10 Best Banking and Fintech App for Passive Income in Africa

If you are on the lookout for the best Banking and Fintech Apps to earn extra income anywhere in Africa?

This compilation has a list of the best banking and Fintech Apps whose solutions cut across banking, saving, trading and investment in local bunds, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency.

These are also platforms that utilize the current marketing trend known as Affiliate Programs.

This program offers you a lifetime opportunity to share parts of the entire user-generated revenues, and that form a huge part of this guide.

It’s common advice that before you jumpstart any business you need to understand beyond its basics.

It is in the light of this necessary fact that we have put down some processes and links to genuine fintech applications that can help you trade, save, invest in local and offshore bunds and also be able to earn extra income by recommending them to others.

Let’s start with a history of money.

The earliest known money dates to 650 and 600 B.C. in Asia Minor, where the elites of Lydia and Ionia used stamped silver and gold coins to pay armies.

Most of what was known those days are called trade by barter where people exchange commodities with their needed services or goods.

Historically, the first money that existed in the Mesopotamian was shekel – the first known form of currency. This money emerged nearly 5,000 years ago.

Fast-forward to 2021, the paper money is already going into extinction; and digital currencies are already taking over the world. Nations are adopting digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and what is called e-Currencies such as the e-Naira that the Nigerian Government recently launched.

Today, the awesome reality is that the world is getting cashless – and the safest places to save or grow money is via trading cryptocurrency, other currencies and earning passive income using their referrals programs.

Who Need these Information?

We compiled this guide for different categories of users – the first category is the set of users who search for genuine platforms to invest, send and receive money affordably, buy shares, trade cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other digital currencies.

The second category of users is those who may not have enough to save or invest – however, they can leverage the referral programs with the Apps and earn extra income for themselves.

In this case, we advise them to sign up have their account activated and also funded. The developers need to ensure that you are using their platform.

Which category are you in?

We will continue to make updates to this work, to give you the most updated information and you can kindly read through the various platforms and their features and uses – download or sign up today to start living your dream.

Extra Income with Referral Programs

Affiliate marketing has changed the way great products and services are sold on the internet. To help you and the developers(s) earn money from your inputs based on commission.

Your only job is to recommend these products and services to potential users with a trackable affiliate code. When any of these users activate and make transactions, you earn commissions while seating at home.

Isn’t that cool? You keep earning chunks of income even while you sleep.

In other words, with the banking and Fintech Apps listed here, you can sign up, verify and fund your account to start earning cash directly into your local bank account today.

Literally, you now work with these banks and Apps as a marketer; by recommending their services to users and getting paid on the go.

Therefore, by the end of this tutorial, and after following the guides described and illustrated on each of the apps, you will certainly start making money with or without further assistance.

Meanwhile, you can refer to our Affiliate Marketing Page if you desire to understand the fundamentals and other opportunities that Affiliate marketing model provide.

What you need to know about the referal programs

From the guides included on each of the app descriptions here, you will get your affiliate link, and the best way to start sharing links (inviting others).

Then you can share with your WhatsApp contacts, Telegram groups and contacts, social media profiles such as Facebook, Quora and so on.

Tag your friends and ask them to hop in – speak the goodness of technology and keep making cool cash.

Your focus, however, should be to promote the amazing technologies that are changing how we earn, share, save and generally use our money.

Through some of these Apps, you will discover the best ways to earn more and save your money in other currencies against inflation with the possibilities of your local currencies devaluating more.

Banking and Fintech App to Make Money Smartly

Let’s begin with the first platform, and this happens to be a crypto app, then banking and savings.

1. Flitaa App

Flitaa is a cryptocurrency App that should be considered a prayer answered for most Nigerians who are stuck with no way to buy and sell Crypto.

With Flitaa, buying, saving and trading any form of Cryptocurrency is made seamless.

Features of Flitaa

Literally, Flitta App gives you what I can refer to as the all-in-one platform when it comes to buying, selling, sending, receiving and swapping crypto.

With this single app, you can:

  • Buy, sell & trade Multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy crypto as low as ₦ 500
  • Swap between crypto. e.g Bitcoin to Ripple.
  • Earn free Bitcoin for life by inviting friends

Guess what?  It also has a referral program that can help you recommend this platform to others and earn extra cash for yourself.

You can earn up to N200k monthly by simply inviting your friends and family to join and use Flitaa and there is no limit to how much you can earn as affiliate commission.

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Want to Get Started with Flitaa App?

Do you want to learn how to sign up with Flitaa – to start using the app or earning commissions; simply download the App here, to get started or tap the ‘Start Now’ button to learn how to get started.

2. Alat by Wema Bank

ALAT By Wema is a digital banking App launched by Wema Bank back in May 2017. In a bid to redefine transition in digital banking in Nigeria, the branchless, paperless bank reduced the stress of having to walk into a branch to open an account with a seamless sign-up process using a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

How to make money from Alat by Weman Bank

Aside from the ease of opening the account, there are other great benefits of using this Banking app. With Alat by Wema Bank:

  • You’ll perform all banking transactions in just a click
  • You can now enjoy ALAT exclusives including automated savings goals with up to 4% interest.
  • Save with your friends using (Group Target & Rotating Savings).
  • Pay on international sites with your card
  • Get personal loans.
  • Have more banking power within reach, wherever you can connect to the internet.
  • Save money with ALAT card discounts on your everyday needs.

Note that you don’t need to visit the bank before you can create this account. You can download the app and sign up right here.

Want to Get Started with Alat by Wema?

