Federal University of Alex Ekwueme (AE-FUNAI) Post UTME 2020-2021

5 Ways to Pass FUNAI Post UTME 2020-2021

The Federal University of Alex Ekwueme  (AE-FUNAI) is one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria located at Ndufu-Alike in Ebonyi State.

The application into the university is one that takes strict consistency in order for you to get the admission, and in this post, we have hints and necessary information to help you win.

If you have been looking for the right information on how to write and pass ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO(AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME, this guide will be a very useful tool to you in enabling you to smash the exam once.

Consider this guide as a secret from those who have gone through the undergraduate system and are furthering up the academic world who wants you to have a one-time success as you apply and write the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME.


AE-FUNAI is one of the federal Universities in Nigeria located at Ndufu-Alike which is situated in Ebonyi state.

The university does not boast of a high number of students compared to the other federal universities such as University of Nigeria Nsukka and Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

The university offers quality education and has produced quite a good amount of respectable graduates that are working in different institutions in Nigeria. They are also known for the agricultural lands that they utilize effectively for food production.

To gain admission to the university, prospective students need to understand that there is a competition that awaits them. This competition is from bright students who also seek to enter and study at the University.

During my undergraduate years, I always heard about how competitive to enter the university was from my friends who studied there and how they were quite known for their agricultural and engineering faculties that have a great learning environment with practical based learning and research.

To help you secure the admission into I have devoted my time to writing this article to share tips with you on how to get into the University and what it will offer you.

How to prepare for the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME effectively with ease and to guarantee your success.


Passing the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME is one that requires you to understand the examiners’ style of how they set their questions since they always bring out new testing styles but 9/10 times the pattern of setting the aptitude test remains the same.

You need to tackle their questions with care and accuracy because more brilliant students like you will be preparing for the same screening examination as you and so must be putting time and trying to find answers on how to pass the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME.


By now you have already known your JAMB score and the cut off of the particular course you want to do in the university.

If your score doesn’t correspond with the course of your choice in the university then it is important that you have a rethink of your course of choice.

This is so that you can increase your chances of securing admission to the university.


I know that many of you want to relax after your JAMB but the truth is the race is not over and therefore you need to conserve your energy and finish the race by consistently studying even harder.

If you scored 240 in your JAMB and the course you want to read is Agriculture which has a cut off mark of 280, you can see that you are already close to securing the cutoff.

This is the time that you have to put in more time into reading and solving past questions in order for your ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME to be higher so that when it is added to your JAMB score, the aggregate score will be high.

The school is a very transparent school and they give admission to students who merit it through hard work and a high score.

So the question you will be asking yourself is what will I do next in order to secure my admission into ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI)?


This is an integral part of the character for any serious-minded student.  It is necessary that you ask questions about the last year’s cut off mark of the department of your choice.

What this means is that your question will be structured like “what do I need to score in my JAMB and in my POST UTME in order for me to secure my admission into the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI)?”

We can take a deeper look on how to calculate this.

Lets take JAMB (X), POST UTME (Y). So therefore for you to find out how much you need to secure your admission you can calculate it like this.

(X + Y ) / 2 = Aggregate score (so in all of this Y is the determinant factor for you to get your admission)

With this aggregate score you can know which department you can enter or whether you might have to go for a change of department.


Punctuality is key to effective admission into any university. You need to consistently be punctual in following through with your ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME application. This means that from the day you start the registration you need to follow it up in a punctual manner.

This also plays an effect on how you study and prepare for the exam. Lets put this into an example; when you start registration you need to start following up because it will have a closing date for the submission of your details and so, therefore, you need to on time with your submission in order not to frustrate your efforts.


  1. The spoken  language is Igbo as the university is located in the eastern part of Nigeria
  2. The food market is cheap and you can easily buy your food stuff at cheap prices. This makes feeding cheap
  3. They have a good scenery especially at the capital of the state –Abakaliki in Ebonyi state.
  4. The environment is quiet and cool, this makes it conducive for those who wants to study effectively.


The ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME FORM is always published through their official website.

This is the question many prospective candidates ask and this is what differentiates the serious-minded students from the rest.

Prospective candidates can always check the University’s official website which is given below for information on this to avoid being scammed by fraudsters who make money off innocent undergraduates.

It’s always important you check with us always to get the right information always at your fingertips.

But at the time of writing this article of ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME, the University has not yet announced the sale of its POST UTME forms for the 2020/2021 session.

You can check the University website portal – www.funai.edu.ng

Our team of administrators and correspondents will make findings and get back to you with the right and accurate information needed to apply for the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME form.

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How can I Apply for FUNAI Post UTME 2020?

Applying for the ALEX EKWUEME UNIVERSITY NDUFU-ALIKE IKWO (AE-FUNAI) 2020 POST UTME can be done online through the University portal, as we have explained.

The advantage of applying online is that you don’t have to go through a lot of stress of standing and waiting in lines at the cyber cafe. But if you are within Enugu, you can locate the nearest Jobreaders cafe for your services.

Drop a comment below and we will get back to you. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for more frequent and current updates.

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