10 Best Full Ride Scholarships in the USA and How to win in 2021

Full Ride Scholarships are grants that cover-up all the cost of attending a university. This simply includes tuition, accommodation, textbooks, fees, meals, and other things. This is a major form of financial aid for students in the university

In this blog post, you will get to know some available Full Ride Scholarships and vital information you need to know on how to apply for the scholarships and it’s worth in the United States of America.

Where can you get Full Ride scholarships?

There are so many sources that give full-ride scholarships. Sources like the federal government, schools, and private sources to mention a few.

The full-ride scholarship is very competitive and also most students’ dream.

List of Colleges to get Full Ride Scholarships

1. Duke University 

2. Vanderbilt University 

3. University of Chicago

4. University of Notre Dame

5. Virginia Tech

6. Washington University in St. Louis

7. Emory University

8. University of Southern California

9. University of Virginia

10. Wake Forest University

11. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

12. UNC (University of North Carolina) Chapel Hill

13. Michigan State University

14. Purdue University

15. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

16. University of Houston

17. The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)

18. Ohio State University

19. Clemson University 

20. Boston College

21. College of William and Mary

22. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

23. Boston University

24. Northeastern University

25. University of Buffalo

26. University of Maryland, College Park

27. Indiana University Bloomington

28. University of Georgia

29. The University of Texas at Dallas

30. University of Mississippi

31. Loyola Marymount University

32. Texas Christian University:

33. University of Rochester

34. University of Wisconsin

35. American University

36. Providence College

37. Illinois Institute of Technology

38. Oberlin College

How to Win a Full Ride Scholarship

  1. Get good grades and scores
  2. Be involved in leadership and community activities
  3. Take the preliminary SAT
  4. Apply to schools where you have an edge in your profile
  5. keep all requirements needed ready
  6. Make sure to apply on time

Requirements for Full Ride scholarships?

Here is a list of the requirement that many full-ride scholarships use for eligibility:

  • Test Scores: you may need a particular score on the PSAT, SAT, and ACTs.
  • Skills and interests: a lot of schools want to see that a student performs very well in his grades. Some things like leadership, initiative, and volunteer skills may be put into consideration.
  • Letters of recommendation: your teacher, mentor need to write a letter to shed more light on your behavior.
  • Personal essay: a student needs to write a good personal essay. A letter that talks about your goals and interest.
  • Grades: maintaining good grades is important to receive a scholarship.

How much is a Full Ride scholarship worth?

To know how much a full-ride scholarship is worth today, I would like us to look at the average cost of attending school. 

The full scholarships are available at a very wide range of universities and colleges. 

Furthermore, the average cost of pursuing an undergraduate program at a public college is $16,757 per year.

While it costs $ 43,065 at a private university.

Some private or profit institutions cost $23,776 and the price include tuition, fees, and accommodation.

A bachelor’s degree program takes four years.

A full-ride scholarship at each of these schools may worth an average of $67,208(public), $172,260(private nonprofit), and $95,104(private for profit University).

The full-ride may provide funds for other expenses also.

What percentage of students get Full Ride scholarships?

The full-ride scholarship is very rare.

Almost 19.9 million students enrolled in one the college and university last year.

Previous figures show that only 0.2% of students got $25,000 or more in a scholarship per year.

List of Full Ride scholarships:

Here is the list of Full Ride Scholarships and how to apply.

  • FIU presidential scholarship:

This scholarship is open to the new entering student or freshmen at Florida international university. Students must have a good grade average score of 4.0 or higher, and an ACT score of 30 or more than and an SAT score of 2000 or higher.

Total: $27,108 

Awards: 50

Apply Here

  • Stamp’s president’s scholars program:

This scholarship covers all tuition, meal, housing, books, and personal expenses. Also, an extra $12,000 over fours is provided towards meeting activities. 

An eight-day leadership trip in your first year is also provided. Also, some amount of money worth $1,100 money for the purchase of a laptop.

Total: $195,856 

Awards: 40

Apply Here

  • Bruce Fishkin scholarship fund

This scholarship award is for high school seniors who reside in Chicago, IL, or around the area; Las Vegas, NV, or areas like; Fairfield, Greens Farms, Redding, or Westport, CT.

Students must have a good grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and an ACT score of 22 or higher.

Total: $200000 

Awards: 6

Apply Here

  • University of Oregon Stamps Leadership Scholarship 

The scholarship is open to U.S high school seniors planning to attend the University of Oregon.

The student must have a good grade score of 3.85 or higher and exemplify leadership and innovation. The funds can be used in studying abroad.

Total: $125,000

Awards: 5

Apply Here

  • Alfond scholars program

This scholarship program provides full-ride scholarships for the ten incoming freshmen students in the College of Liberal Arts at Rollins College. 

The scholarship is renewable for additional 3 years. More so, the value of each scholarship is more than $230,000 for over four years.

Total: $199,040

Awards: 10

Apply Here

  • Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship

Robert W. Woodruff scholarship is the founding and also signature merit scholarship of Emory University. It applause Robert W.Woodruff who was in charge of the coca-cola company for many years and supported the EU.

Freshmen coming into the university are eligible. The university tuition fees are $53,306 per year.

Total: $53,306

Awards: 1

Apply Here

  • Ingram scholarship 

This scholarship provides full tuition fees for students at Vanderbilt University, who shows a commitment to community outreach and service. The tuition fees are $49,816 per year.

Extra financial aid will be given to recipients who show financial needs that exceed the amount of full tuition.

Total: $498,160

Awards: 10

Apply Here

  • Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship

The scholarship is open to U.S undergraduate students who are women and are seeking a degree in a STEM field.

Each student must submit a three-minute video explaining a scientific topic about which they are interested in.

Total: $60,000

Awards: 1

Apply Here

  • Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars (FDDS) Program

Founded in 2009, the program offers American University’s most prestigious, merit-based scholarship.

This includes tuition, housing, meal, and public transportation. The scholarship goes to

exceptional incoming first-year student leaders committed to different excellence.

Total: $199,400

Awards: 10

Apply Here

  • University of Indianapolis Presidential Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to U.S students who want to attend the University of Indianapolis as freshmen.

Students applying for this scholarship must have a grade of “A” or higher, and also join critical reading\math SAT of 1200 or above and ACT score of 29 or more.

Total: $129,000

Awards: 8

Apply Here

Conclusively, here mentioned in this post are just a few listed scholarships. And also, how to apply for full-ride scholarships.

Additionally, we recommend you to read this articles on other external scholarship opportunities and school reviews in the united states of America. Also, this will be of help on how to get student loan or master promissory loan

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