How to double your Blog Traffic Overnight with Backlinks

If you want your blog to be seen on Google and other search engine front pages, here are the top backlink hacks you can apply without delays

I wasn’t concerned with the number of readers I had on daily basis, owing to the fact that I was hiding under the claim of ‘blogging for passion’. But lately, I realized that even my passion for blogging needs to be seen.

In other words, for your blog contents to be seen, you need to understand certain SEO hacks in order to be seen by your targeted audience. Remember, as a blogger, you live and die by the number of your trusted audience.



There is no doubt about that

Just imagine a beautiful wink in the dark. Who sees it?

None, of course

That is same thing with an amazing blog post without proper visibility check.  And that is what a good SEO strategy link building quality backlinks, will do for you.

First and foremost, you need to beware of where your links are coming from. It’s recommended you build backlinks but you must be certain it comes from top sites that share same view (niche) with your blog.



Why do You Need the Backlink?

If you have been following our guides , you ought to have understood that we’ve never been  keen advocate of paid traffic.

Even as good ad they might be.


It’s one of the most expensive ways of getting more readers to your blog, but also a better means of losing quality CTR. Now you must understand such implications; most especially through social media ads.


Most times, it does more harm than good to your blog’s reputation, when the targeting fails to bid the dots.


And the best way to create a lasting impact on your blog and remain higher in search engine ranking is through quality Search Engine Optimized contents on your blog. You can only way to achieve that is by being friendly with theses hack we are about to drop now.

And please, don’t get it all wrong. It is not unwise to consider paid ads as a blog marketing strategy.


Here are what quality backlink does to your blog:

#1. It helps search engine crawler rank your blog higher and at ease.

#2. It also improves trust, which signifies the importance of your link to the respective Search engines, especially Google.

#3. It ultimately brings more traffic to your blog, through SEO

I know you even know more other importance of having good links to your blog. But I just had to mention the few.


Now, I can’t pretend as if I don’t know the equation in your hearts. ‘How can we get the cheap backlinks to our blogs?’

After all, that was why I had to write the post. You need to read in between the lines, to enable you do the right thing at the right places only.


The quest of getting higher search engine ranking and making good traffic returns for your blog do not take overnight effect. There is need for continuity and trust that you are doing the right thing.


How to double your Blog Traffic Overnight with Backlinks

#1. Guest Blogging

It’s a pity that some self-acclaimed pro bloggers shy away from this fact. It doesn’t matter what they did to get to the top of the ranking machines, but what they can do to keep the relevance lives inside blogging reference, and that is backlink.

Guest blogging doesn’t just assure you of the pointing back to your blog, but audience conversion. It depends on how relevance your contents are, but guest blogging has been my most favorable means of getting more clients in my circle.

Try guest blogging today.

#2. Comment on other Blog posts

Though some no longer accept comments with owner URLs commenting on other peoples’ blog posts has been the cheapest means of getting back links to your blog. There are more ways to getting as many comments as possible, but I’ll advice to do everything necessary to avoid being seen as spam comment.

Be honest and avoid spamming on peoples’ site. A good comment has the capacity of converting more followers, and also improving the Search engine crawlers on your entire content.

A single comment on an external site has the same magnitude with a whole garrets blog post. So instead of wasting your precious time writing a guest post, do yourself a favour by adding contributing to other content through comments

Note: 1. it is important that you avoid spamming, as you start commenting on other blog posts.

  1. Please make comment to blogs that are relevant to your content.


#3. Write SEO friendly Blog post and Titles

This trick can double the entire traffic by 2. To rank higher in Google, you need a blog post whose SEO tile has an attractive keyword that is catchy and related to the focus keywords of the post. The first few words of the particular post is also expected to reflect the main keywords of the post. But there is much you can learn about SEO friendly posts, if you drop a comment below:



#4. Be mentioned in other posts

This is same thing with guest blogging and commenting on others’ post. There is a creative means of doing that, and it depends on your relationship and impact with other blogger.

A mention on a blog will have a back link of your URL. It depends on why you were mentioned; it can also be a way of creating more listing groups.


#5. Social Media Sharing and Advertisement

Apart from paying for ads, you can still earn quality backlinks when your bog content is shared across several media or by different popular account.

How to get Free Sharing

There are two ways of writing a viral post on social media. They are the best means of getting many people to share your posts online without asking for source.

  1. Through Controversial Blog Posts
  2. Amazing Offers etc but those are stories for the next phase of this back link studies 


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