How To Get Admission Into American University Of Integrative Sciences | Tuitions and Scholarship

How To Get Admission Into American University Of Integrative Sciences | Tuitions and Scholarship

This is a guide on how to get admission into the American University of Integrative Sciences. Securing an admission here has proved competitive for years to those applying. This is because the university has set a high mark for quality education.

Before getting into the University it is important that you know about the university and prepares yourself before entering. Studying here can open your mind to opportunities in the medical field. To get the most from this article, it is necessary that you note the key points to help you in your application.

This blog post is a guide to help increase your chances on how to get admission into American University of Integrative Sciences.

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Let’s get a piece of brief information about the University before diving into its application.

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American University of Integrative Sciences

The American University of Integrative Sciences was founded in 1999. This is a private school of medicine which has its campuses located in Barbados. Although its campuses are in Barbados, the university has its administrative office in Tucker, Georgia, United States.

They have 300+ students enrolled on their campuses. Their current dean Alexey Podcheko has made it an objective that the school would emerge strongly in academics every year. American University of Integrated Sciences has produced some of the brightest minds we know in the medical field.

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How to Get Admission into the American University of Integrative Sciences

Most times some people think that getting admission into such a fine institution is difficult. But I am here to let you know that that’s just the opposite when it comes to the American University of Integrative Sciences. To make it easier for you, we at jobreaders have looked into a few things that are necessary for you to know.

Here are a few aspects to look into:

  1. How do I apply
  2. What are the requirements  
  3. What’s the acceptance rate like
  4. How much is tuition? Here you need to be informed of the payment structure
  5. Application deadline
  6. Accommodation and also,
  7. Last but not least “do they offer scholarships?”

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How do I apply

To apply is the first major step to be looked into when moving towards how to get admission into the American University of integrative sciences. When applying, you are advised to do so through the authentic website for safety reasons.

To apply simply visit


Since it is a highly equipped medical school of top standard, they have a need for quality requirements. Some of the requirements are:

  1. Great GPA from college
  2. Wonderful MCAT scores
  3. Documents containing your achievements in your community
  4. Awards of excellence
  5. There are also some prerequisite requirements which include; English, Sociology, Math, Psychology, Computer Science, Physics, Medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, statistics, public health, evidence-based research, biology, physical, and organic chemistry.

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Acceptance rate

They have a high acceptance rate. This clearly means that when you apply, you have a much high chance of being accepted. Having this in mind can be a relief for you because you know you will be guaranteed admission.   

Graduation rate

It is important that before you enroll in a University you know her graduation rate. This is necessary because it helps you know if you stand a chance of graduating. The American University of Integrated Sciences has a graduation rate of 86% yearly.


The American University of Integrative Sciences offers a 5-year program in medicine. The total cost for the medical program is $135,300. The best part is that it can be paid in installments to aid you.

For more information, visit  

Application deadline

With the rise in global pandemic issues, however, the University has placed COVID protocols on the school grounds. These protocols however have to do with social distancing parameters for the safety of the students.

The Winter Start Date Application is by January 6th, 2021. For a smooth enrollment, try and meet up to this date to have yourself accepted.


While working on how to get admission into American University of Integrative Sciences it is important to note its great accommodation services.

American University of Integrated sciences offers accommodation to its students. The accommodation is a limited number of rooms in the Bridgetown suburb of Kent Ridge. On the plus side, there also is a direct school bus connection from there to campus.

To even give you a better understanding of the awesome accommodation services. You should also know that the apartment is self-contained with a furnished bedroom and a private bathroom.

Note: The apartments are gender-segregated and are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

To get yourself accommodated, it is best you go for the housing can you can also, afford. Below are the various housing plans with their prices:

  • Modest apartment starts from 400 USD per month
  • Standard apartment starts from 800 USD per month
  • Luxury apartment: 1200 – 2000+ USD per month

We are not just here to educate you on how to get admission into the American University of Integrated Sciences. But also to inform you about their scholarship program.

The American University of Integrated Sciences offers a variety of scholarships. The first is the Founder’s Scholarship, which is also a 50% scholarship offered to students. The scholarship amount is up to $45,100 for tuition.

Then there is the Merit scholarship which is a reward for hard work in monetary values. To acquire this a grade point average of 3.0 is required of you. The scholarship is up to $26,400

The Essay scholarship is one that helps those that wrote a wonderful acceptance letter. Normally in writing your acceptance letter you do in relation to a topic in your field of interest. This scholarship is up to $6,000 worth of tuition.

Nurse to Doctor Scholarship is the last batch of scholarship offered by the University. This scholarship rewards hard work and experience in the medical field. After receiving such a scholarship, the recipient should, however, maintain a 3.5 GPA for every basic science term. The scholarship worth is $6,000.    


American University of Integrated Sciences