How much IELTS score required for PNP Canada? Complete Guide

How much IELTS score required for PNP Canada? Complete Guide

To Work and live in Canada is a nice and beautiful experience but the question is how much IELTS score required to get you through PNP in Canada.

It is very important for those who wish to work and stay permanently in Canada to flow well when it comes to English speaking because that is the basic requirement before being employed in Canada.

There is only but one way to prove English proficiency which is by sitting and for the IELTS test.

There are different reasons for taking the IELTS test which may be for academic purposes and work.

Individual who want to take IELTS test are advised to know the basics of IELTS such as exam duration, how to prepare for IELTS test and How much IELTS score required for PNP Canada.

For some years now Canada has been known for accepting people from different part of world for so many reason that may be academicals or work.

Knowing how much IELTS score required for PNP Canada will not only help you to prepare for a academic standard, but also increase your chances of getting a good job in Canada.

This article has been carefully written to help you to understand every thing you need to know as regards to how much IELTS score required for PNP Canada.

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What does PNP means?

The PNP means the Provincial Nominee Program, and the program is structured for people who have skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the overall economy of Canada or a specific territory.

Also for those who want to live in a particular province of Canada and become a permanent residence in Canada.

Here, every province and territory has their own streams i.e immigration programs that are designed for certain groups and requirements

In a province program stream, province and territories do target students, Business people, skilled workers even the semi-skilled workers.

Having known about the PNP it will be of very important to also understand the applications

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Understand the Application options

Your application depends on the particular nominee program stream that you want to apply for, you might want to apply using the paper-based process or by the online method which is through express entry.

The part of the general process requires that you pass through a medical test and obtain a police check


Anybody who wishes to apply must have checks irrespective of where you plan to live in Canada.

Paper-based process of PNP

When going for a paper-based process, you apply to the province or location for nomination under a non-express entry stream

You will also need to meet the eligibility requirement of the particular province that nominates you

As soon as you have been chosen, you will be required to submit a paper application for permanent residence to immigration authority, refugees, and citizen Canada.

Processing applications for the paper-based application takes longer time than through express entry

How to apply for online-based PNP process?

In this type of application you have to create an express entry profile which shows the provinces and territories that your interested to visit.

When the province sends you a notification of interest, then you contact them directly

After that, you then apply to their express entry stream, if you eventually nominated you will receive the offer through your account which you have to accept electronically

There are some eligibility requirements that one you need to meet up with

Individuals who want to apply for PNP entry must meet the eligibility requirement of a particular province or territory.

Submit an express entry profile that explains how you meet up with the minimum criteria for express entry, including eligibility for one of the immigration program that it covers

When you’re invited to apply, then you submit an electronic application to IRCC which implies immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada

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How do I get updated with PNP?

 For more information about PNP, you are advised to check on the Canadian website. All the Canadian provinces and territories operate their own immigration program that is called Provincial Nominee Programs(PNP).

The individual province has different environmental and labor needs, as such there no two provinces that can be found to be the same.

Provincial programs may open at different times of the year and duration. Due to the changing nature of PNP, you can be checking up with this page at any time for the latest updates for Canada PNPs

PNP Open in different Provinces for PNP, BC PNP, and MPNP for 2020

The following are the list of the provinces with their date of operation including the number of people to be invited for PNP

Prince Edward Island

17th September 2020

This prince Edward province do invite 313 candidates to apply for the provincial nomination through Express Entry and Labour Streams of the PEI PNP

 British Columbia

16th September 2020

Released 407 invitations to candidates to apply for nomination through five streams of the BC PNP


15th September 2020

This province issued 621 invitations to candidates through the Express Entry and Occupations in Demand stream of the SINP. They considered only 3 tech occupations


10th September 2020

Gives out 212 invitations to candidates through 3 streams of the MPNP and it was a tech pilot draw

British Columbia

1st September 2020

Invites up to 428 candidates through five streams of the BC PNP


29th July 2020

Releases up to 1,288 notification of interest for candidates, this covers six tech occupations through the OINP Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream

There are many more entries and schedules but this is the most recent 

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List of Express Entry Province or Territory

Below is the list of the different province and for you to apply you must follow their different instructions which are found on their website:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



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Is IELTS required for PNP in Canada?

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All application through every other province requires IELTS test except for Individuals who want to apply for immigration under the Nova Scotia Province Nominee Programs.

Most of all the federal skilled worker’s program is required to pass through IELTS to prove language proficiency. But under the Nova Scotia program, it is not a requirement.

