List of 2,000 Ongoing Fully Funded Scholarships For Every Student

Here is a list of about 2,000 ongoing Fully Funded Scholarships for students all over the world. You can apply for these scholarships before deadline.

These scholarship opportunities cover students for masters, undergraduate studies up till PhD.


On daily basis, these scholarship opportunities are published as Masters Scholarships, undergraduate scholarships and scholarship opportunities for PhD students or those vying for further studies.


In this post, you will have all the information about latest and ongoing fully funded scholarships for national and international students all over the world.

But before proceeding with any of the scholarship applications, it will interest you to learn more about this scholarship with other forms of scholarships that may be available for your leverage.


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The Types of Scholarships you can Apply for

There is no better way to seek financial aids (as a student) than to lookout for the right scholarship opportunities that are designed for you.  It is in the light of this fact that we are taking our time, to providing you with all the facts and available opportunities.

Here are the types of scholarships that you can start applying for:

#1. Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships, one of a number of high profile merit scholarships, are awarded to students who have demonstrated an outstanding history of academic achievement. These scholarships are awarded to students with the most exceptional GPA, most impressive series of extracurricular activities and a history of public service.


Academic Scholarships typically have substantial financial payouts, and confer a certain level of prestige on the recipient. They can also be beneficial after college as an introduction into the business world, and as a way of making a solid resume even more attractive.

#2. Average Academic Performance

Top level scholarships may be very competitive but that does not imply that they can’t be won.

Average scholarships have almost same opportunities with high-level students when it comes to most of these opportunities.

These Average Student Scholarships do take a students’ academic record into consideration, but they also give weight to a student’s community service, leadership qualities and the strength of their test scores and contest essays.

Average Academic Performance Scholarships also look at a student’s other school activities such as sports, art and music, not just the GPA.

So you can now stop the fallacy of believing that just because your high school GPA isn’t a 4.0 that you won’t be eligible for a scholarship to help you pay for college.

#3. Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are one of the most highly visible, and fiercely competitive, merit scholarships available. Students hoping for an athletic scholarship have to demonstrate both a high level of ability in their sport of choice, as well as a solid academic background.

There are scholarships for nearly every sport; from volleyball to golf, tennis to football, swimming to gymnastics. For the right student athlete, a merit scholarship in their sport can open the door to the college of their choice.


In the case of athletic scholarships, students will need to be nominated by their coach or some other school official. College recruiters are always looking for the best athletes to bring to their campus, but competition is high. The time to start thinking about an athletic scholarship is early in your high school career.

#4. Scholarships for Minorities

There are many of minority scholarships available to the right college-bound student.

These scholarships can be general or specific in their ethnic requirements, with some being open to all minority students while others are designed to benefit one ethnic group in particular.

Funding for these scholarships comes from various sources, ranging form the Federal government to universities and corporations.


There are also a large number of minority scholarships sponsored by individuals and associations aimed at diversifying certain areas of the professional workforce.

These scholarships may be directed towards students with particular interests such as engineering, medicine or mathematics. For students who fall into a perceived minority group of the U.S. Population, minority scholarships can be the ticket to well deserved college education.

#5. Scholarships for Women

In the same way that there are scholarships devoted to ethnic minorities, there are also scholarships specifically designed to benefit women. Universities have long been dominated by white males, and in an effort to advance the opportunities for female students across the country many scholarships for women have been created. These scholarships do more than just provide financial aid for college, the can also provide a pathway into the worlds of business, science and politics.


As with other minority scholarships, many scholarships for women are sponsored by corporations and associations who would like to see women take their place in many previously male dominated fields.

Subsequently, many of these scholarships will be tied to certain course of study. Female students should be specific about their fields of interest when searching for scholarships to help them pay for college.


#6. Creative Scholarships

The Art is an integral part of humanity and of course there are still plenty of creative scholarship opportunities available for the artistically inclined student.

These scholarships are highly competitive, and applying students have to present samples of their artwork to be considered.

Art scholarships will require a portfolio be submitted, while music scholarships and other performance based art forms will require an audition by tape or in person.


Many of these scholarships are sponsored by art colleges themselves, while others are funded by both public and private endowments. Whatever your artistic passion, there is likely to be an applicable scholarship.


#7. Community Service Scholarships

Community Service Scholarships are a wonderful reward for those students who love to give back to their communities. If you are a student with a history of community involvement and civic accomplishments then a scholarship in this vein may be perfect for you.

There are also Federal Work Study programs that award a percentage of their funding to students involved in community service. These scholarships may have awards in smaller amounts, but everything counts when finding the money to go to college.

Regardless of the type of scholarships you pursue, know that there is something out there for everyone. Look through the various scholarship guides here at to learn more about the many scholarship opportunities that may be open to you.

No matter what your grades or your interests are, regardless of your background, you can find the money to pay for college with a bit of effort.

#8. Community Merit Scholarship

In developing oil producing nations like Nigeria, we find these natures of scholarships by some oil companies who operate from some of the oil rich communities. In return, they offer scholarships to students from these regions.

This is one of the several ways they can give back to the society.

#9. The Fully Funded Scholarships

Based on the scope of this opportunistic journal, the Fully Funded scholarships remain the primary subject. It is a scholarship type that agrees to cover all your expense, during the course of the study under scholarship.

The scholarships, however, should not be expected extend beyond tuition, accommodation, and token for feeding. As a beneficiary of fully funded scholarships are fully sponsored to either study abroad or in your home country.

You can Apply for these Scholarships Here


How to Apply for these Scholarships

Scholarships (tuition-based and fully funded) published here are mostly for general application. On the other hands, the eligibilities for entries coupled with other application limitations might play their roles.

So, you are advised to learn more about these opportunities, what they stand for, and those who are eligible to apply.  This will help you stop hoping for most of the things that never existed.

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Fully Funded Scholarships for Undergraduates

You can find great opportunities for undergraduates from different categories. You can start accessing career opportunities through this page, and we are pretty sure that you are either currently enrolled in a tertiary institution from your home country, or that you are eligible to be enrolled.


Fully Funded Scholarships for Masters Students

 Scholarships for Masters Studies may cover students who are currently enrolled into a Masters course in a University or those who are eligible to enroll. It doesn’t necessarily be a scholarship for those who are currently enrolled for masters.

That is why you are always advised to check the eligibility before saying “no” to the opportunities.

The eligibilities include all the application criteria and the eligible groups for the particular scholarship awards.


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Fully Funded Scholarships for PhD Students

Qualified students (international students also) are awarded different kinds of scholarships for their PhD studies every ears, and around the globe.

Some of the opportunities are fully, funded but that does not limit you from searching for other opportunities that may be very vital for you.

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List of 2,000 Ongoing Fully Funded Scholarships for Students


Searching for these natures of scholarship awards? Kindly click here for further details and instant application.


Last Words

There is no better way to seek scholarship opportunities than to be informed. You need to know the application dates, application requirements and also be prepared.


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