9 Best Free Online Ministry Degrees & Seminary Degrees

free online ministry degree

This comprehensive guide on the 9 Best free online Ministry Degree & Seminary Degree, is to give you first-hand information, to the aspirants of the program.

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In this article, you will avail yourself of the detailed information you need to start your free degree program in any of the free online ministry Degree and Seminary Degree program and secure yourself, with either bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree. 

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Another good news about this online ministry degree is that it is free. 

Therefore, you don’t have to face the stress of going to look for accommodations outside, your home.

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All you need to do is to make your application on time and have your internet connection, then you are good to go.

You can comfortably achieve all that in your comfort zone.

The goal of the program

The major aim of this program is to equip the participants, especially those that want to go

into the full Christian pastoral ministry in different churches around the world, with the best knowledge of the bible and theological studies. 

Though some student can participate in it, not necessarily because they want to go into full

Christian ministry as pastors and head of churches, but simply because they want to gain in-depth knowledge of the bible and theological study, or for one reason or the other, best known to them.

List of the free online ministry degree and tuition-free online seminary degrees

Here is the list of the 9 top free online degrees, tuition-free online seminary degree with all the information you may need to successfully gain admission with the school to pursue your ministry studies and gain your requisite Degrees.

Doctor of Christian Apologetics

One of the basic requirement for you to be admitted into the ministerial program is that you must have your master degree in the same program.

One of the great advantage you will have if you acquire a doctoral degree in this field is that it will prepare you with enough knowledge of the bible and theological knowledge, to go fully into the Christian Ministerial work.

Visit the official website here

Doctor of Biblical studies

Any student that wants to participate and gain his doctoral degree in the free online ministry degree program, must be conscious of the fact that one of the major criteria for you to be admitted to pursue your doctoral degree here, is that you must have your MBS (masters of bible studies) from a theological seminary or any secular master’s degree.

Visit the official website here

Doctor of Religious Education

One of the significant aspects of Doctor of religious Education is that they are trained specifically to impact the knowledge of Christian Education to others, it requires a lot of commitment and hard work. 

It involves a lot of workloads, the essence of this is to get the student acquainted with in-depth knowledge of Religious Education to prepare for the task ahead of teaching others.

For one to undertake this degree program, you must have obtained the following certificate:

Master of religious education from any recognized seminary school, if you have obtained a master’s degree from a secular institution, and some background of theology can also apply. 

But they will have to take up extra work course to make up for their deficiency in religious education.

The duration of time allocated for this particular program is 2 years. But if you want to do further research, it can be extended.

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Doctor of Christian Theology

For you to qualify to study this course, in the free online Ministry degree and seminary degree, or at any other recognized institution of learning that offers the degree program, you must obtain Masters of theology in any recognized seminary school. 

This degree course is organized to prepare student that wants to acquire in-depth knowledge of theology and the bible.

With the knowledge of Christian theology, you are prepared for the work of Christian Pastoral Ministry. Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a PhD. OF Christian Theology.

Visit the official website here 

Master of Biblical Archeology

This particular program will ground you on the historical understanding of the bible, and as such will equip you with a good understanding of the bible, making you outstanding in the knowledge of the bible, which can give you the ability to preach and teach the Gospel with ease.

You have a lot of benefits to enjoy as a student of the institution.

Such as free tuition and the fact that you can participate from anywhere because it is an

online program and after the program, you will be awarded a Master of Archaeology Degree.

Visit the official website here

Master of Christian Divinity

An aspirant of this program must have a bachelor’s degree in theology or its counterpart a secular bachelor’s degrees. 

Therefore with the above-mentioned certificate, you are qualified to participate in the free online seminary degree.

It is an online program sponsored by the International Seminary for (Free) Distance Education in Theology

Visit the official website here

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

One of the major criteria to participate in this program is that an aspirant must have completed his/ her high school before making any form of application to participate in the program.

As a student of this school, you must pass through the foundational studies of apologetic, theory, together with studies of the bible.

This is to ground you with the in-depth knowledge of the bible, either for the pursuit of Christian ministry as a pastor or for whatever purpose you want to put the knowledge.

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree. 

Visit the official website here

Bachelor of Religious Education

The aspirant of this program are those students who are desirous of going into evangelistic, spiritual or pastoral training, such as child evangelism ministries

It is also a free online program. This program, just like others in the same category, also requires that an interesting candidate must have concluded his/her high school and must have obtained the requisite certificate to eligible to apply for the free online course.

One of the major areas they specialize in is theology, the bible, apologetics and every other related course.

That will build the student up and ground them on the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the bible and theology.

Visit the official website here

Bachelor of Theology

The degree course is to ground the students with the basic foundation of theology and expository to scriptural knowledge.

It helps the students to develop their research and communication skills required in the field of Christian religious theology, and thereby prepares the students, with the future task of engagements in pastoral Ministry, or for further research in the theological academic field. 

The major criteria for admission of aspiring students to study this free online Ministry degree course; is that the aspirants must have completed their high school or secondary school studies and have obtained the requisite qualifications.

Visit the official website here

Benefits of the program

The benefits of the program are very numerous, especially for those that want to go into full-time Pastoral Ministry. 

This is because you are already grounded with an in-depth of the bible, and as such you are fully prepared for the work.

But for those that don’t want to go into pastoral ministry, it is also additional knowledge that will put you in a more advantageous position above others. Below are also other benefits of the program:

  • No tuition, it is free
  • You can participate from the comfort of your zone
  • You don’t have to leave your place before can participate
  • The certificate is recognized internationally.
  • It is online, all you need is your internet connection
  • Very cheap and affordable

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