this to help in understanding how ready you are for the exam.

Set Your Target

It is very important to set your target for the POST UTME exam, oh yes, this is very necessary, it will help you in sitting up in order to achieve your set goal.

When you have a target, it propels you to work against all odds in achieving it.

FUD is a competitive higher institution and its admission is based on merit, so your target should be above average like 50% or higher.

You should be honest with this and having it in mind that you are competing with so many other students.

Don’t Be Late

Starting from the registration, you should always try to be prompt, register on time to avoid issues that are bound with late registration.

It will be very disheartening to have issues with your registration, even if it gets sorted out later, it might have put you into pressure which will be disorganizing.

Don’t be late for your examination, POST UTME exam is not like your regular exams, it is highly timed and follows some process which you can’t skip.

It will be diligent enough for you to report to the exam venue on time.

If you are living outside the state where the school is located or within the state but far from the school, don’t hesitate to make your travel 2-3 days before the stipulated date.

There is a lot of advantage to this for your exam, so abide by this and make yourself available for the exam on time.

Right Course Combination.

Always try to check the right subjects that are required for the course you have chosen, making the wrong subject combination will be detrimental to your admission success.

Try to check the JAMB brochure and find out the subjects that are required for your course.

Also ascertaining the cut-off mark is necessary, it will help you to know if there is a possibility of getting admission with the score you have, if not try to change to a related course with lower score requirements.

Don’t always wait for next year so you can study that your Medicine or Law, you don’t know how JAMB will be by that time.

If after changing course and you still desire that your first choice course, there is room to switch after the first year but that will be if you meet the school criteria for such exercise.

FUD 2020/ 2021 Cut-off Mark

Let’s discuss Federal University, Dutse, POST UTME cut-off mark, it is the average score that is required of a student to be eligible for the POST UTME exam.

It is the benchmark that determines who can sit for the POST UTME exam, if your score is below the stipulated cut-off mark, you will be disqualified to apply for the school.

The general cut-off mark for FUD POST UTME is 160, candidates with 160 and above in their JAMB are eligible to apply for the POST UTME exam but some departments that are highly competitive have a different cut-off mark which is higher than the general cut-off mark.

The cut-off mark for some of these courses are as follows;

Faculty of Agriculture B. Agriculture 160

Forestry and Wildlife Management –


Fisheries and Aquaculture –


Faculty of Science

B.Sc. Biotechnology -180

B.Sc. Chemistry -180

B.Sc. Computer Science -180

B.Sc.Environmental Management & Toxicology – 180

B.Sc. Mathematics -170

B.Sc. Microbiology -180

B.Sc. Physics -180

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

B.Sc. Economics 180

B.A. English 180

B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies 195

You should remember that making the cut-off mark is not a guarantee for admission, it is how high your score, that can give you admission.

There are many students that will make the cut-off mark, so your admission success will lie on your mark.

Note: The information above is coined from that of last year, the school is yet to effect any change and there is, we will let you know, just keep visiting the site for more updates.

When Will FUD POST UTME Form for 2020/2021 Be Out?

 I know a lot of you are aching to know when this form will be out, it is alright you have to be wanting to know that.

The information concerning this is published on the school website so that they can notify the general public.

FUD POST UTME Form for the 2020/2021 academic session is not yet out, hopefully, very soon the school management will announce the date and you will be rightly updated.

All you need to do is to constantly visit this site for updates concerning the sale of FUD POST UTME form.

As you wait for this, keep on reading and practicing the past questions and answers.

How Much Is FUD POST UTME Form

The cost of the FUD POST UTME Form is one that you can pay easily. JAMB as the regulatory body has fixed the cost which every higher institution is meant to obey. Anyone asking you to pay higher than the amount is a scammer.

FUD POST UTME Form is sold for #2000 naira only and the payment is made through the University Portal either online or in the bank through the appropriate platform.

There might be other expenses to incur such as service charge, so do well to budget #2500.

FUD POST UTME 2020/2021 Eligibility

For you to be eligible for federal University, Dutse, POST UTME 2020/2021, you have to fill the following;

Have Federal University, Dutse as your first choice

 Must have a minimum of 160 in the UTME Examination

Must have five (5) O’ Level credits at one or two sittings (including English Language and Mathematics) or, are awaiting results that shall be released before the completion of the admission exercise.

You must be 16 (Sixteen) years of age.

How To Apply For FUD POST UTME 2020/2021

You are to log into the Federal University Dutse PUTME Portal @-

 Login using your JAMB Registration Number.

 Update your Date of Birth, Email, Phone Number, State/ L.G.A.

 Generate Invoice + Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number

Use the RRR Number to pay N 2,000 Post UTME charges, using any acceptable debit card, or pay at any Commercial Bank nationwide, including FUD Microfinance Bank.

Verify your payment using the Verify button at the navigation–bar

You should select appropriate Subject Combinations which must be relevant to the Course you chose to write the aptitude test.

Update your WAEC/NECO/NABTEB results (not more than two sittings) as well as A ‘Level for direct entry students.

Scan and Upload a genuine and authentic copy of WAEC/NECO/NABTEB/A’Level results and recent passport photograph.

Print Examination Slip.

Documents needed for FUD POST UTME Exam

UTME Candidates should come to the Aptitude Test Venue with Evidence of Payment (Remita Receipt), and Examination Slip, without these slips, you will not be allowed into the examination hall.


candidates should make themselves available for the POST UTME exam and also endeavor to be at the exam venue on time to avoid missing the exam.

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