5 Ways to Pass FUTMINA Post UTME 2020

How to Pass ESUT Post UTME 2021 | Registration Details

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) post-UTME 2021/2022 are the same as every other University in Nigeria with their schedules hit by the recent pandemic. But that cannot prevent the calendar from moving on.

In this guide, you will learn how to pass ESUT Post UTME, the registration details, and insight into the cutoff marks and examination schedules for the 2021/2022 academic sessions and every other information you may need as an aspirant.

Over the years, students have come in, and have exited the great institution through the transparent means of taking students into the great citadel.

The ESUT Post UTME is unique and strict because, unlike many other state-owned Universities in Nigeria, adopt tough measures to ensure transparent selection methods.

About University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) was originally founded as ASUTECH on July 30, 1980. It is one of the numerous Universities in Enugu state and a state University with repute that boast with over 12 faculties and hundreds of departments in the science and technology-related fields.

The University was conceived with the aim to establish an institution that must be closely related to society, its industry, and above all, serve as a catalyst in the technological advancement of the people, hence the University’s motto remains, “Technology for Service”.

The longed aged services of the citadel have earned it one of the top-ranked universities in Nigeria and of course, the best state University in the whole of the southeast.

This post, however, is not limited to the ESUT Post UTME 2021, or the registration procedures.

It is packed with current information designed to assist all the prospective students who are vying for different courses in the school.

Is ESUT Post UTME 2021 Out?

Yes, the ESUT Post UTME 2020 registration portal opens at the directive of the University, and the application guides are stated in the official information below:

Because the registration was yet to be announced at the time of making this post, we decided to leave the time and date blank, but give you the option to leave a comment below.

You can also include your details (WhatsApp or Email) to be notified when the ESUT Post UTME 2020 registration begins.

How to Register for ESUT Post UTME/DE 2021

This registration details for the post UTME is culled from the school portal. You are also advised to follow the guides carefully to complete your online registration.

First, you need all your documents scanned and saved in your preferred devices, or visit the nearest Cyber Café to get that done; to avoid some mistakes:

  1. Visit the University portal via www.portal.esut.edu.ng
  2. Under Regular Students, click 2021/2022 Admission Screening Registration.
  3. In the page that shows up, key in your JAMB Reg. No. and Click.
  4. Key in the required details in the next page to generate your invoice.
  5. On the invoice page, you have payment options using Interswitch; which include:
    • By Bank Branch: This involves you proceeding to any commercial bank with a printout of the generated invoice which contains a reference number which you would use for payment of N2000 (excluding service charges) via Enugu State IGR paydirect.
    • By Debit Card: This involves you paying online with your Debit Card.
  6. Return to the application page and enter your ‘JAMB Registration Number’ again.
  7. Proceed with the completion of the form.
  8. Confirm your entries.
  9. Submit your application.
  10. Print out your acknowledgment slip.
  11. And come with it for the Post-UTME examination.


  • All candidates must upload their O’ Level results in JAMB approved CBT Centres. Candidates who fail to do so shall not be considered for admission.
  • Candidates awaiting the results of NABTEB, WAEC (May/June) and NECO (June/July) 2019 are eligible to apply. Note that inconsistency in name is not acceptable to the university and may lead to disqualification. Candidates’ names on their O’ Level certificates and UTME results and other registration documents must be the same. Candidates must present photocopies of the under-listed screening documents to be admitted into the screening hall:
    • POST-UTME Screening Forms
    • JAMB Result slip

Other Documents

Completed screening forms must be returned on-line with the scanned copies of each of the following documents:

  • UTME Result Slip
  •  Entry qualification Certificate(s)
  • Current Passport-Size Photograph.

ATTESTATION: Candidate must certify that the information given by him/her in each of the sections of the screening form is to the best of his/her knowledge accurate. Should any be found to be false, he/she shall consider self-disqualified.

DIRECT ENTRY: All direct entry candidates who chose ESUT are also to sit for the screening test.

They are therefore required to access the screening forms and other information about the screening on-line as stated above and request their institutions to forward to ESUT Registrar, transcripts of their results

How to Pass ESUT Post UTME 2021

Now that you have seen the registration details for the examination, I want to share a few winning secrets with you; regarding how you can pass the How to Pass ESUT Post UTME.

The recent pandemic has kept a lot of students at home for a very long time, and as you must know, many were busy burning their midnight candles.

To pass, you must do the same, and also observe so many other routines that helped most of us gain admission into Universities.

The rules are still the same and not many things have changes. In that regards, I want you to do the following:

Stick to Your JAMB Choice

There is one common mistake that most students make while trying to secure admission at all means in ESUT or any other University in Nigeria. The subheading is self-explanatory.

You should either stick to the choices you made during JAMB registration or go for your Change of Course on time.

Why? The Schools make changes to their database before and after the JAMB results are published by the registrar.

But that does not mean you should go for a change of course and institution a few days to the school deadline on Post UTME registration.

This single act has denied lots of students their already-won admission, and it happed under my watch.

In this regards, I want to give more clarity, because it might sound strange that I started with that note.

Let us go by an instance, and please, do not call my Mr. Instance. The reason why I utilize instances is to help my students understand beyond the text, what I have to share.

Assuming you applied for Civil Engineering into the Enugu State University, and your JAMB happens to be lower than your expectoration, JAMB gives you the right to make changes to lower courses, or even leave the schools for better chances.

That is the JAMB Change of Course and Institution as we have seen throughout the registration of the ESUT post-UTME 2021/2022.

This is a good option to enhance your admission chances, but you have to do that even before the Post UTME begins.

That will ensure that your new profile is included in the database before the school admission.

Even though we are all aware they may happen as technical shortcomings, it has denied students their admission to some schools that I worked. And to be on the safest side, be on time.

Align your choices with the school’s requirements for each of the courses you are seating for; to be ready for your admission in the school.

Haven’t you seen that this post was more than How to Pass ESUT Post UTME 2021? It is made to give you an overview, to ensure your admission. So let’s look at the second guide in this series.

Avoid ESUT Post UTME 2021 and Fraud

In the previous academic years, you must have heard rumors of the JAMB result upgrade, UTME result upgrades, and the rest. In as much as I must help you see the truth, it is also wise that I advise you to desist from several conditional approaches to success.

Those corrupt practices are long gone and can never be applied to winning ESUT post-UTME/DE 2021.

Do not let any fraudulent master scam you the scarce resources in the name of assisting your result upgrade or admission processes in the University.

How to Study for ESUT Post UTME

This is the core message, but that does not make other irrelevant. Getting ready for the school’s screening exam has nothing to do with searching through your wardrobe for the best attires.

It is more of knowing the right angles to tackle the Post UTME examination questions.

Schools in Nigeria adopt almost the same examination strategies; so there is no reason to be afraid.

Because you conquered the JAMB, you can eliminate the UTME, but you need to utilize the previous past questions, to help you learn their pattern of questioning.

But I suggest this will only be applied when you have covered the syllabuses given by JAMB for the session.

Travel Guide for ESUT: New Visitors

The school is located at Agbani, Enugu State, Nigeria. Depending on where you are coming from, locating ESUT is not difficult due to the its popularity in the state.

Can I get Scholarship in ESUT?

Yes, you can get scholarships in ESUT; and as a matter of fact, there are currently ongoing scholarships that you can apply for.

As an aspirant or student in Nigeria, there are lots of ongoing undergraduate scholarships you can start with.

Besides the local grants and bursaries, you can start applying for other international scholarships that can offer you fully funded scholarships to study abroad. These scholarships, however, are not sponsored by the school.