2024 World Bank ACECoR Scholarships – Masters and PhD

The World Bank ACECoR Scholarship is open for Master’s and PhD prospective students and awardees who desire to pursue various eligible courses. If you’re exploring the World Bank ACECoR Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships, you’ve found the right guide.

This comprehensive resource is designed to provide essential information for potential applicants and covers aspects such as World Bank ACECoR scholarship requirements and broader World Bank scholarship opportunities.

ACECoR, or the Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience, operates under the World Bank Centre of Excellence for Development Impact Project.

Hosted by the Centre for Coastal Management at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, ACECoR primarily focuses on developing technical capacity among young African professionals to tackle issues related to coastal degradation.

Benefits of ACEoR Scholarship

While the exact monetary value remains unspecified, the ACECoR scholarship covers vital needs for both MPhil and PhD students, including accommodation, tuition, monthly allowances, and grants for field research. Understanding the scholarship’s broader context within World Bank offerings provides a holistic perspective.

As you delve into the ACECoR scholarship, it’s valuable to explore other World Bank scholarship opportunities. The World Bank provides various scholarships aimed at fostering global development. Understanding these broader opportunities can help you make informed choices aligned with your career goals.

Kindly Note: ACECoR scholarships specifically exclude coverage for visa fees and travel tickets. Nevertheless, applicants can benefit from valuable administrative support for visa applications and convenient airport pickup services.

Objectives of ACECoR

ACECoR’s objectives extend beyond providing scholarships. It aims to enhance the capabilities of young African scholars in specific thematic areas such as Coastal Geomorphology and Engineering, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Disaster Risk Management and Migration, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, and Blue Economy, Governance, and Social Resilience.

Program Descriptions in ACECoR

For applicants interested in the ACECoR scholarship, it’s crucial to understand the program options available. The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs cater to different academic aspirations. These programs offer modules and research components aligned with ACECoR’s thematic areas.

Thematic Areas of ACECoR

The scholarship’s focus on thematic areas is a key consideration for applicants. You can strengthen your application by exploring how your research aligns with Blue Economy, Governance and Social Resilience, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Coastal Geomorphology and Engineering, Disaster Risk Management and Migration, and Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

World Bank ACECoR Scholarship Requirements

Understanding specific World Bank ACECoR scholarship requirements is vital for a successful application. Applicants must be eligible for programs at the University of Cape Coast, and procedures for both scholarship and departmental applications may vary. The emphasis on academic excellence, motivation, and relevant work experience is integral to the selection process.

Contact ACECoR

For inquiries related to the World Bank ACECoR scholarship, contacting the ACECoR Academic Coordinator, Dr. Isaac Okyere, or the ACECoR Assistant Registrar is recommended. These contacts can provide additional information and clarification on any queries.

Embarking on a journey toward a Master’s or PhD with the support of the World Bank ACECoR scholarship opens doors to transformative opportunities. As you explore this guide, consider the broader landscape of World Bank scholarships and ensure you meet the specific requirements outlined for ACECoR

How to apply

Navigating the application process is crucial, and understanding World Bank ACECoR scholarship requirements is a foundational step. Eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application link should be carefully reviewed. Additionally, applicants should be aware of the two-phase selection process, encompassing both initial and final selection stages.

If you intend to apply for the ACECoR scholarship, go ahead to fill in the form online.

Required documents for the ACECoR scholarship 

  • Confirmation page of the application to UCC for the selected program
  • Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Statement of Motivation
  • Two (2) recommendation letters (at least one from a former lecturer/supervisor)
  • A 2-3 (for MPhil) or 3-5 (for PhD) page research proposal within the preferred area of research

Host nationality

This scholarship is hosted in Ghana. All successful applicants will study at the University of Cape Coast.

Application processes for ACECoR scholarships

The application process for the World Bank ACECoR master and PhD scholarships is in two phases which will be discussed. The initial and final selection process.

Initial selection processes

All applications are subjected to review, to confirm the availability of all documents. Also, an independent assessment of eligible applicants is carried out by the academic advisory board of ACECoR viz a viz these criteria;

  • Academic excellence on a scale of 10 or 40%
  • Relevant academic background on a scale of 5 or 20%
  • Level of language skills on a scale of 3 or 12%
  • Motivation and potential on a scale of 5 or 20%
  • Relevant work experience on a scale of 2 or 8%

The total is on a scale of 25 or 100%. Applicants who can score 70% and above will be shortlisted for a possible interview.

Necessary dates and times are also communicated through individual email or online portal that was created during the application process. Unsuccessful candidates would also be notified through this medium.

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Final Selection Process

All successful candidates in the initial selection process are called for a physical or virtual interview as the case demands.

Physical interviews are carried out for applicants who are based in Ghana and virtually through Skype or Zoom for regional applicants. The criteria include;

  • Comportment and expression on a scale of 10
  • General knowledge on a scale of 10
  • Knowledge of the subject area on a scale of 30
  • Application of knowledge on a scale of 15
  • Proposed research on a scale of 25
  • Knowledge of statistics on a scale of 5
  • Knowledge of the ACECoR project on a scale of 5

The total score is on a scale of 100. The minimum pass mark is 60.

For More Information

If there’s a need for inquiries, you can contact them through these mediums.

ACECoR Academic Coordinator, Dr. Isaac Okyere on [email protected] 

ACECoR Assistant Registrar on [email protected].

Also, these are links you can visit to learn more.

  1. ACECoR Programmes
  2. ACECoR Research Guidelines
  3. ACECoR Students Handbook
  4. ACECoR Scholarship Information
  5. UCC Postgraduate Programmes and Requirements
  6. Graduate Admissions Brochure
  7. Scholarship Offer Agreement Form

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