How to Become a Cairo University Scholar: Admissions, Courses & Requirements

Would you like to study at Cairo University? Becoming a Cairo University Scholar can be made easy for you without encountering many difficulties but before I expose you to the secret behind it, let me take you through some courses and requirements to get into the institution.

This post provides comprehensive details on How to Become a , their admission process, courses, and requirements. 

We pledge that any question about studying at the University of Cairo can come to an end with this article.

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An overview of Cairo University

Over the years, Cairo University has been renowned for effectively carrying out its goal of providing education, research, and cultural tasks. Amongst other younger universities in Egypt, it is considered the mother university. 

The University of Cairo also provides Arab, international students and scientists with its education and research facilities and has become well recognized around the world. 

Cairo University is a comprehensive higher education institution situated in Giza, Egypt.

It is committed to training students for the demands of a workplace that is rapidly evolving. 

Our graduates join the workforce with the skills required to succeed in today’s global marketplace through immersive learning and information technologies. 

The public university, one of the oldest institutions in the country, was founded in 1908 and has about 230,000 students, of whom about 3 percent are from overseas.

Only 2% of the workers and 2% of the students at universities in Egypt come from outside the region. 

Foreign students who are Cairo-based enjoy relatively low living costs and have some of the ancient attractions of the world on their doorstep. 

With undergraduate programs in subjects ranging from pomology to physical therapy, the University of Cairo has more than 25 departments, including engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, and archaeology.

According to Ashraf Mahmoud Hatem, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt, while the official language of Egypt is Arabic, English is the ‘first language’ at universities. 


The University of Cairo is ranked as the second-best university in Egypt and fifth on the continent in terms of rankings. 

Cairo University is rated as the 481st best university in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings for 2018.

It is ranked 477th best in the world and 801st in the World University rankings by the Best Global Universities Rankings. 

A well-known icon of Cairo University with its domed roof, the Grand Celebration Hall is the location of numerous cultural and artistic activities and can seat about 4,000 people. The Central Library contains other striking structures on campus.

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Omar Sharif, Oscar-nominated actor Mohamed Morsi, former President of Egypt, and Amr Moussa, Secretary-General of the Arab League from 2001 to 2011, are prominent alumni.

The university’s composition. With more than 207,000 concurrent students, Cairo University is known as a broad university. International citizens can apply to universities as well. 

At CU, the ratio of international students is 3% of all students. 

More than 14 thousand experts make up the academic staff. For several educational institutions, CU has exchange arrangements. 

On social media, you can track the university to learn more about its life, YouTube, LinkedIn.

CU Facilities. There is a working library at the university. Dormitories on and off-campus are provided to those who need accommodation. The university is part of the Federation of Islamic World Universities (FUIW).

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Courses offered at the Egyptian University of Cairo 

These are some of the courses offered at the University of Cairo to students studying; 

Arts & humanities 

  • Craft, Arts of Performance & Design 
  • Archaeology
  • Languages & Linguistics, Literature & 
  • History, Theology & Philosophy 
  • Architecture


  • Psychology 

Health, clinical, pre-clinical 

  • Other Health programs  
  • Dentistry & Medicine 

Physical Science

  • Statistics & Mathematics 
  • Environmental, Geology, Earth & Marine Sciences 
  • Chemistry and Chemistry 
  • Astronomy & Physics

Engineering & technology

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Computer Science

  • Computer Science

Life sciences

  • Veterinary Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Sport Science

Business & Economics

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Economics & Econometrics
  • Business & Management

Social sciences

  • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Communication & Media Studies


  • Education


  • Law

Fees of Cairo University

Undergraduate Program

Domestic Students – (USD)2,000

International Students (USD)

4,000 – 6,000

Postgraduate Program

Domestic Students – (USD)2,000

International Students (USD)

6,000 – 8,000

An approximate annual course fee in US dollars is the fees above. Please notice that fees for the course can vary.

The exact cost of the program is also checked and possible additional costs are taken into account.

Benefits of studying at Cairo University

Cairo University is willing to provide numerous facilities to its students, such as medical care, leisure, and cultural events

Some university schools and research centers have specialist labs and labs fitted with the latest scientific equipment.

In addition to specialized libraries at all faculties, the newly formed central library consists of the highest technology in documentation and research databases.

25 faculties and institutions as well as specialized research centers and divisions are included in Cairo University.

