Free German Student Visa Interview Questions and Answer (PDF)

Free German Student Visa Interview Questions and Answer (PDF)

If your dream is to travel and study in Germany, this free German Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers should be your practical guide. But this does not guarantee your chances of passing the psychologically inclined Visa interview.

This article is not to intensify your fears, and because we strive to remain honest to our audience.

But for the same of your success, we are going to add other vital information that will distinguish you from the tons of students who apply for various German schools (either through scholarships or intentions for funded travel to Germany).

You must have seen a handful of commercials that promote Germany and its schools as the best destination for students around the world, and we don’t have any element of argument in that regard.

Our primary concern is to ensure the fulfillment of your dream courses and to ensure that you’re burning desires for the Universities and your other travel intentions will not buy anything less than achievement.

Note: If the Free German Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers is your only intention of stopping by, we encourage you to navigate to the end of this post for the free download. 

Even though we recommend insight to students who chose to travel abroad for their studies, we don’t drag candidates to see our findings.

Being an international student has a lot of demands, and failure to reach the obligations may mar your years of aspirations.

But hey, if you want anything more than the German Visa Interview Questions, you need to pay rapt attention to the professional guides packed in this content.

If you want to calculate the German student visa processing time or compare it with that of other countries, you will find out that it is just one of the best student-friendly nations in the world, judging from the acceptance rate and treatment.

Outside Canada, Germany is our top student destination for students from developing countries. This post will also reveal a few important notes that will keep you ( as a potential traveler) informed with processes and chances.

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How to Apply for a German Student Visa

Honestly, the German student visa application form does not take any tedious process like the student Visa for most countries in the world.

Even as a developed nation, Germany does not consider delaying the Visa processing time as a strategy for weighing students’ seriousness.
Last two years, one of our friends migrated to Germany for his international studies, and there were some mistakes we made along the line.

Ever since those incidents, we have become more alert with journeys abroad for studies.

Apart from the Online Universities course ( the online school information) that we share on this platform, information for students who want to pursue their academic dreams abroad has been selling on the high side.

This alertness is because people are now more awake than before, concerning the number of students who seek quality Visa procurement information before embarking on such life-affecting journeys.

Now, about how to apply for a German Student Visa, there are a few things you need to get right.

First and foremost, traveling students should locate the Embassy or Consulate around them; this is because the whole Visa processes start from either the German Embassy or the Consulate.

When one has found the Embassy or the Consulate, it is time to source out for the Visa requirements from a student who wishes to study in Germany.

This step is a solemn aspect of the preparation state for legal immigrants or students traveling to any foreign country in the world.

To ascertain the precise requirements and procedure, the student needs to visit the official website of the German Embassy.

But as you can see, this topic has developed wings (above the original problem: Free German Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers).

Through the Visa section of the online platforms, we see the whole requirement for all types of Visa that is made available for students and other travelers from various countries.

Through the same website, a student can set up a Visa appointment.

But before this time, it is recommended that all the needed documents are ready. And of course, there is an order in which the files should be.

The visa application fee is just a token, and once paid, the student should keep an exact copy as evidence of payment because it is one of the required documents for a German Visa.

What are the German Student Visa Interview Questions?

You are likely to be facing a different question in that you are traveling to Germany for a different course, entirely.

This student German interview question has been the reason why the German Embassy denies students their travel Visa, and It is on this note that we have a complete clue that you can download below. But here are a few tips on the question:

  1. Of course, why you chose Germany as your destination.
  2. If you speak Dutch, and where you learnt it.
  3. About the course, and why it must be Germany
  4. Your previous Academic reputation 
  5. Your Sponsor, for the new course in Germany, etc. 

But with the PDF below, you will get all the precise questions. That was the experience of one of our friends, who decided to share with our audience ( you).


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German Student Visa Documents Required

There are lots of documents needed by the German Embassy. And a detailed explanation of these files will save you a lot of extra costs securing your international education spots. The documents include:

1. Visa Application Documents: These are documents from the time of applying for a visa. The files are 

1. An international Passport. 

2. Two Photocopies of the Travel passport. 

3. Signed National Visa application form. 

4. The Birth certificate. 

5. Marriage Certificate. 6. Child’s Birth certificate ( if any) 

7. Recent Passport-style photograph. 

8. Copies of previous German Resident and Schengen Visa (if applicable)

2. Proof of Financial Resources 

This proof is either the letter of scholarship by the government of the institution. It can also be a confirmation of deposit at a German blocked account.

The only alternative to all these is the letter of commitment by a German resident; who wants to take care of your study expenses.

3. Prove of University Admission 

4. Evidence of candidates’ earlier education which includes the certificate of German English Language Proficiency.

When should I apply for a German Student Visa? 

We recommend you apply for a German Student Visa only when one has secured admission. In other words, you should apply for the Visa when you receive the University’s letter of acceptance.

Also, when you are sure of the needed funds, you are not advised to apply for the German Student Visa.

This notion brings us closer to another reality about Student Visa Interview Success.

If you have not been awarded any generous scholarship to take care of your academic, financial needs, going for a travel visa as a student is a mere failure.

You must provide evidence of deposited funds into the German blocked account, to enable you to proceed with travel processes.

In case you also asked, the time it takes the embassy and others to process the Visa application may be up to 25 days.

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