How to Apply for National Geographical Internship

Are you interested in the National Geographic Internship? here is how to apply for the year. This post has been tailored to give you all the insight you need to apply for this internship program.

Every year, the National Geographic Society provides a number of students with a paid opportunity to spend the summer exploring and learning with them.

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They offer a diverse range of dynamic internships that are designed to offer a well-rounded experience. Additionally, they have a goal to provide engaging, educational, and work-related opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.  

In addition to gaining extensive professional experience, this National Geographic internship program seeks to inspire, educate and build lasting connections through regular events with some of the National Geographic Society’s staff, explorers, educators and storytellers.

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Throughout the program, you will receive support and guidance from a wide array of National Geographic staff as you explore what it is like to help them achieve their mission to illuminate and protect the wonder of the world.

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Why Apply for a National Geographical Internship?

Being a part of the National Geographic Internship program offers not only a paid internship opportunity, but, provides undergraduates and graduates opportunity to explore their field. One becomes integrated with the National Geographic Internship Society due to this opportunity.

Also, this Internship program provides support and guidance from a wide range of National Geographic staff members.

Additionally, it has a mission to provide students orindividuals interning with them, opportunty to acquire first hand knowledge and experiences from the host department, maanagement team, staffs and resources.

They have various offices around the world and their headquarters is located in Washington, D.C., today they are one of the world’s largest scientific and educational institutions.

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About the National Geographic Internship

The National Geographic internship was pro- founded in 1888 by a group of visionaries who embodied an era of exploration, discovery, invention, and change.

They also offer a unique opportunity to be a part of a world-class institution, a strong global brand, and an organization with a rich history of scientific discovery and exploration.

Every day matters. A career with them means working hard to achieve our mission in a collaborative and inclusive way. They have a talented team with diverse people, ideas, interests, and skills.

Their behaviors are guided by a deep commitment to National Geographic’s internal values: being inclusive and respectful, curious and innovative, empowered and accountable, proactive, and team players.

Level/Field of Study of national geographical internship

This Internship opportunity with the National Geographic Society is open to Undergraduate and Graduate students cutting across various fields of study. However, Interns must be inclined to their internal values.

Which country is the Host?

The National Geographic Internships are offered by the National Geographic Society; a united state-based impact-driven global nonprofit organization.

Also, at this time, all National Geographic Society internship opportunities are US based and limited to states in which National Geographic has an active employer withholding tax account:

• California 
• Colorado
• District of Columbia
• Georgia
• Kentucky
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• Minnesota
• Mississippi
• New Jersey
• New York
• North Carolina
• Pennsylvania
• Virginia


To be eligible to participate in the National Geographic Internship program, the prospective intern must have the license to work in the United States of America. That is to say, you must be a legal citizen or resident of the fore-mentioned places above.

Who Can Be A National Geographical Intern?

Generally, to work for the National Geographic internship Society, you must be courageous to share their passion for exploration, storytelling, science, and education. Also, you must be one who wants to help spread their mission.

However, to work as a National Geography Intern, candidates must abide by the following:

An intern must be a student enrolled at an accredited college or university and also, be a rising junior or above.

In addition, applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.

For an individual to apply he or she must use the online application in the Grants Portal. We do not accept mailed or emailed applications. All application materials must be in English.

We strongly suggest that all applicant must type their responses into a word processing program and then copy and paste them into the application site.

How to Apply for a National Geographic Internship:

 The method of application is online.

  1. Application requirements (Candidates must attach the following to the online application)
  • A cover letter (200 words or less, please address to “To Whom It May Concern”)
  • A complete resumes that include each of the following: the applicant’s extracurricular activities, awards, and recognitions; employment history; a list of specific skills such as software or language proficiencies; and other relevant information such as special interests, hobbies, and travel.
  • A short essay (500 words or less) relating experiences that led the applicant to formal training in geography, stating his or her professional goals, and explaining why she or he wishes to participate in the National Geographic Intern Program;
  • Candidates should bring and Up-to-date unofficial college transcripts.
  • Applicants must bring along Additional Materials required
  • Applicants must bring along three letters of recommendation and must be sent to geography [email protected] prior to the application deadline from the following:
  • Applicant’s department chair or academic advisor,
  • A geography faculty member with whom the applicant has been associated, and;
  • One person of the applicant’s choice outside of the department (professional reference preferred).

Benefits of the National Geographic Internship

Asides from the monetary payment of $13/hour, Interns are entitled to other benefits like: eligible to accrue sick days, participate in their 401(k) program, receive discount at their Museum and Store, and free membership to their gym.

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Do National Geographical partners offer Internships?

Both the National Geographic internship Society and National Geographic Partners offer summer internship opportunities.

These programs runs separately, but both provide paid internships which are designed to give undergraduate and graduate students a well-sounded experience.

Almost all of their internships are based at their headquarters in Washington, D.C., and to be eligible, candidates must currently be attending an accredited U.S. college or university.

Both programs offer paid internships that last approximately 10 weeks.

Visit the official website for more details:


 Candidate must be:

  • an undergraduate or graduate in Geography, cartography, or GIS majors in good standing (no exceptions)
  • U.S. residents (no exceptions)
  • juniors, senior, or masters students at the time of application (you may be graduated by the time you actually start work).
  • candidates for the Geography Internship Program should be:
  • junior or senior undergraduates or graduate students studying geography or cartography at the time of application
  • well-sounded students who have a breadth of interests and work experiences
  • motivated students with excellent organizational and research skills, as well as strong attention to detail
  • students who have effective written and oral communications skills
  • students who possess the professionalism needs to interact with all levels of management
  • students with the ability to work with at least daily supervision.

Application Period For National Geographic Internship

This Internship program is annually, and has a fixed application time frame yearly. Internship positions are usually posted mid January. Also, the internship spans between June to August.

Application Requirements on How to Apply for National Geographical Internship:

Applicants who satisfy all the following procedures are eligible to apply.

  • Agreeing with the purpose of this program and willing to cooperate with the host organization and overseas business development.
  • Holding citizenship of an eligible country.
  • The applicant must understand and be able to speak English.
  • Applicants should be at least 20 years of age and not above 40.
  • Candidates must be able to submit a school or university enrollment or graduation certificate and a letter of recommendation from the graduated university.
  • Able to undertake required training full time and part-time internship in the company.
  • Satisfied with any other individual conditions required by each company.

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I hope you got detailed information on how to apply for the National Geographic Internship. Go ahead to apply, all the best. To know more opportunities, visit

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