The University of Cairo is home to the finest of the best professors and scientists in different fields of research and expertise.

Cairo University is located close to all facilities and entertainment sites in the heart of Great Cairo.

Admission Requirement for post-graduate both foreign and local students

  • The Supreme Council of Universities of Egypt grants an identical certificate of the current academic qualification. 
  • A letter of candidacy from the student’s country comes from the faculty at which the student wishes to study, clarifying the awarding authority, the university year in which the student wants to study, and the student’s degree.
  • The letter must also be signed by the embassy’s cultural specialist, to be sent to the dean of the desired faculty.
  • A record that indicates, before obtaining admission or registration, that the student does not have AIDS. 
  • A Certificate of Excellence, valid for one year (for medical students) 
  • Submission to the desired faculty in 3 data formats. 
  • Filling the desired faculty with 3 knowledge forms. 
  • Four personal images 
  • A folder of files. 
  • The four-year bachelor’s ratings
  • A Diploma or Pre-Master credential. 
  • After meeting all previous criteria, an original copy of the Information Form and three photocopies of it must be presented with the student’s signature on them. 
  • Including a photocopy of the acceptance by the student embassy that the embassy acknowledges that the student is studying at the desired faculty, clarifying the body offered, the university year in which the student wants to study, and the degree that the student wants to do.
  • Department is to send the student’s information forms to the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.

Document to be submitted by Egypt Students

  • Temporary bachelor’s degree certificate with the grade needed to apply for master’s degrees or diplomas.
  • Temporary Master’s Certificate with the grade required (for applicants for a PhD.)
  • The four-year bachelor’s score survey
  • A certificate of birth or an official copy of it.
  • A copy of the National Identification Card.
  • Six personal pictures
  • Acceptance of the workplace of the student who may be enrolled in postgraduate studies.

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  • If the student is a civil servant, he/she has to have his / her workplace approval that, if necessary (or according to the faculty regulations), he/she may give all his / her time to study.
  • The certificate of military rank (postponed / temporarily exempted / finally exempted) 10- The acceptance of the Armed Force in the case of conscripted students.
  • Approval of the Officers Relations Departments whether the student is a military or a police officer.

School Official Site

Why is Cairo University famous in Egypt for its MBBS studies? 

Those who have finished their MBBS from the University of Cairo will be directly promoted to PG in Germany. There will be no need for them to offer any entrance exam to be a part of PG in Germany. 

Additionally, after doing MBBS in Egypt from here, if one wants to do a job in Saudi Arabia, they are eligible for it.

MBBS Qualifying Requirements in Egypt: 

  • To get admission to Cairo University, an Indian student must have finished his 12th with physics, chemistry, and biology along with English with 75 percent above marks. 
  • The student must be under 25 years of age if he belongs to the general group. 

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  • If a student belongs to the SC / ST / OBC group, they must be less than 30 years of age at the time of applying for admission to the University of Cairo.

Procedure for Admission: MBBS in Egypt 

  • Students need to fill out the online application form and all the necessary documentation at the very beginning. 
  • Then, the student has to wait for the records to be checked. In the end, some information, however, will be made available to them. 
  • These specifics will help them figure out whether or not their admission process is done. 

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  • A student is ready to apply for a Visa after completion. 
  • They are ready to fly to Egypt after receiving the visa.

Cairo University Athletic Activity: 

Not only is Cairo University up to the marks for studies only. But in sports as well, they are suitable enough. 

Futsal, basketball, table tennis, tennis, and squash are all the activities in which they compete. If one wants to engage in any of the sports along with studies, they can also go for the same. 

You need to visit the Cairo University online portal for more information to ensure quick access to MBBS in Egypt.

Frequently asked questions

How much does studying in Egypt cost? 

How big are the tuition fees for universities in Egypt? It costs from $1,254 to $8,360 a year for undergraduate studies.

The fees range from $1,800 to upwards of $8,000 for post-graduate tuition.

In education, where does Egypt rank? 

Egypt ranks at the bottom of the participating countries-# 49 out of 50 countries for grade-4 reading students, # 34 out of 39 countries for grade-8 mathematics students, and # 38 out of 39 countries for grade-8 science students.

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The University of Cairo, however, is one of the educational and academic institutions of the Arab world, with an ambitious and bright face in the field of higher education. 

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