Google Keyword Planner with the Selected Keyword Domination (SKD) Strategy

Google Keyword Planner with the Selected Keyword Domination (SKD) Strategy, the uses and how to achieve optimum blogging results.


The selected keyword domination (SDK) is a  legit strategy, and not a white hat invention. It’s an effective blogging technique employed for rapid visibility and earning.


It is a style you’re already used to. Some will refer to it as the keyword targeting and or re-targeting. But that is what we embedded into a form that you’ll learn how to make use of.


I’ll be practically explaining this idea in favour of both aspiring, new and old bloggers. So, don’t feel pissed up with the simplified terms.


What I mean when I say SKD is selecting a few keywords, utilizing any known strategy to dominate in it.

You can refer to the blogging strategies that I’ve shared in the previous section of this book. But if you’re with me, there may be no need to.

When you combine the strategies shared in this section, you’ll be able to maintain up to 5,000 daily visitors or more.

Depending on your reason to blog, and the monetization options in place, you stand a chance to earn a few hundred dollars every week.

Now, let’s learn.

#.1 The Selection Process

You need a precise tool to help you make the purest selection of the keywords to dominate. You need this in order to ascertain the height of its competition.

The guide is in such a way to help you select keywords that won’t be very difficult to attract search engine visibility.


When you launch your attack on the wrong keyword, you might end up wasting your resources. So, the next phase will lead us through the simple keyword fishing methods.


Note: There are Premium versions of SEO tools out there, but there is no need paying when you can get it free. And remember that the essence of selecting these keywords is to dominate all other blogs in the search engine feeds.


The Google AdWords serve as the best keyword tools that any blogger can utilize.

Before you move on, make a list of the keywords to dominate.

For instance; Jobs in Nigeria.


How to make use of Google Keyword Planner.

You need to Login or Sign up with AdWord. You need a Gmail account to continue.

This is as if you’re about to launch an ad. You know that your only reason for now, is to fish out the right keywords and associated key-phrases.

Assuming you’ve logged in, this is what the Adword panel looks like:


Google Keyword Planner with SDK

You need to locate the tool icon at the top of the panel.

Click on it to start with your keyword planning.

Now, select the keyword planning tool icon and continue with the work.

You’re just like a newbie who entered a boutique shop for the first time. To avoid being fed with the wrong commodity, you need to have a defined view of your keyword choices.

In other words, you need to be fully aware of the keyword in search.

Tools for Selected Keyword Domination Strategy and Google Keyword Planner

From the tool options above, you need to select the “Keyword Planning” tab in order to proceed with the fishing.

We are now searching for a new keyword, and our example is “Jobs in Nigeria”

Select “find New Keywords”

How to make use of SKD selected keyword domation technique in blogging with Google Keyword plannerBefore I hit the “get started button, I had to type in my primary keyword.

This is where you will find out the strength of the daily, monthly and weekly searched of the particular keywords.

You will also notice related keywords, with their competition (Medium, Low and High)

Google Keyword Planner and the SKD technique for BloggersThe 10k-100k represents the number of monthly searched. And figure 10 thousand to 100 thousand unique searches.

Also, there are related key-phrases that you can pick to start moving to the next phase.

Calculated, all the key-phrases related to the keyword selected amount to more than 1, 000,000 monthly searched. But I don’t suggest trying to win all, because it might not even be cost effective.

#2. Dominate the Keywords

Now, that you’ve seen the key-phrases, the topic ideas and all, you need to produce powerful articles around these keywords. I recommend 5-10 blog posts on each keyword, scattered across the related key-phrases.

This selection should be based on keywords with higher number of daily and monthly search.

#3. The Target

Don’t rest upon anything less than 10 blog posts on the keywords I explained, with at least 100 daily search. So that when it attains visibility, you will stand a chance of welcoming over 20,000 weekly visitors.

This is way beyond what it takes to earn over $100 every week, based on real earning value above. But don’t forget other technical factors that affects bloggers earning such as ads placing, content choice, geography, etc. As we’ve calculated here.

On these blog posts, make sure that you know your primary post. Every other post should point to the primary blog post.

Repeat this on all the keywords selected, and start launching them to the web. If you can afford it, you need to make use of the three blogging strategies shared in the earlier section.

#4. Content Criteria

Do not settle for anything less than the content criteria or the blog post regulations shared on the post below:

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You can repeat this on any other keyword that you find interesting. But do not forget to combine the old strategies that I’ve shared in the earlier section of this work.

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