How Long Does it take to become a lawyer in the USA?

A lawyer is an individual who practices law as an advocate, solicitor, public servant that interprets and applies the law.

Working as a lawyer entails a pragmatic application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific issues as it concerns individuals, and to advance the interest of those who hire a lawyer to perform one or two services.

Lawyers profession is a bit tedious unlike others, that is why they spend more years in school learning all the necessary legal theories and ethics.

In this regard, it will be of very important if we explore the most important question people ask which is, how long does it take to become a lawyer in the USA.

 What are the Benefits of Becoming A Lawyer?

Different Career Option/opportunities

Apart from becoming a lawyer, most graduates of law do have this desire to enter into other fields of work such as media, politics, academics, commerce and industry, social works and even clergy and this implies that studying law can take you to so many places.

Being Stable Financially

Becoming a lawyer doesn’t guarantee immediate success or an exceedingly large amount of money even though it is close but it will give you higher job security and even place you on a good salary scale.

Ability to think Critically and inculcate analytical skills-

The idea and knowledge got from passing through Law school facilitate the students to be able to analyse different sides of issues and problems and also come up with the best solution based on strong reasoning and thinking.

Ability to make positive changes in the society

Studying law helps individuals who have the mind of making a positive change in society to get legal education and qualification to make changes very easily.


Anyone living within the same environment with a lawyer sees them as people that are learned and knows the law, as regards to that people accord them the respect and doesn’t even try to mess around with them.

Being aware of Rights

When someone is not aware of his or her right the person will not also know the responsibility and as such prohibit him from becoming the best he can as a human being, studying law helps you to understand what you meant to do at any giving time.

Self Confidence –

studying law is a very nice experience of which one of the things the students do is to read and discuss in a group.

This type of reading helps the students to build their confidence owing to the fact that lawyer cannot be able to defend their client in the law court if they don’t have more than enough confidence.

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How Long Does it Take to Become A lawyer in USA?

To become a lawyer in the USA you must spend up to 7 years which includes an undergraduate degree of 4 years and law school degree that lasts for 3 years.

In your quest to be a lawyer you must have a bachelors degree in accredited university irrespective of the course of study.

The next step is to proceed with the law school which you must pass the Law school admission test (LSAT).

Law school last for a period of 3 year years which you must choose from different law courses to study.

Upon the completion of your study year, you will take a Bar exam in the location that you wish to practice.

Practising for a Bar will take you up to two months which you will get the result the next month. If you eventually succeed with the exam you will be called to the bar officially.

having known this, an individual who wishes to study law in the USA will know how long it will take to become a lawyer in the USA

What are Requirements of Law School in USA?

Getting admission to study law in America is quite different from studying law in other countries where the students begin to learn their law courses after completion of their secondary or high school courses.

Some universities require only a high school diploma or its equivalent to admit students into their law faculties.

In united state law are practiced in postgraduate level which means that the candidate must have gotten undergraduate qualification beforehand

How to Become a Lawyer?

Completion of a bachelors degree program which is a minimum educational requirement into law school.

Sit and pass Law school Admission Test

Identify your Law school of choice

Acquire your Juris Doctors Degree

Pass the Bar Exam and move up to the next career

How much does a law degree cost in USA?

Private and Public Law School Tuition

The cost of law school is never the same in America, it varies across the institution as well as the price of book, food, housing and supplies. Meanwhile here are some of the breakdowns of the cost

Average Private School – Cost 49,548 tuition and fees


Average Public School- Cost $28,264 tuition and fees


$41,726 Tuition and fees

Total Cost of Law School

More than 3 years a law school students can expect to pay $84,794 from anywhere in (state, public school) -$148,644(private school).

The amount is so much most especially when a student is moving from undergraduate direct to law school.

Understanding the cost of law school is the most important thing in a long career path and students are advised to make use of the right tools available and also make a smart choice.

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List of some Law School in USA

Are Lawyers in Demand In USA?

The Bureau of Statistics predicted in December 2015 that there will be an increase in competition of job because more students are graduating from Law school each year than jobs available.

The growth in population and overall business activities is creating more legal transaction thereby generating an increase in the need for legal services in so many areas like health care, environmental issues, intellectual property, mediation and anti thrust.

Contrary to this demand, the capacity of large accounting firms and paralegal to perform some of the same function as a lawyer.

Because of this lawyers are now finding it difficult to get work in a less traditional role where legal expertise is valuable though not typically required.

Some of the roles of lawyers include managerial, business, and administrative position with banks, insurance, real estate and agencies with the government.

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The law profession is one of the prestigious profession in the world as it has so many benefits like the prestige and the financial reward that is attached to it.

Meanwhile, the system of becoming a lawyer varies from country to country, like in America. The basic requirement is the bachelor’s degree while in another country you study law as an undergraduate course.

Before coming to conclusion we talk about how long it will take to become a lawyer in the USA. this is a duration of 7 years( 4 years of a bachelors degree and 3 years in Law school.

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