How to Link All SIM with NIN (FGN Government Directives)

The Federal Government of Nigeria has directed that all SIMs be linked with the National Identification Number (NIN) or risk disconnection by telecommunication agencies. This directive is considered one of the efforts to tackle several irregularities in the communication industry and must be followed before a set deadline.

Guide on: How to Download or Print the National ID Card

In this light, we have also written full guides on ways you can get you NIN if you don’t have the digits handle.

For Nigerians that are yet to enrol for this NIMC, here is how to get started.

Having obtained your National Identification Number (NIN) from this page; you can process with the processes below on linking your SIM Card.

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How to Link SIM with NIN in MTN

For MTN users, linking SIM with Nin is by dialing the code below:


How to Link SIM with NIN in Glo

For Glo users, linking SIM with Nin is by sending REG (as a text message) to the number 746

Check also: Get NIN Number: How to Download or Print the National ID Card

How to Link SIM with NIN in Airtel

For Airtel users, linking SIM with NIN is by dialing the code below:


Locate any of the data centres if your network provider is not included in the list above. (Office of the Network provider) with your SIM pack and a means of identification.

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Your National Identification Number (NIN), and SIM details should be protected. Also, other personal identification numbers such as your Bank Verification Number (BVN) should be protected.

When accessed by an unauthorized person, hesitate not in reporting to law enforcement agents.

Do not use a SIM card that is not compeer with your NIN. Moreover, desist from sharing your devices for others’ uses.

This information may be useful How to access NEXIT Portal for CBN Job/Empowerment

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