Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024 (Start Now)

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) program is an initiative designed to provide free access to various educational resources for individuals interested in developing their skills in technology, particularly in the areas of Android development, Google Cloud, and Mobile Web. This program is a collaboration between Google, Andela, and Pluralsight.

Key features of the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program include:

  1. Free Access to Courses and Projects: Participants gain complimentary access to select courses, projects, embedded labs powered by Qwiklabs, and skill assessments. These resources are intended to help individuals build expertise in their chosen tracks.
  2. Support from the Google Developer Community: Participants receive support from the Google Developer community, fostering a collaborative learning environment and providing valuable networking opportunities.
  3. Opportunity for Certification: After completing the program’s requirements, participants may be eligible to receive a Google certification grant. This grant can be used to take Google’s Associate Android Developer or Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams, demonstrating proficiency in the acquired skills.
  4. Structured Learning Phases: The program is divided into phases, including Learning Phase 1, Learning Phase 2, Projects Phase, and Certification Phase. Each phase provides access to additional resources and activities to enhance participants’ learning experiences.
  5. Age and Residency Requirements: To participate in the Google Africa Certification Scholarship program, individuals must be at least 18 years old and be residents of countries in Africa.

The program aims to empower aspiring and existing developers by providing them with the necessary skills to succeed in the technology industry.

It is part of Google’s broader efforts to support education and skill development in Africa and address the economic challenges faced by individuals in the region.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship Description

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship program is an initiative by Google aimed at supporting and empowering aspiring developers in Africa. The program has sponsored over 100,000 individuals, providing them with access to skill development through Pluralsight Skills.

Additionally, participants receive support from the Andela Learning Community, creating a collaborative environment for learning and growth.

Key features of the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program include:

  1. Skill Development with Pluralsight Skills: Participants gain access to Pluralsight Skills, a platform offering a wide range of courses and resources for skill development in various areas, including technology, programming, and software development.
  2. Support from Andela Learning Community: The Andela Learning Community plays a crucial role in supporting participants throughout their learning journey. It provides a community-driven approach to learning, fostering collaboration, mentorship, and networking.
  3. Wide Reach and Impact: With over 100,000 sponsored participants, the program has had a significant impact on the development and enhancement of skills among aspiring developers across the African continent.
  4. Continued Commitment to Skill Development: The program reflects Google’s commitment to promoting skill development and education in Africa, addressing the need for more proficient developers in the technology industry.

By sponsoring aspiring developers and providing them with access to quality resources, mentorship, and community support, the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program contributes to the growth and advancement of technology expertise in Africa.

Kindly Note: As at the time of updating this post, there has not been an official information regarding the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program. However, let us explore other ongoing scholarships, jobs and grant by Google.

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Google Black Founder Fund

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today,” once said Franklin D. Roosevelt. Africa’s population is surging, and projections suggest that by 2050, one-third of Africans will be under 35.

This demographic surge presents immense opportunities for startups to cater to a burgeoning market. From healthcare to agriculture and fintech, startups are leveraging technology to address Africa’s challenges while capitalizing on market potential.

A compelling example embodying the spirit of this journey is HealthDart, led by CEO Njabulo Skhosana. Njabulo’s decade of healthcare consulting experience in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa led him and his co-founders to launch HealthDart.

As a digital health maintenance organization (HMO), HealthDart facilitates patients’ easy access to affordable healthcare through an integrated digital pharmacy and telemedicine platform.

Now in its fourth year, the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund continues to support Black founders, addressing the inequality in VC funding.

This year, each selected startup will receive up to $150,000 in non-dilutive cash awards, $200,000 in Google Cloud credits, Google Ads support, and one-on-one mentoring from Googlers and industry experts.

The success of Black founders directly benefits everyone. The program’s track record speaks volumes: since its inception in 2021, participating founders have witnessed a 21% rise in employment, with women filling 46% of these positions, and a notable 7% increase in monthly recurring revenue to over $6.1 million.

To learn more about the Google Black Startup Founders Fund, kindly visit the Google page of the program, to get started for the current or next career year.

Apply For Google Scholarships

Aside from the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program, below is a list of links to our previous updates on ongoing scholarships and internship opportunities by google:

Select the desires Google scholarship to begin your application:


The Google Africa Developer Scholarship program is an initiative by Google that has sponsored over 100,000 aspiring developers in Africa.

Participants receive access to Pluralsight Skills, a platform offering diverse courses for skill development, and support from the Andela Learning Community, fostering collaboration and mentorship.

This program reflects Google’s commitment to promoting skill development and education in Africa, addressing the need for proficient developers in the technology industry and contributing to the continent’s growing expertise in the field.

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FAQ related to Google Africa Developer Scholarship Programs

For those eager to gather more information, here are some valuable insights from other prospective applicants. These feedbacks will provide you with valuable insights into Google scholarship opportunities for students, internships, and various other career prospects for which you may be eligible:

How do I get Google Scholarship Award?

Applying and getting scholarship funds by Google is relatively competitive and one of the reasons is the popularity of their various programs.

To stand out in your application and be able to land this dream opportunities, there are quite a couple of things to take into account and also consider getting better than other applicants.

In summary, obtaining a Google Scholarship involves several steps, and the specific process may vary depending on the scholarship program. However, here are general guidelines to help you navigate the application process:

  1. Identify Suitable Google Scholarships:
    • Explore the different Google scholarship programs available. These may include scholarships for students, developers, underrepresented groups, and individuals pursuing specific fields of study.
  2. Review Eligibility Criteria:
    • Carefully read the eligibility criteria for each scholarship program to ensure you meet the requirements. Some scholarships may have specific academic, demographic, or skill-based criteria.
  3. Prepare Necessary Documents:
    • Gather the required documents, such as your resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and any additional materials specified in the scholarship application.
  4. Create a Google Account:
    • Most Google scholarship applications are submitted online. If you don’t already have a Google account, create one to facilitate the application process.
  5. Visit the Official Scholarship Page:
    • Go to the official website of the Google scholarship program you’re interested in. The official page will provide detailed information about the scholarship, including application deadlines and procedures.
  6. Complete the Application Form:
    • Fill out the scholarship application form, providing accurate and detailed information. Be sure to follow all instructions and provide any requested supporting documents.
  7. Submit Your Application:
    • Once you’ve completed the application, submit it before the specified deadline. Late submissions are typically not accepted.
  8. Prepare for Possible Interviews:
    • Some Google scholarships may require interviews as part of the selection process. Prepare for potential interviews by reviewing your application, understanding the scholarship’s goals, and being ready to discuss your qualifications.
  9. Check for Updates:
    • Keep an eye on your email for updates regarding your application status. Google may notify you about the outcome of your application or request additional information.
  10. Explore Other Opportunities:
    • If you aren’t selected for a particular scholarship, don’t be discouraged. Google offers various programs, internships, and opportunities. Explore other avenues that align with your interests and skills.

Remember, each Google scholarship program may have specific requirements, so it’s crucial to thoroughly review the guidelines provided by Google for the particular scholarship you’re interested in.

How much does Google Scholarships Pay?

Most Google scholarships are designed to support students pursuing computer science degrees, providing recipients with a notable financial award of $10,000 USD for those in the United States or $5,000 CAD for those in Canada, and same almost applies for those eligible candidates from other parts of the world.

This substantial financial assistance underscores Google’s commitment to fostering the education and growth of aspiring individuals in the field of computer science.

Keep in mind that the specific figures and benefits associated with different Google scholarships may vary, so it’s advisable to explore and identify the opportunities that align best with your academic and career goals.

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