5 Ways to Pass FUTMINA Post UTME 2020

5 Ways to Pass FUTMINNA Post UTME 2020

This guide is our set of guides for aspiring students on how to pass the Federal University Of Technology Mina FUTMINA Post UTME 2020.

The Screening registration information, schools cut-off marks on several departments and faculties, and examination schedules for the 2020 FUTMINA post UTME.

At a time like this, you as an aspirant into higher institution will be poised to know how to pass POST UTME exam.

You will be very inquisitive about knowing the trick to POST UTME exam success. Oh yes, this is necessary because POST UTME is an important factor that can’t be skipped when one is seeking admission especially to a Federal institution like FUTMINNA.

POST UTME exam for FUTMINNA is not so difficult that an average student can’t pass, the problem is not having accurate information about this exam you are going to write.

Every examination has a modus operandi, so does POST UTME. Our people do say that if you are not informed, you are deformed and that’s is heavenly truth.

The report says that about 60-70% of students who apply for FUTMINNA POST UTME do not make it even the ones with high scores in JAMB. What do you think is the cause of this?

It is a lack of knowledge, failure to make an in-depth inquiry about the FUTMINNA POST UTME exam.

In cognizance of this menace, I will be writing on how to pass the FUTMINNA Post UTME exam, x-raying what is expected of you to pass and what you need to do on your own to be successful in this exam.

I will be discussing the nature of FUTMINNA POST UTME, the cut-off mark, eligibility criteria, and method of application.

These tips will alleviate you from performing badly in FUTMINNA POST UTME and help you to get that your desired course in the institution.

Federal University Of Technology, Minna,Niger State.

Federal University Of Technology, Minna, was established in 1982, it is owned by the government of Nigeria and a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban area of the small city of Minna, Niger State.

This institution has also branch campuses in the following locations: Bosso. Officially accredited and recognized by the National Universities Commission, Nigeria, the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUT Minna) is a large institution with an enrollment range of about 15,000-19,999 students.

The Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUT Minna) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

This 38 years old higher-education institution has a selective admission policy which is based on POST UTME and students’ past academic records and grades.

The admission range is within 70-80% making this higher education institution a somewhat selective institution.

The above background information about FUTMINNA will tell you that it is an academic institution based on merit. There is no room for favoritism, so therefore it is highly competitive.

For you to get admitted into this citadel of learning, you must have to be exceptional, doing something that the majority of the applicants don’t seem to be doing which is studying very hard, reading your textbooks, and practicing the past questions.

Yes, I said the past questions, Passing FUTMINNA POST UTME 2020/2021 will require you to practice it.

What can I Do To Pass FUTMINNA Post UTME 2020/2021

Over the years, students who do not get background information about the nature of FUTMINNA POST UTME, most times perform poor in the exam.

It is not because they are not brilliant nor didn’t study very well but because they didn’t do what is expected of them.

If you are just reading without a guide on what to be read and how to tackle it, you will definitely perform low.

FUTMINNA POST UTME is not difficult to pass, it is not space science, is just like other exams that you have been writing over the years. Your jamb exam is not so much different from the POST UTME.

All you need to crack the code of getting admission into FUTMINNA is employing the tips below. Follow them religiously and be flexible with it.

Make Use Of The Right Materials

Some students do make the mistake of not making available those books that are in use for the FUTMINNA POST UTME exam, they will just be reading general topics on their subjects, that’s very wrong.

Some will even not care to procure past questions and answers saying that the ultimate is to read. Oh yes, no doubt, reading is the ultimate but just like a house has building plan so does FUTMINNA POST UTME.

First of all,the past questions and answers is Paramount to FUTMINNA exam success. It will expose you to the nature of the questions to expect and how the answers looks like.

It is not advisable for you to rely solely on these past questions and answers, why? Because the questions might not be exact and if you are not conversant with the topic, the answer will elude you.

Also, try as much as possible to cover the syllabus, it is important because it will make you know most of the questions to be set.

Reading vast gives you confidence for exams, removing pressure from you which is enough to make you go blank in exam Hall, thereby forgetting the ones you already know. You need to be vast in reading and collaborate with past questions and answers.

Sit-Up And Do More.

Scoring high in jamb is not a guarantee that you will score high in POST UTME.

They are two different phases for admission into higher institutions. Passing your jamb is just a step into admission, the most important hurdle to scale here is your POST UTME.

Applying for FUTMINNA should tell you, that it is totally on merit and there is a high level of competition. A lot of students apply each year but only some thousand are admitted.

You have to sit up if you are to be admitted into FUTMINNA, you have to study for like 3hours daily, paying the utmost attention to those areas which are very much emphasized in the syllable.

Put extra effort here because even the Bible said that prayer without good work is dead.

It will be helpful to form a study group where you can brainstorm on some topics which might be difficult to understand.

Whenever you meet a tough topic, don’t hesitate to seek assistance because the competition for admission is high and for the fact that it is merit-based, you have to put extra effort.


Don’t wait till the day of the examination to start coming down to the school for your exams, this might not be a nice idea, you don’t know what awaits you on the road.

It is advisable for you to travel 2-3days before your exams, this will give you the room to sort out accommodation issues,exam venue and also buy you time to do revision.

Need For Speed

You don’t have all the time in the world to write this exam, you are timed and when this time elapses, your system will shutdown.

There is very important to increase your speed and accuracy to be able to attend to all the questions. One important thing to. know here is that If you didn’t study, your speed will below.

You can check yourself up with past questions to know how fast you can be and the number of right answers gotten.

