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Begin your application for these fully funded scholarships in 2024, with primary providers being educational institutions, government scholarship agencies, corporate social departments of large corporations, and philanthropic establishments.

Note: These fully funded scholarships ( with official links) are for free online application. Students are advised, however, not to pay for scholarships as the organizers are responsible for sponsoring eligible and qualified candidates, based on their assessment.

To begin with, candidates must understand the various forms of scholarships with official links to commence learning more and applying for any of the ongoing schemes.

Types of Scholarships

We categorize scholarship opportunities into two (2) broad forms; fully funded scholarships and specific scholarship programs.

While the fully funded scholarships take care of all the study cost, and accommodation and in most cases, offer monthly stipends with travel allowances, specific scholarships cater only for specific needs such as tuition. Depending on the scope of its funding, we have identified three (3) primary types of scholarships for students vying for various degrees around the world.

Each of the programs is designed for students who meet a defined number of criteria, to take part, for possible enlistment, and here are, in summary, the three basic types of scholarships that students need to understand about these educational funds.

  1. Merit Scholarships

Merit-based programs are awarded to fund the education of students based on merit. Merit in this case may vary due to the essence of the scholarship in question.

There are quite several criteria for most merit scholarships and even those the definitions are beyond the scope of this publication, there are top factors that make the merit list.

 Merit scholarships are mostly for outstanding students and are funded by the government, schools or other interest organizations.  However, other forms of merit scholarships do take other factors into account.

Examples of this nature of merit programs include military scholarships, employee-sponsored tuition assistance and other forms of scholarships that awardees receive due to their service.

Merit scholarships can also be offered based on students’ extracurricular activities and merit based on participation.

  1. Identity-based Scholarships

Identity-based scholarships are funding awards and study aids offered to underrepresented groups, to take part in programs that, in some cases, are going extinct.

These scholarships are offered to students from specific ethnic and cultural backgrounds or communities.

  1. Need-based Scholarships

Aside from focusing on higher GPAs and other measures for outstanding qualities, need-based scholarships target students with proven financial situations rather than academic merit alone.

In this case, students whose family income does not meet the minimum threshold will make a top list in terms of considerations. However, criteria may vary due to the nature of the scholarship or study program such that the following may be considered:

  1. a) Minimum GPA
  2. b) Academic accomplishments
  3. c) Demonstration of leadership, and
  4. d) Extracurricular activities

For each of the scholarships you are applying for, you must follow the application portal carefully and submit all required documents before completing the application.

Getting Started with Scholarship Applications

To start applying for any of the listed scholarships, candidates must follow the application procedures correctly, to stand a better chance of any of the awards.

Here are simple steps to follow:

  1. Ascertain your eligibility: Criteria for any of the enlisted programs here are part of the internal or official links ( for all eligible students).
  2. Keep your records handy: Applications can be completed using a smartphone or a desktop, starting and will include submitting the required academic and or personal documents.
  3. Begin online application: Having read through the various forms of scholarships, candidates should begin their application with ongoing programs.

NB: All the forms of scholarships listed here are funded by institutions, governments, and other organizations with each of the scholarship detail compiled for students across dozens of academic disciplines.

To get started, the next section will be listing all the current/programs and ongoing scholarship programs. For programs that are not currently ongoing, candidates are expected to pursue the requirements to properly ace the next academic year.

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Fully Funded Scholarships for the 2024/2025 School Year

Here are annual and all-level fully funded scholarships, internships and apprenticeship opportunities for eligible students around the world:

1. Daad Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports over 100,000 Germans, international students and researchers from around the world, making it the largest academic funding organization in the world.

Graduates, doctoral and postdoctoral students are the primary beneficiary of this scholarship program.  These scholarships are tenable in universities and non-university research institutions in Germany.

Once a student is awarded a DAAD scholarship, the funds are not to be paid back again. The funding usually consists of a monthly scholarship payment (currently, for example,  € 934 for graduates and € 1,200 for doctoral/PhD students) and a flat-rate travel allowance.

Additionally, DAAD may also provide you with health, accident and personal liability insurance.  To get started with the DAAD Scholarship application, kindly visit the official DAAD Scholarship information for the current school year. 

2. Rhodes Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarship has been funding students since 1902 and has been one of the oldest existing educational scholarship programs.

This scholarship program has provided opportunities for young students across the world, to study at the University of Oxford.

