How to Pass Federal University, Kashere (FUK) Post UTME 2020

These application details and how to pass Federal University, Kashere (FUK) Post UTME 2020 is a complete guide for aspiring students who eagerly wait for the purchase of forms into the various departments of the institution.

One of the admission processes that you have to undertake before getting admitted into higher institutions is POST UTME, it is the second phase of the admission process and to a large extent determines who is to be admitted.

Some students most times fail this examination not because they are not brilliant but because they didn’t follow the right path while preparing for their POST UTME.

I know at this moment you will be wanting to know what to be done in order to scale through this examination, a whole lot will be in your mind like, how does the exam look like and lots more.

You are at the right place if that is what you seek, because of the fact that some aspirants do make mistakes while preparing for this exam, I have decided to put up an article to give answers to the questions bothering you and also correct some anomalies which make students fail.

Consider what you will see here as expert advice based on years of experience on this subject matter, I will be discussing things like the school cut-off mark, eligibility criteria and method of application for the school’s POST UTME exam.

Why do we write about Post UTME?

It will be for your interest, to understand that we have a handful of other great content and audience to communicate with.

But having passed through the same route and faced the level of uncertainties that distinguish the processes of admission into Nigerian Universities, we decided to ensure you get the best out of this attempt.

We want you to pass, and also to try scholarship opportunities; maybe abroad. Instead of limiting your academic goals within the confinement of your state.

Federal University,kashere,Gombe State.

Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State, was established in 2011 as one of the nine federal Universities established under president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR.

Federal University, Kashere is a public higher education institution located in Kashere, Gombe.

It is officially accredited and recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Federal University, Kashere (FUK) is a coeducational higher institution of learning.

It offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study.

The admission process into this higher institution is strictly on merit, it does not encourage favoritism.

The admission process is moderately competitive because it has limited seats available, if you are desiring to be admitted into this citadel of learning, this is the time to do something serious or else the serious ones will definitely take your place.

How To Pass Federal University (FUK) POST UTME

It will be something commendable to pass your POST UTME and get admitted into that your chosen institution and course of study.

It will not be right to be qualified for POST UTME probably with a high score and end up scoring low in it. This problem most times comes from misinformation of students or reluctancy.

Many times, students will score high in the JAMB exam but coming to screening, you will see them performing low to the extent of not getting the same grade they got in JAMB.

This is quite awful and unacceptable. One of the reasons this happens is the inability to adopt the right approach to this exam. The following tips will be helpful if you follow them diligently.

Understand the Nature Of The POST UTME

One of the secret to POST UTME success is by understanding the nature of the examination, is it computer-based test(CBT), paper and pencil test( PPT), and how the questions are being set.

Having this knowledge will help you in having an idea of what you are to face and how to tackle it leaving no stone unturned. It will arm you for the exam and give you confidence.

This will help you in knowing the necessary materials to consult for your study, the topics that are most emphasized, etc.

POST UTME exam is not like that of JAMB that sets their questions for the 4 subjects you choose to write.

They might deviate from this style and curl questions from general knowledge such as current affairs, if you are not aware of something like this, you will find it difficult to give the right answers to those questions.

Read Through the Syllables

Every examination has an outline of topics where they will be getting their questions from, it is otherwise called a course outline.

This outline might be enormous and will take time to be exhausted, the need to start reading on time.

Some failures recorded in POST UTME is because of not reading on time or being reluctant to read with the notion that your jamb score is high and can get you admitted.

Let me put it to your notice that if your FUK Post UTME 2020 score is very low while your JAMB score is high, you might not be admitted because POST UTME determines about 70% of your chance of admission.

It is wise to start reading on time to cover these syllables and get acquainted with the topics, the more you read, the better you understand the topics.

Waiting till the exam date is fixed is just like preparing to fail, you can’t get these topics into your memory within a short period of time, no way, so for you to do well in this exam, you have to start your reading according to the tropics in the syllables on time.

Get The Past Questions And Answers

The past questions and answers are one of the best ways to POST UTME success, every school that writes the POST UTME exam will definitely have past questions and answers that have accumulated. Practicing this will expose you to what you will be expecting on the day of the exam.

It has been revealed that schools use to recycle questions and if you are not practicing the past questions and answers, you will not get it proper.

Also, it can help you build accuracy and speed which is one of the most needed skills for the exam.

It is timed and if you are not fast enough, you won’t be able to attend to all the questions as the computer will shut down when your time elapses.

For FUK Post UTME 2020, you may need a Past Questions and answers which you can get when you leave a comment below.

You will get an updated PDF file for a token because this is not free and if you are to succeed in your quest, you should not mind the difficulties that are bound.

Please note that Past question and answer can’t do it alone for you, don’t rely only on it so you won’t be disappointed, combine it with the recommended textbooks and see yourself performing well in that exam.

Always note down topics that give you a tough time while practicing the past questions and refer to your textbook for proper understanding.

How to Pass other University Post UTME in Nigeria

This is another tactics that you can employ to win your fight for admission this year; gather clues around other Universities that we have published via this platforms:

Don’t Be Late

The examination requires peace of mind so you can concentrate and think out the required answers.

