2023 Flatiron School Review | Tuition and Scholarships

This Flatiron School review presents students and sponsors with comprehensive detail on available courses tuition and numerous career opportunities that the school is offering.

Top in the list of this review is some of the most popular courses at the Flatiron School, such as data science and every other discipline and degree that make Flatiron School a best student destination in 2023.

Demands for software engineers, computer programmers, data scientists, product designers and cyber security experts are growing in nations. Consequently, earning these globally demanded skills and certifications from reputable institutions like Flatiron gives you a paying marketing edge as a career person all over the world.

The dream of many homes and individuals is to have the capacity to work and earn in their desired country and location. This work is presented to help you learn about what Flatiron School offers your career ( Flatiron School review).

What is Flatiron School?

Flatiron School is an academic institution (educational organization) based in New York. The schools offer a wide range of online courses and students can also choose to study in-Campus in New York. The organization was founded in 2012 by Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum and is known for its prominence in teaching the following courses:

  • Software Engineering 
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Science
  • Product Designs
  • Cybersecurity Engineering 

This school is popularly known as Flatiron School, a coding Bootcamp with online and on-campus, awarding recognized certifications on completion of the aforementioned courses.

Flatiron School Review 

Flatiron School Review 2020: Requirements, Cost and Financial aids

Reviewing the strength and pedigree of the Flatiron School is to offer more insight into the benefits of the quality of skills and certifications awarded at Flatiron School.

In 2019, the Flatiron School was named by Course Report as the #1 best coding Bootcamp. Since then, the institution has been evolving to meet the current skill gaps and really fit into the current scheme of things regarding professional training and technological courses.

The core of this review is to reflect the Flatiron School’s commitment to excellent education and factors that are backing this review include but are not limited to the following:

  • Career Support at Flatiron School
  • Flatiron Student Alumni review
  • Salary-bases financing options for students
  • Transparency around Job Placement

Complete List of Courses

The core courses at the Flatiron School include:

  • Software Engineering 
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Science
  • Product Designs
  • Cybersecurity Engineering

These Flatiron School Course lists include free tech prep in Software Engineering and Data Science.

Flatiron School Locations

  • Here is a list of Flatiron School Addresses that students can choose from:
  • Online.
  • Denver.
  • New York.

In other words, applying for admission into the Flatiron School is open to students all over the world with great emphasis on online studies. However, students who live in New York and Denver have the in-person study advantage in that they can enrol on the physical locations of the school.

Software Engineering at Flatiron School

Flatiron School Engineering: Software engineering is poised with the core obligations of building products such as website applications or mobile apps for end-users. At the Flatiron School, students can enrol for the various Engineering career paths such as becoming a:

  • Front End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Back End Development
  • General Practitioner (Software Developer)

Whether you are full-time or part-time, our Software Engineering program is the same price.

  • $17,900
  • $99 deposit
  • As customary with the Flatiron School, students have easy ways to pay:
  • Pay upfront.
  • Pay with a loan.
  • Pay in 12 instalments for just $1,484.

Our Software Engineering curriculum is tailored to the skills employers look for. No matter what level you’re currently at, Flatiron School’s Software Engineering course will turn you into an industry-ready Software Engineer.

To learn more about the Flatiron School Software Engineering Courses, feel free to see the complete guide here.

Career Opportunities

Flatiron School Career: Careers at Flatiron School does not just offer you the right skills but help you join a community of innovators, doing meaningful work to make it possible for people to change their lives.

The Flatiron School, since 2012, now offer life-changing educational programs in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design.

The institution’s career services team is committed to helping you get hired. The Flatiron School job search framework includes up to 180 days of 1-on-1 coaching from our experienced Career Coaches after graduation.

How to Apply for Career Opportunities with Flatiron School:

Every Flatiron School graduate is paired 1:1 with an experienced Career Coach committed to helping YOU find a job you’re excited about.

Having completed your courses in this school and ready to take your career to the next level, simply visit this official career service page to get paid and start your paid job journey.

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Flatiron Data Science Review

Data Science Bootcamp by Flatiron School: One of the most popular bodies of knowledge at Flatiron School is its Data Science Bootcamp, and it gives you the opportunity to jump-start your data science career in just 15 weeks.

Whether you have a background in computer science, programming, or an existing degree or not, Flatiron School Data Science Bootcamp offers you the rare privilege of becoming a data scientist in the shortest possible time.

With this course modules and its certifications, you will be soaring in the top data science career paths such as becoming a:

  • Data Science Architect (Mid-advanced level)
  • Data Scientist (Mid-advanced level)
  • Data Engineer (Mid-advanced level)
  • Data Analyst (Entry Level)

Flatiron School Data Science Bootcamp is broken down into two major categories and that include Full-time and Part-time studies.