Currently, the Rhodes Program award over 100 scholarships yearly, and cover all fees and a monthly stipend for two or three years.

Rhodes aims to expand the number of fully endowed scholarships across the African continent to 32, mainly in West ad East Africa.

Note: Rhodes scholarships are virtually available for students across many courses, schools and countries in the world – those who aspire to study at the University of Oxford.

To learn more of begin your online application for the Rhodes Scholarship program, kindly visit this easy-to-navigate application details, to get started.

3. Orange Knowledge Program

The Orange Knowledge Programme is a special kind of educational intervention that is focusing 100% on contributing to a society’s sustainable and inclusive development.

To achieve this great objective, the OKP Scholarship Program is offering access to education and training to professionals and organizations.

The Orange Knowledge Program also known as the OKP scholarship, covers, tuition (around € 3,600), study materials, living expenses and between € 700 and € 1.350, depending on the country you are travelling from.

Depending on the time of discovering this guide, the application for the Orange Knowledge Program may be ongoing, and interested candidates can get started from this review.

4. Valier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Valier Canada Graduate Scholarships (known as the Vanier CGS) Program is an academic fund package designed to attract and retain world-class doctoral students in Canada.

Vanier CGS Program awards full scholarship support to students who demonstrate both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievements in graduate studies.

Disciplines that this scholarship program awards are currently limited to social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health-related fields.

Annually, the Valier Canada Graduate Scholarship program is valued at $50,000 per year – and it last for up to three (3) years.

Eligible students can get started with learning more and applying for the Valier Canada Graduate Scholarship program using this guide.

5. Turkish Government Scholarships

The Türkiye Scholarship program is a government-funded and, of course, competitive scholarship program for outstanding students and researchers who dream of various degrees in Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships is which not only provides financial support but also ensures university placement.

Applications for the Turkish Government Scholarship are received online through the online application system, free of charge, and here is the official detail for the application.

 NB: The Türkiye Scholarship offers an additional monthly stipend of 1,700 TL (for undergraduates), 2,400 TL at the Master’s level, and 3,000 Tl at the doctorate level.

This monthly stipend is deposited into your account, as an awardee, a bank account that you will be getting upon arrival in Türkiye.

6.  Korean Government Scholarships

The Korean Government Scholarship Programme (KGSP) offers one of the most prestigious scholarships for international students coming to study in Korea, for free.

Aside from the payment of tuition and airfare for students, they also get a stipend of 900,000 KRW plus health insurance. Learning more and getting started with the KGSP has been simplified with this full review and application guide.

Top Schools Offering Scholarships

The academic funding programs and aid in this above list are primarily scholarships by governments and other organizations that partner with universities, colleges and other categories of research institutions.

Part of our goal at Jobreaders.org is to keep researching and publishing life-changing career opportunities for global citizens. Below are some of the best schools that offer scholarships to students from eligible regions:

University of Montreal, Canada

In terms of volume, the University of Montreal is Canada’s leading academic institution. It is the 111th-best university in the French-speaking world and is highly placed among the best schools in the world.

As a successful candidate, the University of Montreal provides several scholarships, bursaries, and tuition fee reductions with other opportunities that may cover tuition and other living cost.

To learn more about the school’s admission processes such as acceptance rate, tuition and scholarships, this review is designed to get candidates started.

Stanford University

Stanford University is a private research university in the United States Stanford, California. As of the time of preparing this list, the schools demand an average total tuition of $49,617.00 and it spans and varies across many faculties, degrees and programs.

As part of the scope of publishing ongoing academic opportunities, the Stanford University admission and scholarship review here has the information you will be needed as a prospective student and scholarship awardee.

Manchester University

The University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester, England. The average undergraduate tuition and fees are around 9,250 GBP, and 21,000G PB for international students at the University of Manchester.

However, the University of Manchester is among the top schools that offer some form of scholarship to students from various parts of the world.

Candidates who desire to study in England can further learn more about the University of Manchester scholarships and admission processes, by following these official processes.

More Schools Offering Scholarships

From the United States to over 15 top global students’ choices for education, there are annual scholarships that come in various packages.

For all prospective students who desire various degrees in these countries, it is important to get started with learning about the admission criteria and scholarship opportunities ( including information about other financial aid.

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Kindly Note: This list of scholarship programs is subject to regular updates, with official application guidelines and deadlines.

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