How to Seat for IELTS Exam in Nigeria | Complete Processes

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is recognized by more than 20,000 organizations around the world, as a valid, secure and trusted tool to rate the level of one’s communication skills in the English language.

And applying and scoring high in the IELTS test as part of Visa application requirements for most Nigerians seeking job or study opportunities in English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and other native speakers of English has been a major constraint for decades.

Jobreaders have gathered from research the easiest and efficient ways to get IELTS scores in Nigeria; in order to help prepare you if you are looking forward to traveling abroad for academic, residence, or career purposes. 

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Types of IELTS Available For You

The IELTS are two categories available are the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

IELTS Academic:

This test is required to be taken by students who want to travel abroad for their studies, especially English speaking countries.

It is conducted to ensure that the student has adequate English language skills to participate and excel in academic activities when he gets to the desired country.

IELTS General Training:

This is also another form of IELTS test which is conducted for people who wish to travel abroad for jobs or residence.

This IELTS test helps to determine if a candidate has the necessary communication skills in the English language to be able to fit in properly in the new environment and in social activities in the desired country.

Decide Your Preferred IELTS Test Format

The one thing to decide before applying for the IELTS exam in Nigeria is to discover the best test format that will be favourable for you. You have two options to choose from, which are computer-based tests and paper-based tests. It is important to note that, either of both tests is taken in the very IELTS official test centres which you applied in. 

Whatever way you decide to take the test, you will still be given the same IELTS test that has the same structure and contents.

However, the only thing that distinguishes one test from the other, is that if you choose to take a paper-based test, you will be given questions printed on papers (hard copies) and you write your answers on them, while if you chose the computer-based test, you are to read your question from a computer desktop screen and type in your answers accordingly.

How IELTS Tests Are Written On Paper

You need to understand how this test is taken when you choose paper-based before heading to your test center on your test stipulated date. 

On paper-based, you will write these sections on paper; writing, listening and reading sections.

However, the speaking test is carried out one on one with the IELTS examiner. You will be made to sit face to face as you would in a conventional interview with the examiner to carry out the speaking test.

If you choose this option, you will write the answers to the Listening, Reading and Writing sections on paper. The Speaking test will be conducted face-to-face with a trained IELTS Examiner.

How IELTS Computer-Based Tests Are Written 

When you choose the computer-based test, you will be required to write the IELTS test using a computer in the IELTS test centre. With this option, you will have to write the writing, listening and listening tests on a computer.

Just like the paper-based test, the speaking test will be conducted one on one at the IELTS test centre by an IELTS test examiner.

They prefer speaking tests being conducted face to face because it is the most effective and efficient way to ascertain your speaking prowess.

How Long It Takes For IELTS Results To Be Available

The results of the two tests (paper-based and computer-based) do not take the same time to be published. 

Paper-Based Test Results: The IELTS paper-based test results take about 13-15 working days to be available. 

Computer-Based Test Results: The results for the computer-based IELTS, takes about 5-7 days to be available.

Where To Apply For UK IELTS Exam In Nigeria

The UK IELTS Tests are conducted by the British Council in Nigeria five (5) times every month and interested candidates can Apply Online and take the IELTS tests in eleven (11) respective locations in Nigeria offered by the British Council. In Nigeria, you can take the IELTS tests in these locations listed below:






Port Harcourt

Benin City





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How To Apply For UK IELTS In Nigeria

You will have to go through three steps to apply for IELTS in Nigeria.

1. You must check for availability and choose dates most appropriate for you. Note that it is important to select a different test date for your speaking test.

2. Go to Sign up and immediately create an account with your correct details with the British Council.

3. Book and pay.

Note: Candidates who are less than 18years of age require that their parents do the registration for them. See the 10 Most Reliable Job Websites in Nigeria for Fresh Graduates

How can I Apply For USA, Canada and Australia IELTS Test In Nigeria

To get the USA, Australia, or Canadian visa, you must show that you are good in English. That is, you must demonstrate that you can speak English very well, listen to English speech and understand, read and understand sentences in English and most importantly speak fluently in English.

IDP (International Development Program) in partnership with MOD Education which is an International Education organization that majors in leading people to quality International Education are the main organization offering IELTS for candidates looking forward to entering the USA. 

IDP is well known internationally as it is recognized by over 140 countries and about 10,000 organizations.

Visit the IDP|IELTS website to book for your USA IELTS tests in Nigeria.

You start the application by selecting your country and then the centre you want to take the test and then select if you want to take the USA IELTS Academic or the USA IELTS General Training. But since you are searching for IELTS Exam in Nigeria, we assume that you already know what to put in.

How to Get IELTS Score in Nigeria

How Much Does IELTS Test Enrollment Cost

As of May 30, the British Council charges N75,000 for IELTS test fee in Nigeria. It might be a bit expensive to you but it definitely worths that amount.

Prepare For The Test

It is very much important for you to prepare for the test even if you are good in English.

Take time to work on your speaking skill, listening skill, reading skill, and writing skills before you go for the test to stand in a better position to do well in the test.

You can as well visit this IELTS test page to get assistance on how to prepare for the test so as to maximize your score in the test.

Understand The Format of The IELTS Test

Bring out time from your busy schedules to familiarize yourself with the structure and exemplary contents of the test by downloading and looking at copies online. Try to understand the format for each of the four tests to do well in every section.

What Score Do You Need?

Getting a good IELTS score is not easy for those who are not good in the English language.

However, the score you need to get your visa depends on the requirements of the country you are applying to travel to and the institution you want to study in or the organization you plan to work for.

While you apply for Visa, also consider scholarship applications in the destination country. Getting an IELTS Exam in Nigeria is one of the easiest. But as a student, you may need some funds to offset the bills that await you in the distant land.

 Meanwhile, here is a list of Engineering Schools in Canada that Offer Scholarships and Work or Study in Canada via Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

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