Past programs like that of Saskatchewan immigration nominee programs and the Quebec skilled worker immigration programs require the proficiency of the English language under IELTS to get points for language.

One of those reasons why IELTS was eliminated in some regions was because IELTS has been a lengthy and stressful process for immigration applicants in the past.

Other reason of not requiring IELTS

  • IELTS test can be tasking even for those who are fluent in English language
  • Test date may be difficult to book
  • IELTS test score may not always reflect the individual’s level of proficiency in English.
  • Some countries do not have IELTS center

How Much IELTS score required for PNP in Canada?

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Generally, the IELTS score required for PNP in Canada is 9 which is on a very high side and for you to achieve this you need serious hard work.

But what matters here is how you prepare, so it is better for you to take your time to prepare so that you will come up with a very high grade. Though you don’t need to panic because getting a score below 9 is not that bad

It  advisable to get a very good IELTS score most especially when you planning to obtain a Canadian permanent residence, the score for listening, reading, writing, and speaking joins together to scale up to 8777

Is 7.5 IELTS score good for Canada immigration?

7.5 band is a very good score for Canadian immigration but there are some other factors that need to be considered such as age, education, and work experience.

 All these requirements including the IELTS score are good enough to scale you through Canadian immigration

Which Canadian PNP is easy?

Individuals who are seriously considering Canadian immigration should be familiar with provincial Nominee Programs.

The immigration programs are being coordinated by Canadian provinces, making it possible for them to nominate candidates for immigration. Consider having a new life if you qualify for a PNP

There are more than 80 various PNPs, with their own unique eligibility requirements. It Is the duty of the provinces to act to their own particular immigration needs.

Basically, PNP is fashioned to meet up with the labor force requirement, as such they target individuals’ experiences in high demand occupations.

Most of the PNPs require their candidates to have connections to the province through which past work experience in the province, previous study within the province, or job offer from an employer in the province.

Although that does not mean that there are no PNP that is perfect for those residing outside Canada who does not have a connection to Canada.

Meanwhile here are the list of three easy PNP for 2020

 Saskatchewans international skilled worker

This type of PNP is fashioned to bring workers with the right experience in the occupation demand.

For a candidate to be eligible, they must have at least one year of experience in one of the jobs on the Saskatchewan demand occupation list.

The Saskatchewan international is of two categories for foreign candidates, and the categories are Saskatchewan Express Entry this category requires the individual to have an active express account in order to apply.

The other category is Saskatchewan Occupation in Demand Stream  this type of PNP account does not require an express account or profile

Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream

Ontario is known as the Canadian popular destination for immigrants, which consists of many visitors that were attracted by the bustling city of Toronto and its growing technology job sectors.

The province is mostly known for helping newcomers in the city through PNP streams.

Individuals living outside Canada, Ontario human capital priorities streams are at a great advantage.

The stream selects high skilled workers that will be able to fill in employment position within the province.

Here the individual capital priority is largely aligned with the federal Express entry system.

One of the basics for considering candidates is for them to have an active Express Entry profile with a CRS score of 400 points or more than.

Ontario has to go through all the express entry profiles after which they will encourage some applicants to continue with their applications.

It was also discovered that the exact criteria that Ontario uses for selecting candidates have not been made public

Last summer Ontario started conducting a draw that is targeted on the Tech workers which are under the Human capital priorities Stream.

For an individual to be eligible for the draw, they are required to have at least work experience in one of the six designated NOC codes.

The province has conducted up to three tech draws with a total of 4,350 invited applicants so far.

Ontario has also made provision for a PNP stream for French-Speaking Skilled workers that have a profile in the Express Entry pool. Candidates who have intermediate for proficiency in French, are recommended to go for this program

Alberta’s Express Entry Stream

The Alberta Express entry is always different from other provinces, the Alberta express entry mode of selection is that they select candidates from the federal entry pool and schedule an appointment with them to apply for a nomination by the province.

Another important of this stream is that the minimum CRS score is 300, this implies that more candidates in the pool will have the chance to receive notification interest from the province

Attracting a provincial nomination has the ability to increase an applicant’s CRS score by 600 points, they will also receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence during the next draw

How do I get PNP update?

 For more information about PNP, you are advised to check on the website always Canadim. All the Canadian provinces and territories operate their own set of immigration program that is called Provincial Nominee Programs(PNP).

The individual province has different environmental and labor needs, as such there no two provinces that can be found to be the same. Provincial programs may open at different times of the year and duration. Due to the changing nature of PNP, you can be checking up

with this page at any time for the latest updates for Canada PNPs.

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