5 Critical Reasons to Upgrade Getresponse Account

If you desire to grow your business with Getresponse email automation, great sales funnels, drag-and-drop web business sites and converting sales pages, then there is no need for hesitation. You need to upgrade your Getresponse account from the free trial.

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It’s no longer news that every business needs to start tapping into the wealth of opportunities around the email industry, automation and e-commerce powered payments.

Getresponse is a perfect example of All-in-One marketing software with the most flexible pricing in the world.

Learning how to grow your business with email marketing and automation may cease to be complete without understanding the great features and opportunities that come with Getresponse.

Landing on this page, we believe that you have read about Getresponse, if not you can lead with our previous publications below:

We, therefore, assume that you’d signed up for a free Getresponse account because, in this post, you will learn about the few most important reasons why you need to upgrade from your free Getresponse account.

Now to the main question, here are the main reasons why you need the Getresponse Premium account.

Landing pages Limitation

You can create and publish as many landing pages as you want. To align with my argument, the number of unique visitors that can access the page is limited to 1000.

This means that when more than 1000 people visit the page, the next users will keep getting errors. These errors occur on your page because, once the limit is reached, your landing pages won’t be available online anymore.

Another important reason why you don’t need to limit your experience with free Trail is that A/B tests for landing pages are only available on paid accounts together with unlimited visits.

Practical Example: Let assume you want to sell a product ( maybe an eBook, online course, shoes, clothes etc) using the landing page on a free trial.

Your intention is that people will visit the landing page to learn more about what you are selling, to see the picture, the video ( if available), the description and the prices.

Your ultimate goal is also to get as many people as possible to see what you want to sell ( in this case you should target more than 10,000) most especially if you intend to run an online campaign ( social media advertisement; such as Facebook ads, Tiktok and Instagram Ads).

Without upgrading your account to allow more visitors to see your ads, you will be wasting your ads budget and also blurring out your chances of getting more customers or clients.

Please, take this one as a serious factor. There may be no exact number to determine what a good click-through rate is, 2% is average for an entire account across all verticals.

Conversation to impression becomes 1: 50 in the scale of ratio; this mathematics implies that when 50 persons visit your page you are only likely to sell I copy. This is if you have a great offer, good visuals, pricing and other factors that decide sales online.

In other words, to sell more you need to drive crazy traffic that should be counting from 10,000 weekly or even more.

Automation Limitation

What this means is that with the free version, you can create and publish as many workflows as you want. The limitation, however, is that the Dynamic Segment filter is not available.

This filter is the feature that helps you track the performance of receivers and also retarget with more personalized emails to different users based on their behaviours.

To use the full automation feature you can unlock the Plus of the Professional plan that starts from $40 to $81.18.

Webinars limitation

With the Getresponse Trial Version, the Webinar facility is limited to only 10 people (including you and presenters). Recordings and on-demand webinars are not available.

The Chats limitation

Chats can be added only to a landing page created in GetResponse or you can hyperlink to the chat window from your messages. You can embed chats on your own external page only using a paid account.

Limitation with Sending Messages

The GetResponse badge will be added to every message you send from the Free account. It’s possible to disable the badge if you upgrade to a paid account. Click here to learn how to disable the badge.

Leaving your sent messages with the Getresponse badge does no wrong by promoting the amazing software but on the other hand, you may not appear many professionals before your audience.

Instead, create your custom badge for your outgoing emails.

You have unlimited access to our assistance through 24/7 live chat in English.

You can also contact us via email in one of our support languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian.

Why do I need to Upgrade my Free Account?

Getresponse offers free signup that gives you full access to several features such as forms and email automation.

In other words, when you sign up for free, you will get access to use Getresponse with up to 1000 subscribers. Meanwhile, some core features will be restricted from free accounts.

How can I Upgrade my Free Getresponse Account?

It is very simple to have your Getresponse accounts upgraded and you can achieve that with the guide below. Read the text or simply watch the video for clarity.

1. Log into your account. In the Profile menu, click Upgrade account.
2. Choose the plan from BasicPlus or Professional and select the package (list size).
3. Enter your account details and payment information.
4. Choose your subscription plan:

  • standard plan billed monthly (every 30 days)
  • 12-month prepay with 18% discount
  • 24-month prepay with 30% discount

5. Click the Upgrade Account button.

The rest of the process is to enter your credit details to complete the payment. After this stage, you will be able to access the features such as chat, site integration and webinar.

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