Holland Government scholarship 2021 at Delft University of Technology (Euro 5,000)

The Holland Government scholarship 2021 is worth 5,000 Euro for most eligible and qualified students who aspire to study in the prestigious Delft University of Technology.

The international scholarship is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Technology, and the Dutch University of Applied Sciences and Research Universities. 

The grants are partially intended for foreign students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who are interested in studying in the Netherlands.

The EEA consists of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, as well as the EU nations. The scholarship is €5,000. In the first year of your studies, you’ll earn this. Please note that this is not a scholarship with full tuition.

Who is Eligible for this scholarship?

Excellent candidates from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who have (conditionally) earned a bachelor’s degree from a globally renowned university outside the Netherlands in one of the 2-year Standard TU Delft MSc programs.

What is the extent of the scholarship?

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EUR 5,000 for non-EEA students in the first academic year as a contribution to living expenses for the TU Delft MSc scheme, depending on the statutory fee or institutional fee, in accordance with their registered nationality. 

Multiple Holland Scholarships can be awarded to a candidate, based on merit, up to a maximum of 3 (EUR 15,000).

What is the scholarship application deadline?

The application round for the 2021 academic year will open on 1 November 2020. 

The application deadline is either 1 February 2021 or 1 May 2021. To confirm the correct deadline, please check the website of the institution of your choice.

You can also consider applying for the Erasmus Mundus/IMRD Scholarships 2021 for International Students.

What are the scholarship procedures?

All Necessary documents must be submitted with the MSc Application at once! Complete your MSc application (check the admission requirements). 

In addition to all standard documentation for an MSc application program, check whether you are eligible for this scholarship.

1) To be eligible for this scholarship, no additional application form is needed. 

2) Upload two letters of reference (in one PDF document) in English, French, German, or Netherlands, according to the relevant documents.

These letters must be either from a former teacher or from an assistant professor.

If you have work experience, one of these letters may be written on your employer’s official letterhead / official university or company stamp. 

Is your referee reluctant to provide you with the letter, signed by the referee and containing your full name? 

Then a scanned PDF of the letter can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected]

Your full name and TU Delft student number must be included in his / her e-mail. When you register with Studielink, you will be given this number.

Your full name and TU Delft student number must be included in his or her e-mail. Upon registration at Studielink, you will be given this number. 

If you prefer this choice, you must upload a statement to osiaan.tudelft.nl informing us of this decision under “reference letter”. This statement should include your referee’s name and e-mail address.

3) Upload the Test in English. 

Please note that non-EU / EFTA students must (if required) include their English tests in their submission.

This document can be submitted at a later stage by EU / EFTA students in compliance with the instructions for admission.

Important Note:

These scholarships could only be considered for students meeting this deadline who were (conditionally) admitted to one of TU Delft’s MSc programs. 

Don’t forget: all the necessary documents must be submitted at once!


TU Delft can only notify students who have been awarded a scholarship by email between the end of March 2021 and May 2021. Note that this is an ongoing process, please. 

Receiving the scholarship is based on all admission requirements being met by the recipient.

List of 3 full scholarship in Holland

Scholarships from Amsterdam University 

The University of Amsterdam, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe, is one of the most reputable universities.

It provides international students with many scholarships. Such scholarships are available for various areas of study.

The best part of these full scholarships is the fact that no English proficiency tests are necessary for you.

Short description: 

  • Place: Netherlands 
  • Host organization: Amsterdam University 
  • Duration: Two years Two years 
  • Program: Masters: Masters: 
  • Opportunity: Fully Funded Opportunity: 
  • Deadline: Generally, the deadline for this scholarship is 1 February. (1st February 2020, for example) 

Scholarship benefits: 

  • Complete tuition fee 
  • 25,000 Euro as living expenses 

The fields of study available: 

  • Communication Sciences 
  • Development of Child 
  • Company Economics and 
  • Social science 
  • Humanities 
  • Legislation 
  • About Psychology 
  • Education for the Child

Scholarships from Utrecht University: 

The University of Utrecht, located in the heart of the Netherlands, is among the leading universities in Europe.

Short description: 

  • Place: Netherlands 
  • Host Organization: Utrecht University 
  • Term of duration: 2 years 
  • Program: Masters: Masters: 
  • Seats: 20-25 seats: 
  • Deadline: usually every year in the last days of January (e.g. 31st January 2020) 

Benefits from Scholarships: 

Two kinds of fees for tuition.

TU University of Delft scholarships: 

Applications for various scholarships are often approved by one of the leading technology colleges, TU Delft or Delft University of Technology.

Short description: 

  • Location: TU Delft, Holland / Netherlands 
  • Host: the University of Technology at Delft 
  • Program: MSc. 
  • Scholarship: Tuition fee and contribution to living expenses 
  • Deadline: usually at the beginning of December, for example, 1 December 2021 


  • For Non-EU / EFTA students: EUR 30,000 annually 
  • For students from the EU / EFTA: EUR 11.500 per year 
  • The complete charge for tuition/year 
  • (Based on the legislative fee / according to your nationality, foreign rate) 
  • A certain contribution to the cost of living 
  • Membership in the organization of the scholarship.

Frequently asked questions

Is Holland good for international students?

The Netherlands is also a unique non-Anglophone area, where English is spoken by about 95% of locals.

This aspect makes it very easy, relaxed, and fun for international students to live, study, and work in the Netherlands.

Is studying in Holland Expensive?

Higher education of high quality is costly. However, compared to other countries like the UK or the US, studying in the Netherlands is very cheap.

By applying for a scholarship and/or finding a part-time job, students coming to the Netherlands may wish to reduce their study and living costs.

How much are university fees in Holland?

The average tuition fee for bachelor’s programs is between EUR 6,000 and EUR 15,000 for students of other nationalities, and between EUR 8,000 and EUR 20,000 for a master’s degree.


The Holland Government Scholarship can, in short, give you a lot of possibilities. 

Enrolling in these scholarships would also place you in the recipient category where you will connect with various groups of individuals across the globe. 

It is very good for you to get accepted into this college because you can learn a lot from the school.

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