How to Find and Share your Getresponse Affiliate Link

To find and share your Getresponse Affiliate Link you need to sign-up up for the program here – and having done this, let us go through the simple process.

If you have completed your registration then proceed with the Affiliate registration, here but having done all these you need to locate your affiliate link here.

Allow me to remind you quickly of the GetResponse affiliate programs; the bounty affiliate program, the recurring program, the benefits of the bounty program where you stand a chance to get a $100 commission for anybody that signs up through your link.

You get paid once a person signs up through your link. It is quick and fast as you keep looking for affiliates to sign up. Here is how to find and share your GetResponse affiliate link.

For the recurring program where you also stand a chance to get a commission of 33% every single month. As long as the people that sign up through your link stay on the program.

I advise you choose the recurring program because it is a long-term affiliate structure. This program can create sustainable income for a while.

All right, let’s crush this!

First things first, create a new account or log in to your GetResponse Affiliate account here

To complete the registration, you will need to fill in some vital information that they ask for and create your account. It will directly take you to the following page.

Upon creating the account you will automatically be assigned a tracking code that makes up your referral links.

When you share this link and get people to purchase any of the business plans you’ll start earning a commission as they make use of the platform – this is what the whole system is all about.

Sincerely sharing, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make from this platform and if you are logged in already, simply use this link to get your Affiliate details.

It will look like this one:

To know the number of people that may sign through your link, you go back to the page where you found your link.

At the top of the link, go to statistics. Click on referred account there you will see the number of people that sign up through your link.

And to know your earning, let’s say a few people signs up through your referral link and you want to know your earnings here again you move your cursor to statistics and click on earning it will display how much you earned from your referrals

How do I share or add traffic to this link?

To promote software like this, I recommend you have a website to promote this kind of software.

However, to promote GetResponse, I will advise that you make a review on your website to let people know what the website is all about.

You have to be neutral in your review, you will have to mention the terms and conditions let them know the pros and cons of this software, this will make you gain trust from your audience.

Finally, try not to spam your affiliate link by putting it everywhere in your review. Insert your affiliate link so that readers may not get irritated from your affiliate link.

With these few techniques, you will get a high conversion rate and make some good cash. I wish you the best in your journey.  

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