IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (Earn $112,400 Yearly)

To get an IBM data science professional certificate, one needs to learn about the available courses, jobs and possible internship opportunities attached to the one prestigious skill-backed cert from IBM.

Historically, IBM has stood very tall in the scheme of things when it comes to technology, cybersecurity, and other data-related career courses. Same way, this work is being focused to help you learn everything necessary to help you bag the globally desired data science professional certificate at IBM (Online or otherwise).

Get Started Now: Free IBM Data Science Course with Certification in 2024

Additionally, this guide entails a handful of career opportunities, IBM data science internships and other placements for those who have already earned any of these certifications.

If you are a student or a sponsor who is looking at enrolling or helping someone enrol for this deep learning course, let us break the processes and course values down.

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Getting to Know IBM

IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation and this brand is known for its hardware and software products, including computers, servers, storage systems and networking equipment.

It also provides consulting, technology and business services, such as cloud computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

As a leading corporation in the electronics and technological industry, it has been featured in hundreds of books, movies and other media stories for its strength and admirable professional ethics.

Summary of IBM Data Science Professional Certification

Course Title: Data Science Professional Certificate. Earning this skills and certification arms you with the ability to solve real-world problems.

These problems include leveraging on data science methodology – working with Jupyter notebooks – creating Python apps – accessing relational databases using SQL & Python – using Python libraries to generate data visualizations – performing data analysis using Pandas – constructing & evaluate Machine Learning (ML) models using Scikit-learn & SciPy and apply data science & ML techniques to real location data sets.

IBM Data Science Course Content

This list sums up the IBM Data Science certification course modules:  

  • Data Science Orientation.
  • Tools for Data Science.
  • Data Science Methodology.
  • Python for Data Science and AI.
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science.
  • Data Visualization with Python.
  • Data Analysis with Python.
  • Machine Learning with Python.
  • Applied Data Science Capstone.

Once you are done with these IBM data science course modules, you can receive the Data Science Professional Certificate from Coursera; the same way with EdX.

What You Will Learn in This Course

With this course, you will be discovering what is data science, the various activities of a data scientist’s job, and the methodology to think and work like a data scientist  

Secondly, you will be developing hands-on skills using the tools, languages, and libraries used by professional data scientists  

You will grow in the ability to import and clean data sets, analyze and visualize data, and build and evaluate machine learning models and pipelines using Python.

Before completing the course, you will be learning various data science skills, techniques, and tools to complete a project using a real-world data set and publish a report for stakeholders.

With this degree, you can also be called: Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Marketing Analyst, Operations Analyst, and Quantitative Analyst.

Now ready to earn this honour, let us proceed with how to enrol. If you have already earned this degree, you will also be seeing a number of career opportunities that await you.

How to IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Growing industry relevance with this IBM certification takes more simple steps than it actually appears. In just a few clicks, you are already in the life-transforming class that will never leave your career the same.

  • Step One: Decide to enrol for the course. From what you can see from the summary, this data science course comes free at Coursera ( as of the time of making this post).
  • Step Two: Visit the course page to sign up for free. As we have explained, you will only need to pay a little fee for the certification. Once you are done with this course, IBM will automatically issue, in your credentials, the IBM data science certification certificate.

Data Science Jobs

Indeed, their research published here has shown that data science and other data-related fields make it to the list of most paid tech jobs in the United States with an annual average salary of $140,772.

As a data scientist, your demand will grow from businesses and other organizations that will keep depending on data science for discovering new insights and more reliable measures for growing revenue.

There are three core places we have spotted for data scientists’ and other professionals’ jobs.

These job platforms include:


Note: This is not a comprehensive list of job sites for professionals searching for jobs from local and international recruiters. However, three of the prominent platforms.

The message, in more ways than one, is that with a good Resume/CV, and the might with which you demonstrate the required skills – getting well-paying jobs will never be rocket science with an IBM Data science professional certificate.

IBM Data Science Internship

At IBM, sources reveal that interns earn approximately $36.40 per hour and from state figures, this is 77% above the average hourly wage in the United States.

Aside from data science, internships at IBM date back the ages. Having good remunerations and a great working environment, this place is our topmost suggestion for you to shoot your shot with the skills and certification.

To learn more or consider enrolling for the IBM data science internship or other internship programs at IBM, kindly visit this official website to get started.

Learners Also Ask

Here at, we do not create information-driven content without knowing what you may need to learn. For this reason, we have gathered a handful of what other learners are asking regarding the IBM data science professional certification. Based on those data, we are providing well-researched feedback to further help you get what you are looking for:

Is IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Free?

Yes, this course is free. One of the reputable eLearning platforms that host these IBM data science courses is edX and it is known for offering free courses. However, to get the certification, a fee will be required.

Is the IBM data science professional certificate worth it?

As one of the most reputable tech-driven corporations, a certificate from IBM simply implies a global marketplace validation.

Getting a degree in data science from IBM is just like having your e-commerce goods featured on Amazon’s homepage; they will surely sell.

This sellability reason could also amount to why almost everyone who craves a data science course must consider IBM.

Is the IBM certificate recognized?

First, these certification courses are hosted by EdX and it is clearly one of the globally accepted online education partners. On the other hand, data science courses are that of IBM.

Talking about EdX, educational household names such as Harvard, University of East London and a couple of others do partner – by offering globally recognized degrees across a wide range of disciplines.

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