The Full-Time:
  • 15 weeks long
  • In-person or online
  • Synchronous learning with your cohort

The Part-Time
  • Paced to complete at 40 weeks
  • Online only
  • Asynchronous learning at your own pace

Tuition for Flatiron School Data Science Courses

Whether you are full-time or part-time,  Data Science Bootcamp is the same price.

  • $16,900
  • $99 deposit
  • The school has three (3) easy ways to pay:
  • Pay upfront
  • Pay with a loan
  • Pay in 12 instalments of just $1,400

The Data Science Syllabus

The Flatiron School Data Science Syllabus contains all the course details around Data Science and Engineering. The school hands you a PDF that breaks down the course modules and everything students must anticipate throughout the duration of the courses.

Here is a breakdown of the Flatiron School Data Science Syllabus:

Prep: Data Science

Phase 1: Data Analysis and Engineering

Phase 2: Scientific Computing and

Quantitative Methods

Phase 3: Machine Learning Fundamentals

Phase 4: Advanced Machine Learning

Phase 5: Data Science Project

To download the entire data science curriculum, simply tap this page to have a copy on your smartphone or desktop.

Students are also Asking

From the list of courses at the Flatiron School, course tuition, recognition of their certification, coding Bootcamps and other vital questions students ask. We are providing answers from the institution to help our learners get what they are looking for.

How Long is Flatiron Coding Bootcamp?

Approximately 15 Weeks

Flatiron School Coding Bootcamp offers you the right skills to land your dream job(s) and certifications that top organizations are looking for. Students outside New York or those who prefer online courses are welcome to enrol for the various courses. However, you can also choose in-person courses in New York or Denver.

The 15 Weeks is enough to bag your certificate following the full-time course schedule. There is also an option for part-time studies which takes more weeks but tuition remains the same.

What do You Learn at Flatiron School?

As a student in Flatiron School, a corporation, universities, and colleges you will fulfil your unique technological needs with flexible education solutions in software engineering, cybersecurity, data science, and product design.

What you stand to learn and earn from the Flatiron schools include but are not limited to core skills in the areas of Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Data Science, Product Design, and Cybersecurity Engineering.

How Hard is Flatiron?

The Flatiron School is relatively harder to get into, and this takes root from the fact that students need to fulfil the following obligations:

  • Pass a written application
  • Pass an assessment test
  • Undergo and Interview

In general, the Flatiron School admission’s huddles attempt to test your problem-solving and critical thinking skills in mathematics, simple logic, spacial ability and verbal reasoning.

Is Flatiron Bootcamp Free?

Yes, Flatiron School offers you a free coding class to see if you like coding before committing to a career-changing coding Bootcamp. Again, the school’s Free Software Engineering prep is designed to teach you some ideal basics in technology as it is expected to excite you to pursue a more paying career path here.

However, Flatiron School tuition ranges from $9,600 to $15,000 for online programs and $17,000 for on-campus courses. The huge difference is that the school provides several options for paying and financial assistance.

Example: At Flatiron School, students are allowed/given the option to pay upfront, or enter into an income-sharing agreement, in eligible locations only.

How Do You Get Into Flatiron School?

It is simple to get into the Flatiron School and here is a list of what students must do. First, students are expected to write an entry application. Secondly, pass an assessment before going through the interview. In general, Flatiron schools tend to test students’ skills in mathematics, logic and other core areas listed here and your journey starts from the official school’s website: www.flatironschool.com 

What To Expect in a Flatiron Interview?

The Flatiron Schools takes you on an interview by starting with questions about your goals and general approach to learning ( You also need to be specific).

Here is a list of interview question examples that students should be anticipating from the Flatiron School:

  • Why are you thinking of making the transition to tech?
  • Why is now the right time for you to start this career?
  • What tech skills have you worked on so far – at work, in classes or on your own?
  • What do you think you’re going to enjoy about your new career?
  • Do you enjoy collaborating with other students?

Note: You do not need to worry about the school interview as a student, and this is because Flatiron School has prepared a comprehensive list that will help you learn how to get ready for your school admission interview.

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What is the Flatiron School Acceptance Rate?


The Flatiron School accept around 5% of all admission applications and this means 5 out of 100 student entries. As an institution of its kind of repute, the school does not just take in anyone who applies and this is based on strict compliance with the mode of entry as explained in this review.


In this Flatiron School review, we have highlighted the available courses that the institution is offering, the tuition and a number of ways to tap into globally recognized career opportunities from any part of the world. If you have more to add, questions and reasons to object to the content of this work, do well to leave a comment or mail us at [email protected]

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