2022 Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program (Apply Now)

APPLY NOW: Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program 2022 is a highly sought-after career opportunity for students all over the world, and this is the application details for the years’ program. As an aspiring developer, there is no great grant and career fulfillment than to be trained and funded by Google.

In this post, however, I will put you through the details and what you need to know before you apply for the Developers’ scholarship program for 2022.

This is an ample opportunity to advance your career with Google, Andela, and Pluralsight. The three reputable brands have partnered to provide a new program to support software developers in Africa on Android, Google Cloud, and Mobile Web skills development tracks.

So, are you eligible for this category or do you want to apply for other scholarships that are designed to assist your early studies this year? The details and eligibility criteria below will help you learn that.

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The Purpose of Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program

Here at Jobreaders, we publish current global opportunities for Africans, and other students from developing and developed nations.

This is one of the motivations behind our critical analysis and investigations into schemes before publishing across our platforms.

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program 2022 happens to be one of these rare career opportunities that are in line with the obligations of Jobreaders. However, the intention is not the same with other scholarships available for you.

The aim of this program is to continuously engage with aspiring and existing developers to help them become professional developers with skills that can get them opportunities after the program.

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) program gives you free access to Pluralsight course content plus support from the Andela Learning Community in your chosen skills development track.

After completing your desired track, you may be eligible to receive a Google certification grant to take Google’s Associate Android Developer or Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams. Mobile web learners will not be eligible for certification.

Why Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program 2022?

There is no doubt that the globe is facing an economic crisis, and the only solution is you. Technology and Agriculture is one of the areas that we believe the world should focus on, and in this case, Google has decided to take you onboard the technology aspect of these global solutions.

It does not matter where you are coming from, so far you can be trained and equipped with the right resources to make a difference and proffer solution to community economies. Students are accepted for this program but the slots are limited.

What this implied is the early application for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program 2020 is a bonus and recommended criteria to be shortlisted for the courses.

Note: Applicants will be prioritized for advancement based on onboarding survey completion, the amount of Pluralsight content consumed and other target demographics.

In order to participate in the Google Africa Certification Scholarship program, you must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of a country in Africa.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship Application Phase

In this program, there are lots of resources that one stand to gain access to. This is why we divided the journal to cover as much as possible, in this context.  And they include:

  1. Access to Pluralsight courses targeted to your interest in Google Cloud, Android, or Mobile Web.
  2. Access to skill assessments and Role IQ to measure and group your skills.

How to advance to the next session

Use this registration link to meet up with the criteria

Take the Andela onboarding survey with the same email you used to register on Pluralsight. Make sure to select which track you’re focusing on.

Watch one or more hours of Pluralsight content in the track you chose.

Learning Phase 2

Time frame: to be announced

What you’ll get access to

  • Even more Pluralsight courses in the track you chose.
  • Continued access to the Andela learning community.

How to advance to the next session*

  • Earn a Skill IQ over 200 in the AAD track or over 180 in the MWS or ACE track, or:
  • Watch at least twenty hours of Pluralsight courses in your chosen track.

Projects Phase

Time frame: to be announced

What you’ll get access to

  • Even more Pluralsight courses in the track you chose.
  • Continued access to the Andela learning community.

How to advance to the next session*

  • Earn a Skill IQ over 200 in the AAD or ACE track or over 180 in the MWS track, or:
  • Watch at least twenty hours of Plural sight courses in your chosen track, and:
  • Complete your track-specific project (AAD and MWS tracks) or complete 100% of track-related Qwik labs (ACE track).

Certification Phase

Time frame: to be announced

What you’ll get access to
An opportunity to take a free Google certification exam.**

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program 2022

Application Deadline

You are advised to visit the official page above, to ascertain the application deadline for the ongoing scholarship opening at

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