How to Apply for World Bank ACECoR Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships 2021/2022

A call for World Bank ACECoR Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships applicationAre you interested in applying? Then, this is the guide you need.

Brief description of ACECoR

ACECoR is an acronym for the Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience. It was founded under the World Bank Centre of Excellence specifically for Development Impact Project and is hosted by the Centre for Coastal Management, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

The primary goal of ACECoR is supporting technical capacity development in young African Professionals. This is to address pressing issues, related to coastal degradation. Also, promoting a sustainable utilization and management of coastal assets and marine within the sub-region.

One of the major strategies used in implementing its primary goal is carrying out educational and research programs. This is done in collaboration with various academic institutions and industries at the national, regional, and international levels.

Ensuring a multi and interdisciplinary approach which would aid in addressing the concerns of coastal degradation across the sub-region.

What is the Scholarship worth of ACECoR?

The exact monetary worth of the scholarship is not specified. It is interesting to know that the scholarship worth covers the necessities of students in both MPhil and Ph.D. This spans across accommodation, tuition, monthly allowances, grants for field research, etc.

Also, students can wield supports to present the reports of their research at conferences, both at the local and international levels. Please note that as a benefactor of this scholarship, you have a role to play to sustain it. Sustenance is dependent on yearly academic record.

Are the travel expenses included in the ACECoR scholarship?

No. travel tickets and visa fees are not included in the ACECoR scholarship. But, there are privileges or assistance offered to students like visa applications and pickup from the airport.

What are the specific objectives of ACECoR?

ACECoR works with five specific objectives. Knowing these objectives would help you know if applying for the scholarship is in sync with your career goals.

  • Enhancing the capabilities of young African scholars in the thematic areas of Coastal Geomorphology and Engineering, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Disaster Risk Management and Migration, Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Science and Blue Economy, Governance and Social resilience.
  • Providing demand-driven applied research data and innovation for relevant industries and sectors in the above themes.
  • Developing regional data support systems on marine and coastal issues.
  • Creating multi-sectorial networks for marine and coastal for an integrated approach to resolving coastal degradation in West Africa.
  • Providing career development for faculty through an international exchange program and in-service training.

What are the different program descriptions in ACECoR?

Master of Philosophy – MPhil

Master of philosophy is one of the programs offered in ACECoR when awarded a scholarship. The programs offered here are designed as comprehensive modular courses and research components accompanying. 

Successful applicants to these programs would spend a year learning the given course modules and another year on research. The research conducted by students is streamlined to one or more of the five thematic areas of the ACECoR project.

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

A doctor of philosophy is another program offered in ACECoR. It is designed as three years of intensive research. Students enrolled in the program spend two years on field research and collection of relevant data and the other year for the organization, compilation of thesis.

Relevant seminars and conferences are not excluded. This is done to accrue critical knowledge or present their preliminary results on research carried out.

Also, the research must be in line with one or more of the five thematic areas of the ACECoR project.

These are the list of programs offered both in the MPhil and PhD

  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Oceanography and Limnology
  • Fisheries Science

These programs are currently being developed and would be open for enrollment in future

  • Blue Economy
  • Coastal Engineering

What are the five thematic areas of ACECoR?

As was stated, students enrolled in the ACECoR programs would have to limit their research to the five thematic areas. Doing this increases one’s chances of securing the scholarship at the University of Cape Coast. 

Things to note for the ACECoR Masters and Ph.D. scholarships

All applicants must be eligible to apply for the programs at the University of Cape Coast. The programs vary because they are carried out in the specific departments of the varsity. Due to this, the procedures for scholarship application and application into the department vary. 

Additionally, for this year’s application, applicants are implored not to apply directly to the University of Cape Coast firstly before the scholarship. However, when successful, the applicant can proceed to complete the University of Cape Coast Application Process to qualify.

Application Link

How to apply

If you intend to apply for the ACECoR scholarship, go ahead to fill in the form online.

