Healthy Living Medical Supply – List of Products and Review

Healthy Living Medical Supply – List of Products and Review

This is a comprehensive pointer to the Healthy Living Medical Supply; the list of products and review of the reputable organization. The state of Michigan has employed Healthy Living Medical Supply as one of the major heroes in helping stigmatized individuals who are living with diabetes (the health departments are achievers).

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The Healthy Living Medical Supply has been a leading mail-order company for diabetes supplies for more than a decade. With a high level of taste and choice for experienced, compassionate Type 1 customer care. There are only a small number of durable medical equipment (DME) companies that specialize in diabetes.  Which enables the team in keeping a distinctive focus. 

Thereby, working with extensive diabetes product knowledge and empathy. All this is to make available the superlative customer care to people living with diabetes. Healthy Living Medical Supply provides insulin pumps & insulin pump supplies. Both continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, and diabetes testing supplies.  The headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan. 

With a set of professionals that gives both customers, providers, plan partners, and suppliers priority-level service. While there continue working to improve in all areas of the business. The company’s goal is 100% satisfactory to the customer.

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Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction 

Questioneers are administered to customers on a regular basis for a rating of our service and feedback they may have to offer. 

This kind of evaluation serves as a proactive tool for improvement.  To be able to learn where we are most successful and to also identify areas where we can grow. To portray our interest in reviewing medical industries, we also have List of Best Medical Forceps and Their Uses | Cost, and Safety that you might want to check out.

For Positive Evolution: 

We teach customer service skills. 

  • Measure our progress. 
  • Collect feedback from our customers and employees. 
  • Then repeat the cycle. 

About Healthy Living Medical Supply

Healthy Living Medical Supply is a retail store of Healthy Living Diabetic LLC. 

The Parent Company, Troy, Michigan. 

Healthy Living Medical Supply makes sales of a total number of 3 Medicare chargeable items at 1095 Crooks Rd, Ste 400, Troy, Michigan 48084. 

However, Healthy Living Medical Supply does not accept Medicare as payment. 

For more information, you can contact Healthy Living Medical Supply via (866) 779-8512. 

Then for more details about medical equipment, supplies, and the kind of Medicare payment they offer.

Visit the Official Website

Lists of Suppliers Products 

Healthy Living Medical Supply supplies following Medicare products, supplies, and equipment.

  • Blood Glucose Monitors & Supplies: Mail Order
  • Infusion Pumps & Supplies: Insulin Infusion
  • Nebulizer Equipment & Supplies

Featured Suppliers Products

  • O’Keeffe’s Healthy feet – foot cream – $8
  • Advocate Redi – Code plus Test Strips – $15
  • KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape – $12
  • Medtronic MiniMed 600 Series Belt Clip-630G/670G-ACC-1601 – $20

Diabetic Testing Accessories

  • Accu – Chek FastClix Lancets – $9
  • Accu – Chek FastClix Lancing Device Kit – $20
  • Advocate Redi-Code plus Test Strips – $15
  • Advocate Redi – Code+ Speaking Blood Glucose Meter – $19

Insulin Pump Accessories

  • Belt Clip with Hinge for Medtronic Paradigm® Insulin Pumps – Clear – $12.99
  • Medtronic MiniMed 600 Series Belt Clip- 630G/670G- ACC-1601 – $19.99
  • The Medtronic MiniMed Mio Infusion Set – $15.00
  • Medtronic MiniMed Quick-Set Infusion Set – $13.00

Medicare Suppliers

Prosthetic/Orthotic Supplier

This is an organization that provides prosthetic and orthotic care. 

Such care can not be limited to:

  • Patient evaluation
  • Prosthesis or orthosis design
  • Fabrication
  • Fitting and Modification. 

To be able to treat limb loss for the sole aim of restoring physiological function and cosmesis. 

Or perhaps to treat a neuro-musculoskeletal disorder or acquired condition.

Medicare Program

Medicare provides health insurance to people who are 65 or older, it’s a federal government program. 

Younger people with disabilities are covered in this program.

For those who receive S.S.D.I (Social Security Disability Insurance) 

People with End-Stage Renal Disease “permanent kidney failure” requires dialysis or a transplant. 

Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies

Also referred to as DME Suppliers. 

Supplies medical equipment such as wheelchairs, home dialysis systems, respirators, or monitoring systems. 

There must be prescribed by a physician for a patient’s.

Community/Retail Pharmacy

In accordance with the federal and state law, a pharmacy is where: 

A pharmacist’s store, prepare and distribute medicinal preparations or even prescriptions for a local patient population 

Where pharmacists counsel patients and caregivers, administering vaccinations. 

And providing any other professional services associated with pharmaceutical care.

Medicare Assignment

When your doctor, provider, or supplier agrees (which might be required by law).

Accepting the Medicare approved amount as a means of full payment for covered services. 

Most doctors, providers, and suppliers accept assignment, therefore you should always investigate to make sure:

That participating providers have signed an agreement to accept assignment for all Medicare-covered services.

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