How to Create A Barter Virtual Dollar Card With FlutterWave

The Barter virtual dollar card is one of the finest innovations of recent times. In this post, you will learn the quickest way to create a Barter virtual dollar card (in 5 simple steps at no cost).

Owning a virtual card serves a lot of purposes when transacting online. The Barter virtual dollar card allows you to credit accounts, sell, and buy online, while completely minimizing the risk of getting your card hacked.

You will be learning the step-by-step procedures of creating a dollar virtual card with barter by Flutterwave subsequently.

Steps to Create a Barter Virtual Card with Flutterwave

For a small fee, you can create unlimited virtual dollar cards with Flutterwave. To learn how to create a barter virtual card with Flutterwave, emulate the following steps.

Step One:

Firstly, download the Flutterwave app from your mobile app store. Head to the Play Store app if you use an Android device, or the App Store if you use an IOS device. Search for FLUTTERWAVE and download the application.

Step Two:

Proceed to register using your original details. Follow the instructions to complete the KYC and registration process.

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Step Three:

Fund your account. Select “ADD MONEY” and credit your Flutterwave account with your desired amount.

Step Four:

Next, tap on “CARDS” at the bottom of your screen and select “+NEW CARD”. You will be presented with two card options to select one from. Select “Virtual Card”. To proceed, you can customize the characteristics of the card and tap “continue.”

create virtual barter dollar card 1
create virtual barter dollar card

Step Five:

Fund your card with an amount from your Flutterwave account balance. Barter virtual card creation costs $7, so you must have a balance of $7 or its equivalent to create a card.

how o fund barter virtual dollar card

However, note that barter virtual cards are strictly for transactions. Hence, you can’t buy cryptocurrency, fund bet accounts, and transfer cash.

To learn more about Flutterwave, tap HERE.

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