Subject Combination.

Just like I said in one of the paragraphs that if you are not informed, you are deformed.

Sometimes, there are cases of wrong subject combinations,this might prevent one from getting the desired course even when the jamb score is within the ambit of the school cut-off mark.

It is important to ascertain those subjects that are required for a given course, take for instance you applied for computer Engineering, the subject combination should be maths, English, physics, and chemistry. Adding something not related to this is unwanted.

Also before you apply for this, make sure you are having the required WAEC grade for the subjects, there have been cases of some individuals not having the required grades in their WAEC subjects which lead to them being withdrawn or pushed to another department.

Before now,you have known your jamb score and align it with the  previous cut-off mark for FUTMINNA POST UTME.

Checking this will help you to know whether you stand a chance of getting admitted into that choice course.

If your score is low for a given course,change to a related course where you will stand a better chance of getting admitted into FUTMINNA for the academic session.

Don’t say, I will score very high in FUTMINNA POST UTME, so many other students will also score high.

It is important you change course when your score is low and this is done through the school Portal@ https://www.futminna.edu.ng/.

What is FUTMINNA 2020/2021 Cut-off Mark?

Firstly, what is the cut-off mark?, It is the benchmark or the average score which you need to attain to be able to qualify for FUTMINNA POST UTME. It is the determinant of who gets into consideration for admission.

The established general cut-off mark for FUTMINNA is 180, so if your jamb score is 180 and above, you are qualified except for some highly competitive courses which will be listed below;


The following courses has it’s cut-off mark at:

Cyber Security Science – 200

Computer science – 200


 Biochemistry – 190


Chemical Engineering – 190

Civil Engineering – 190

Mechanical Engineering – 190

 Agric And Bioresources Engineering – 180


 Architecture – 200


Electrical and Electronic Engineering – 190

Telecommunication Engineering – 180

Computer Engineering – 200

Mechatronics Engineering – 190

These courses require something above the general cut-off which should make you put more effort into reading to beat the challenge.

If you desire to be admitted into FUTMINNA for 2020/2021 academic session through POST UTME, you have to be above average.

NB: Getting above the cut-off mark is not a guarantee for you to be admitted, it is how high your score is that will determine your chance of admission into FUTMINNA.

When will FUTMINNA POST UTME 2020/2021 Registration Start?

Schools fix the date for the POST UTME exam according to their academic calendar. The announcement is made through the school portal but as at the time of writing this article, the school is yet to announce the date for the sale of FUTMINNA POST UTME form for 2020/2021.

It will be wise for you to always visit this page for more updates on when the school will start selling their POST UTME form.

While you wait for the date to be announced,don’t relax, always read your books and practice the past questions and answers .

How Much Does FUTMINNA POST UTME Form Cost.

For you to be qualified for the FUTMINNA POST UTME exam, you have to be duly registered and fulfilling all the criteria.

All the qualified candidates are to pay #2000 registration fee through the Remita platform and this payment is non-refundable. You should know that this #2000 is just the cost of the form, there will be service charge taking the amount to about #2500.

What Is The Nature Of FUTMINNA POST UTME Exam

 For the fact that we are already in the digital age, so many schools if not all the tertiary institutions in the country, have opted for computer-based exams because it checks exam malpractice and also easy to conduct.

FUTMINNA POST UTME exam is a computer-based exam otherwise known as a computer-based test(CBT).

The questions to be expecting from this exam is based on your subject combination. Remember that your subject combination in jamb should be the same as that of POST UTME.


You are eligible for FUTMINNA POST UTME;

If you made it your first choice institution.

Scored 180 and above in jamb ( this depends on the years policy for the requirements)

You must have a minimum of 5credits in O’level including English and Maths and not in more than two sittings, also direct entry candidates should possess a minimum of lower credit in national diploma certificate/Higher Diploma or merit in NCE to be eligible for  FUTMINNA POST UTME.

How To Apply For FUTMINNA POST UTME 2020

If you are qualified to sit for FUTMINNA POST UTME 2020/2021, the following procedures should help you to successfully registered for the exam.

You have to visit  FUTMINNA Post-Utme portal-@ https://www.futminna.edu.ng/

when the page appears, click on ‘UPASE-UTME Login’

 Enter your JAMB registration number in box provided

Enter one of your names like first name

Click on ‘Login’.

On a page that appears, you are required to upload your recent colored passport photograph in JPG format (Width 150 px, Height 170 px).

If you are to apply for a change of course because your score is not up to the required departmental cut-off mark, Choose another course from the list of departments that appears.

Documents Required For FUTMINNA POST UTME Exam

All eligible candidates for FUTMINNA POST UTME exam are required to make provision for the following documents while coming for the examination;

A printout of the 2020/2021 UTME or DE result slip bearing your passport photograph (the passport should bear your name at the back and not affixed ).

 Printed 2020/2021 University Pre-Admission Screening Exercise (UPASE) scheduling slip.

Note that Cell phones and other electronic devices are highly prohibited at the venue of the screening exercise.

You have to be aware of these to avoid having problem with the authority.

Conclusion: As you get ready for your exam,follow the tips above so you can come out of the exam in flying colours.

POST UTME is just like other exams you have been writing, so don’t forget, just know what to do and follow them up.

Be resilient and dogged, don’t say because my friend or brother is not reading much, therefore I will not read. You have to study hard and practice the past questions on a daily basis, be proactive.

If you have any question to ask or you are confused about any piece of information here,just drop your questions on the comment box and you will addressed properly.

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