You don’t need to be distracted or get pressured because of one issue or the other. It will get you disorganized.

On the exam day, don’t hesitate to arrive early for your exams. Some persons have formed the habit of arriving late for any examination they will be writing with the reason best known to them.

On the day of the FUK Post UTME 2020 exam, try to locate your exam venue on time, do the verification and go in for the exam.

If you will be traveling from a far place, please do make your travel 2days to your exam, it will help you to be stress-free before the examination.

Traveling on the day of the exam is not advisable, you might run into traffic or other things that will slow your movement which will make you arrive late or even miss the exam entirely.

Avoid this ugly scenario by doing the needful which is appearing for your exam on time with a relaxed mind.

Obey Instructions

There will be no exam without instructions on how it will be conducted, try as much as possible to obey these instructions in order not to have problems with the exam officials.

Having problems with them will slow your pace, distract you, and also get you tensed up.

If you default, it might lead to your disqualification from the exam but we don’t pray for that at all.

Obey and write your exam, with your level of preparation, it will definitely be successful.

Course Combination

There is need for you to check the right subjects to combine for the subjects you choose. Wrong combination can affect your chance of getting admission.

Every course has subjects that are mandatory for you to write before you can be admitted, not having those subjects will be detrimental.

It will be very wise to also align your JAMB score with that of the school’s Cut-off Mark to know if you are qualified and stands a good chance of getting admission.

Some courses are highly competitive and have a higher cut-off mark more than that of the general cut-off mark.

Checking this out will help in knowing if there is an opportunity of being admitted if not, the best thing to do is to go for a change of course.

Change, of course, is carried out in the school’s admission Portal, if your score is not so high and you applied to a course such as a pharmacy or Engineering, know it that it is competitive and a low score might hamper your chance of admission.

Just apply for a change of course to a related course with a lower score requirement, there is an avenue to change to your dream course if you wish and fulfilled the criteria after the first year of study.

What is FUK Post UTME 2020/2021 cut-off Mark?

Every year, different schools in the Nation do roll out their Cut-off Mark for POST UTME candidates, this is what determines who is eligible to sit for the exam.

Federal University, kashere, Gombe State, is not different from these other schools, it also sets it’s own cut-off Mark which if you merited it, you will be qualified.

FUK cut-off mark is 160, any student who made 160 and above in JAMB is qualified to sit for the FUK POST UTME 2020 exam.

This cut-off mark should remind you that the battle is tough and only the strongest survive.

Meriting the cut-off is just one step that you have made, to complete it and get admitted, you have to perform well in exam with good grade because your grade is what determines if you will be admitted.


The above cut -off mark is based on what the school adopted for the 2019/2020 academic session as they are yet to announce that of this academic session.

When Will FUK 2020/2021 POST UTME Registration Start.

This is to inform candidates who chose Federal University, Kashere that the registration date for the 2020/2021 academic session is published through the university website. In due time, the school management will publish the date and you will be notified.

All you need to do is to keep visiting this site to get an update, while you wait for the date to be announced, do well to be studying your books regularly for it is the only way to your success.

How Much Is FUK POST UTME Form

The POST UTME form has a fixed price slated by the Federal ministry of education, no school is expected to sell higher than this price in order not to inconvenience the aspirants with a huge fee.

The POST UTME form is sold for just N2,000 and can be purchased online following the right procedure.

There are other expenses that you might incur in the process, so make extra cash available to take care of these expenses like service charges which do not have a fixed price.

Federal University, Kashere, POST UTME Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for  Federal University of Kashere POST UTME  if you have it  as your most preferred (1st Choice) institution in the 2020 UTME and scored a minimum of  160

Diect Entry candidates with a minimum of lower Credit in National Diploma and Merit in NCE, IJMB or its equivalent in relevant areas from recognized tertiary institutions are eligible to apply.

How To Apply For FUK POST UTME

Click on the Login Button. You will be required to fill in your Username and password, our Username is your JAMB Number (For Example 91011125BG) and your Password is your JAMB Number excluding the First and Last Character (For Example 1011125B).

Visit the Official Website:

Select the application type(Degree)

Enter your valid email address, select your preferred method of payment either online or bank and click the “I Accept” Button

After Successful Payment, proceed to filling the form, fill in correct details.

Print the screening form upon completion and attach all relevant documents (Original and copies of credentials) such as scratch cards for O’level results verification, evidence of payment of POST UTME screening fee, and a printed online registration for presentation at the screening venue.


POST UTME exam is so difficult to pass, all you need to do is by adopting the right approach which will help ace the exam. It is a thing of joy to admitted to the University.

Do everything you can to get to your dream course.

Believe you can do it on your own with having to seek for help, ask the right questions if need be, and don’t wait till the last hour to start reading, constant reading will help you to perform wonders, don’t also forget your past questions, it is important.

If there is any question you have and.need more clarity, don’t hesitate to drop your question at the comment box and you will reply as fast as possible. Goodluck.

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