Do you want to learn how to sign up with Alat by Wema Bank – to start using the app or earning commissions; simply download the App here, to get started or tap the ‘Start Now’ button to learn how to get started.

3. Binance App

Binance and Luno App have stayed for so long in the face of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. You can buy, save and sell crypto at will with any of these Apps and their amazing features.

First, you need to sign up and complete all the necessary account verifications as shared in the guides below:

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4. PiggyVest

PiggyVest is another Banking and Fintech apps to make money in Nigeria, and approved savings and investment application- fully integrated with various commercial banks in the country.

According to a proven report, it has helped over 2 million customers achieve their financial goals by helping them save and invest with ease.

Piggyvest One of the fintech apps to make money in Nigeria

One of the major advantages of using this platform is that it helps you save your money in Dollars – and looking at the rate of Exchange Fluctuation this is one of the apps you must have.

Interestingly, you can earn a huge passive income when you refer your friends and family, to use this app.

Want to Get Started with PiggyVest ?

Do you want to learn how to sign up with PiggyVest – to start using the app or earning commissions; simply download the App here, to get started or tap the ‘Start Now’ button to learn how to get started.

5. ChipperCash

With the Chipper app, you can send and receive money across Africa very fast with a relatively low cost.

It is also one of those fintech apps with affiliate programs – in the same vein you can refer to your friends and family without heavy bank charges.

You can also and earn commission from anyone anyone you invite to use the App.

Chippercash Fintech Apps to Make Money in Nigeria

Features of Chipper App

With just a few taps you can send and receive money from any part of Africa – and at zero cost.

If you love convinience, your business must go online – and with this app, you will get a Digital Card for Your Digital Life. Making payment and paying local and international bills is simplified with Chipper.

Cryptocurrency is no longer new to even infants – and with this app, you can buy, save and make all sorts of investments in the crypto world. With this app, you can invest in Crypto and other great stocks.

Want to Get Started with Chipper?

Do you want to learn how to sign up with Chipper App – to start using the app or earning commissions? Simply use this link or navigate to the ‘Start Now’ button.

6. JumiaOne

With JumiaOne you will save a lot of money – apart from being the payment app for the popular online store one can save time by using the app for quite lots of transactions such as:

  • Payment of TV subscription.
  • Purchasing of Airtime
  • Buying of Mobile Data
  • Payment of Electricity bill etc.

With JumiaOne App you can shop online conveniently and make secure online payments.

To help others learn more about this app, you can start making money by referring others to make use of the app.

Want to Get Started with Jumia One?

Do you want to learn how to sign up for Jumia One App – to start using the app or earning commissions? Simply use this link or navigate to the ‘Start Now’ button.

7. Abeg App

Abeg App is another fintech app in Nigeria that helps you transfer money to anyone easily, buy airtime or pay bills, all for FREE.

Abeg App one of the Fintech Apps to Make Money in Nigeria

It comes with a very simplified feature that reduces transactions and receiving money into simple phone clicks. It is integrated with the popular Piggyvest and VFD Micro Finance Bank.

Abeg app is designed for simplicity of transactions – this entails sending of money and request of money (debit and Credit) within users. Peer-to-peer technology makes money sending and receiving faster without any charges.

This is also one of the fintech apps that can help you raise urgent cash (up to N300,000) monthly depending on your network and willingness to recommend it smartly to others.

Want to Get Started with Abeg App?

Do you want to learn how to sign up with Abeg App – to start using the app or earning commissions? Simply use this link or navigate to the ‘Start Now’ button.

8. Luno App

Luno is one of the industry pioneers in the cryptocurrency world, having been in the cryptocurrency industry since 2013.

According to credible reports, Luno has facilitated over 21 billion USD worth of transactions in exchange for customers in over 40 countries.

As at the time of creating this content, over 8 million customers around the world have received the amazing services of this easy-to-use app as secure wallet, investing in buying and selling of all sorts of crytocurrencies.

With Luno App you will:

a). Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, then securely store it in your Wallet or send it on easily to friends

b). Choose your preferred payment methods such as bank transfer or credit card to top up your Luno Wallet

c). Sign up for your free Luno Wallet on the web, iOS or Android and follow Luno’s easy process to set up your profile

d). Deposit, withdraw, and trade 24/7 on Luno mobile apps for Android and iOS, so you can experience professional-level crypto exchange features on the move.

e). You will also earn extra crypto for free when you invite others to use Luno App.

This is how it happens; when you share your Luno invitation code with your friends and family, and when they sign up, deposit and buy let’s say NGN 5000 in crypto you get NGN 250 in free Bitcoin as a reward. You will just keep earning free cryptocurrency without really buying.

In this article, we clearly explained the beginning till the end processes of signing up with Luno, its uses and how you can start earning extra income by simply using the App.

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The rest are being compiled – feel free to refresh this page at any time, for more updates. Also, leave a comment if you need more clarity on this content.


Recall that this post was made for various categories – those who crave genuine investment (with crypto, in foreign bunds and locally), those who intend to trade crypto and lastly those who desire to raise some money with these apps.

Recommending these apps to friends and families by signing up and sharing your invitation link can help you raise some amounts that one would beg to get.

Maybe you want to get more clarity on how to start using or earning from any of the apps mentioned in this post; simply leave a comment below.

You can signup today, complete your profile and perform the necessary actions to start earning. The only job you’ll do for the bank is to invite your friends and families – and begin the affiliate journey from the comfort of your home or office.

Note: You can, through the various platforms reach the developers ( Banks and Trading Firms). We strive to provide you with proven information in its most accurate form.

However, this content is solely for information purposes and should not be considered financial advice of any sort. You can also read our terms of use on this website.

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