How to Fund Business with Blog Earning (Blog to Bank Guides)

How to Fund a Business with Blog Earning (Blog to Bank Guides)

The Blog to Bank is a book that practically revealed how Fund a Business with Blog Earning, from any niches; for individuals, business organizations that consider blogging as part of their marketing strategies and also an alternative source of income.

Blogging is an age-long profession, still, only a very few webmasters understand the dynamics of the internet-based business. This reason has kept so many blogs earning at mere average paces.

This post is just a review of how we applied some of the principles of the book, and turned around our business history, earning almost three times what we used to earn in the past.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is no longer business as usual, that leaves ranking and earning possibilities to bigger corporations and a few hacks, but a broad market that is gaining acceptance across nations and industries.

Before, writers dive online to create hosting accounts with domain names, write contents and tap from a number of monetization options. Now, the story is changing for good.

Even though we have more monetization options, higher bids for CPC-based ads and CPA sites, we still have a little challenge with unlearning the old-fashioned strategies of blogging and making money over the internet.

So, blogging is the art of creating contents (primarily texts) as posts for a website, and building some set of audience with demands for the contents created.

So, blogging takes different styles and results, but the most popular types of blogs could be seen as new journals. In these types of blogs, the bloggers publish contents for their audience across social media, instant messaging applications, search engine pages and through emails. The earning strategies, however, are contained in the guides we explain of Blog to Bank.

The Blog to Bank Earning Strategies for Bloggers and Businesses

Blogging is not just a contextual business; but a means of showcasing products, services, ideas and intentions to a very wide community via the internet.

With a single blog post, products or service of any kind can get to more than a million people who may be searching for them. This helped us understand through the content techniques described in Blog to Bank; and how to reach to this audience.

That sense made it clear that blogging is about the content (text, audio, video, info-graphics etc.) and the numbers of people who need them (the audience). If so, how then can one make money blogging, or how can an organization reach its goals with blogs?

These questions and other factors that relate to how one can Fund a Business with Blog Earning were honestly addressed by the author, who gave a well-calculated insight and predictions to cash values trough different monetization styles of the blogs shown as instances.

Does a Business Need a Blogging Expert?

Not everyone who can write can make a good blogger. Another important question is why a business even needs to add blogging to their strategies in both selling, reaching out and earning more incomes?

Products, ideologies and services are best served as digital contents, unless for some companies whose services require physical attention. Needs are growing and business is strategizing to learning new principles and familiarizing with the recent trends in their respective communities.

Employing texts, videos, images and other graphical representation, through blogging and other recommended digital marketing pathways remain very effective corporate outreach channel. And building reasonable traffic around those contents invokes contextual and other affiliate income sources for businesses.

The result below is how business was able to raise almost $3000 monthly support for one of our websites.

How to Fund Business with Blog Earning (Blog to Bank Guides)

A blog to Bank has clearer solutions to these strategies and when applied, over time, can help organizations and individual blogger; to reach more than the monthly income above, through a single monetization option.

The Content Strategies

Initially, we’re writing our blog contents based on what we loved to write, not considering the niche and the traffic sources.

Frankly, correcting our content mentality was the first step we took to revitalize our internet business stands. But talking about the content strategies and importance of writing and creating blog contents based on what people want also helped us understand how to get these things done.

There are tools and several unnamed online keyword analytics tools that help bloggers find out the right contents for their audience.

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Every content of a blog have a set of value, and it ranges from the average monthly search to the number of competitors and keyword difficulties.

The image below is one of the used keyword tools that help businesses find out what prospects and potential customers are already searching over the internet. Creating contents around these key phrases is one step ahead of many competitors:

How to Fund Business with Blog Earning (Blog to Bank Guides)

Effective Blog Monetization Platforms

There are several ways to earn a legitimate income through blogging, but there are more effective ways one can make money by applying a few of the techniques from Blog to Bank’s SDK content and traffic strategies.

This blog post would have served as a mere book review but because I was actively involved in the data collection and documentation of my over 6-years blogging experience as an author, my teachings have been considered authoritative by bloggers and business owners who study and applied the methods found in the three core blog monetization options:

  • Information Products;
  • Ads Serving and
  • Digital Services.

There are more to blogging but the monetization aspects of the terms mentioned above may not be effectively exhausted by a single idea.

Although a lot of users still get confused with what distinguishes blogging from other types of site ownership, Blog to Bank came to our rescue, while helping us understand these differences. The teaching we got was in a view of how to earn reasonable incomes through productization (information products), Ads Serving and how to render our digital services, as a brand.

The results from these blogging strategies forced us to prepare a revised edition of Blog to Bank, to help young bloggers and business owners who consider raising extra income through blogging. The contents of the book that taught how to Fund Business with Blog Earning include:

  1. Lucrative Monetization Strategies;
  2. Current Google Algorithms;
  3. Trending Webmaster Tools and
  4. Content Strategies

How to Fund Business with Blog Earning (Blog to Bank Guides)

Grabbing a copy of the new revised edition of Blog to Bank should be considered by any writer, company CEO and other enthusiasts who currently search for legitimate means of creating a primary income stream. Do well to share your thoughts using the comment section below; and also reach us for more information, business and mentorship.

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