Google Scholarships for International Students in 2020

Google Scholarships for International Students in 2020: Students from various countries around the world are welcomed to apply for a series of Google Scholarships for International students on a yearly basis.

However, there is the list of Google scholarships for international students in 2020 that qualified candidates can access and proceed with free applications as the portals reopen for the 2020 schemes.

First and foremost, there is a series of the essential information you (as a candidate) need to have before embracing the new career opportunities.

The number of Google Scholarships for 2020 is designed for different scholars and various academic or business reasons.

The Google scholarships, as you should know, are scholarship opportunities from Google and myriads of its partners.

But these schemes intend to encourage and motivate students around the world who seek degrees and cost-intensive skills around technology and technological applications.

List of Google Scholarships for International Students in 2020

These are different scholarships with different funding intentions. Some of the application portals are yet to open for regulation.

And here is the list of awards to watch out for:

  1. Google Europe Scholarships for Disability Student 2020
  2. Women Techmakers Scholars Program 2020
  3. Venkat Panchapakesa Memorial Scholarship 2020
  4. Google Lime Scholarship 2020
  5. Generation Google Scholarship 2020
  6. Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship 
  7. Google Conference and Travel Scholarships

More on this article is to enlighten candidates on the importance, worth, and application procedures for these Google scholarships for International Students.

Note: These are categorized into the scheme known as Google Student and Travel Scholarships for the 2020 editions.

These are scholarship opportunities for international students offering opportunities to prospective to explore career possibilities with Google to get inspired as students pursuing their career in technology.

Google Europe Scholarships for Disability Student 2020

Google has been partnering with Employability in assisting students with disabilities in Europe.

These scholarships enable the concerned to pursue their careers in Computer Science and related courses across Europe.

Employability, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ensuring effective results on the call above.

The previous application deadline for this scholarship was around December.

So for the Google Europe Scholarships for Disability Student 2020, you are encouraged to sign up with our Email Messaging (using the box below). That will keep you informed as the portal reopens for 2020 entries.

Women Techmakers Scholars Program 2020

The Women Techmakers Scholars Program 2020 is one of Google’s scholarships for international students in 2020 that is solely focused on women.

This scholarship program reflects Google’s commitment to ensuring equality and female gender inclusion in the tech ecosystem around the world.

It is, therefore, a scholarship awarded to the female students who show passion for Computer Programming and gaming. Women Techmakers Scholars Program 2020

Are you a woman? Do you have a passion for computing, programming, or gaming? It is your time to be fully funded by Google to pursue your dream in various prestigious institutions.

But it is also demanded that you have demonstrated your desires in the said fields. 

The Google Women Techmakers Scholars Program varies across regions, and we encourage students to indicate their interests with their location. Your free subscription will help us know the right time for application (from your countries). 

2020 Venkat Panchapakesa Memorial Scholarship 

In the light of this list, Google Scholarships for International Students in 2020, The Venkat Panchapakesa Memorial Scholarship is one of the most recognized schemes for several students.

In honor of the Venkat Panchapakesa’s Memory, Google awards this scholarship to students from India.

In their words, they need a student who is committed, passionate, and willing to use computer science to make the world a better place.

The Venkat Panchapakesa Google scholarships do not restrict its coverage to a few courses, but varieties of computer science studies in various Universities.

Google Lime Scholarship for 2020

The Google Lime Scholarship is one of the Google scholarships for international students in 2020 that came as a result of the partnership with LimeConnect.

This scheme is another Google scholarship is offered to students with disabilities who pursue their career in computer science. 

The scholarship is only tenable in Canada and the USA. For the application time, date, and procedures, you can also reach some of our scholarship finders through the comment.

Generation Google Scholarship 2020

The Generation Google Scholarship 2020 is the Google scholarship for international student meant for students who come from underrepresented nations in technology.

If you are from countries that are unrepresented in technology, this is your opportunity to apply for the Generation Google Scholarship 2020.

Do you have a passion for changing the world with computer science and technology, but your country doesn’t provide you with the enabling environment?

This year is your time to give your dreams an enviable future by applying got scholarships in 2020.

In their world, Generation Google Scholarship 2020 is a program designed for aspiring computer scientists and technologists to excel in tech and become the best in the world.

They also encouraged students from historically underrepresented in the areas of technology to apply for this scheme.

Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship 

The Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship is the 6th in Google scholarships for International students in 2020, based on the rating of this content.

The worth of this scholarship is around $10,000 (ten Thousand Dollars per head), which came from Google’s partnership with Veterans of America, to offer student veterans funds for their studies in computer evidence and related fields ( in Universities).

Google Conference and Travel Scholarships 

Last but not least, in this list of Google Scholarships for International Students in 2020, is the Google Conference and Travel Scholarships.

Google’s travel and Conference scholarships are available to virtually every country in the world.

This scheme was introduced to bridge the barriers that face underrepresented groups (in their words) from attending higher-rated technology invents and conferences 

How can I Apply for Google Scholarships for International Students in 2020? 

These Google scholarships receive applications from students in different months of the year. Because of this need, you need to sign up for a free email reminder, using the box below.

This portal will notify you as each of the portals reopen for the 2020 entry and above. Also, you can visit the official Google Scholarship Website for your current chances of application.

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