Jumia Pay – How to Transact, Show and Earn Cash for Free

Jumia Pay is a fintech mobile app that offers utility services for free. Created to ease the process of transacting online, the application offers an array of services.

Released in the first quarter of 2021, the Jumia Pay comes with a lot of distinctive features which ensure ease of operation and general smooth running.

What is The Jumia Pay App?

Birthed in 2021, Jumia Pay is a utility app that enhances the easiness of transactions online. With this app, users can connect easily to the online market from their mobile phones.

Currently, the Jumia Pay app is only available in two countries: Nigeria and Egypt. What’s more?

You can even earn some real bucks when you participate in the Jumia Pay referral campaign by inviting your friends and acquaintances to download the app.

Your account balance gets credited with five hundred Naira with each referral download.

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Features of The Application

The Jumi One app was created to ease stress and enhance the user interface experience. Hence, it comes with multiple features. Here are some of its many features.

Payment of Bills:

With the pay bills option, you can pay your everyday bills such as electricity, water and, TV subscription bills from anywhere at any time. Better yet, the app doesn’t charge a dime when you pay bills with it.

Purchasing of Airtime:

Buy airtime and purchase data bundles at any time with the application as long as your balance is credited.

To fund your balance, click here. Why buy recharge cards when you can recharge from the comfort of your home? You can buy airtime from any network, anywhere and, anytime!

That’s not all, you get credited 5% of any amount whenever you purchase airtime from the app with the Jumia cashback feature.

Online Shopping:

Collaborating with its mother app – Jumia, users can buy every available product online and have them delivered in no time! Its promo codes and amazing discounts make the shopping experience better.

E-Transact (sending and receiving the money to accounts):

This application also comes with an e-transact feature where a user can transfer money to any bank account across the country from their bank accounts.

Other features of the Jumia Pay include:

  • Paying off home rents and event centers
  • Buying houses/spaces
  • Booking Flight Tickets and Hotel Reservations
  • In conjunction with Nairabox, Boomplay, and Uber. The Jumia Pay app also allows users to book cinema tickets, stream music, and order cab rides respectively.

How to Fund Your Jumia Pay Wallet

For now, there is no direct method of funding your Jumia Pay account. Howbeit, your wallet can be credited from won vouchers and cashback. To buy, pay or, access any paid service on the Jumia Pay app, use your debit card details.

Steps On How To Earn With Jumia Pay App Today

In addition to its fascinating features, Jumia Pay also allows every user to earn by simply participating in its referral campaign.

You can earn yourself a decent amount of cash by simply participating. To participate, simply refer the app to others.

Your account balance gets credited five hundred Naira with each download. Here are some steps on how to earn on the Jumia Pay app:

Download the Jumia Pay app on your mobile app store and sign up with your original details. Your name, phone number, and email address will be required to sign up.

After signing up, proceed to verify your phone number and buy anything of any amount on the app to activate your account. Your account balance will be credited with five hundred Naira as a welcome bonus.

Click on the invite button to generate your referral link. Copy the generated link and proceed to share it, earning on every download from the link.

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Frequently Asked Questions On The App

  1. Is there a limit to how much a single person can invite on the app?
  2. -There isn’t. With Jumia Pay, you can keep inviting and earning without restrictions. Your account gets credited minutes after a referral download,
  3. How much does it cost to sign up to Jumia Pay?
  4. Signing up to the Jumia Pay app costs absolutely nothing. Although you will need to buy a product or airtime of any amount to validate your account.
  5. Is the Jumia Pay app available for IOS download?
  6. -Yes, the Jumia Pay app is exclusive to both android and IOS downloads. Visit your mobile app store to download the application.

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