Be careful not to omit any field as it may regard your application incomplete. However the application is not ongoing. Do visit the official website to stay updated or subscribe to our newsletter on our site to stay updated on current opportunities.

Required documents for the ACECoR scholarship 

  • Confirmation page of the application to UCC for the selected program
  • Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Statement of Motivation
  • Two (2) recommendation letters (at least one from a former lecturer/supervisor)
  • A 2-3 (for MPhil) or 3-5 (for Ph.D.) page research proposal within the preferred area of research

Host nationality

This scholarship is hosted in Ghana. All successful applicants will study at the university of cape coast.

Application processes for ACECoR scholarships

The application process for the World Bank ACECoR master and Ph.D. scholarships are in two phases which would be discussed. The initial and final selection process.

Initial selection processes

All applications are subjected to review, to confirm the availability of all documents. Also, an independent assessment of eligible applicants are carried out by the academic advisory board of ACECoR viz a viz these criteria;

  • Academic excellence on a scale of 10 or 40%
  • Relevant academic background on a scale of 5 or 20%
  • Level of language skills on a scale of 3 or 12%
  • Motivation and potential on a scale of 5 or 20%
  • Relevant work experience on a scale of 2 or 8%

The total is on a scale of 25 or 100%. Applicants who can score 70% and above would be shortlisted for a possible interview.

Necessary dates and times are also communicated through individual email or online portal that was created during the application process.

Unsuccessful candidates would also be notified through this medium.

Final Selection Process

All successful candidates in the initial selection process are called for a physical or virtual interview as the case demands.

Physical interviews are carried out for applicants who base in Ghana and virtually through skype or zoom for regional applicants. The criteria include;

  • Comportment and expression on a scale of 10
  • General knowledge on a scale of 10
  • Knowledge of subject area on a scale of 30
  • Application of knowledge on a scale of 15
  • Proposed research on a scale of 25
  • Knowledge of statistics on a scale of 5
  • Knowledge of ACECoR project on a scale of 5

The total score is on a scale of 100. The minimum pass mark is 60.

Description of Criteria

Comportment and expression 

This is the appearance of the candidate in terms of outfit which must be formal, loudness, articulation, confidence, fluency, gestures, and mannerism.

General knowledge

This has to do with the knowledge an applicant has in basic sciences, social science, pressing and current concerns the world is facing in some areas like coastal, and fisheries, environmental and oceanographic.

It doesn’t exclude political, legal, legislative, and social issues.

Knowledge of the subject area 

The criterion is to ascertain the knowledge of the applicant in the program of interest. It encompasses knowledge of theories, principles, mechanisms, processes, models, philosophies, and technicalities in that field of interest.

Application of Knowledge

Here, there is an assessment done to determine how prospective students would apply knowledge displayed in the field of interest to sectors like industry, conservation, management, etc.

Proposed Research

Applicants are asked questions on their proposed research. it’s done to determine what quota it will add to address concerns within the field. Also, the aptness, feasibility of the objectives being achieved, knowledge of the candidates in research methodology, tools used to analyze data, etc.

Knowledge of statistics

This is to determine the knowledge a candidate has in the field of statistics, both descriptive and inferential. Also, how the knowledge would be applied in the intended research.

ACECoR Project

Here, candidates are asked questions to determine how well they are conversant with ACECoR. Objectives, how it’s funded, implementing partners/ institutions, duration, etc.

How to contact ACECoR to know more

If there’s a need for inquiries, you can contact them through these mediums.

ACECoR Academic Coordinator, Dr. Isaac Okyere on [email protected] 

ACECoR Assistant Registrar on [email protected].

Also, these are links you can visit to know more.

ACECoR Programmes

ACECoR Research Guidelines

ACECoR Students Handbook

ACECoR Scholarship Information

UCC Postgraduate Programmes and Requirements

Graduate Admissions Brochure

Scholarship Offer Agreement Form


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