How to Pass University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME

To gain admission into the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), you have to read well to pass UNN post UTME. Read well to pass well is cool but sometimes intelligent or not, anybody can fail – That’s not your portion because every secondary school graduates want the best.

But then, Jobreaders will provide the necessary information and techniques to guide you through the task ahead. I am Solomon, A Super lion and I believe that my experience those days as a UNN aspirant will be very useful for all fresh aspirants.

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Do you Know UNN?

The University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) with its position as the first indigenous University in NIGERIA and credited for having produced prominent men and ladies which I believe that most of you aspirants have them dear as a role model. The likes of Chinua Achebe, Charles Soludo the then CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele and the rest are Products of The University of Nigeria Nsukka.

UNN is one of the leading universities in Nigeria with adequate facilities to deliver. But statistics have it that above Fifty thousand candidates (50,000) Apply to study in UNN but because they cannot accommodate this huge number, they device every means possible to cut off as many candidates as possible. As a result, a higher mark stands a greater chance of gaining admission.

Let us agree that you have covered all topics in your supposed four (4) JAMB core Subjects and that you scored not less than 180 marks in your JAMB. 180 is the JAMB general cut off mark. This means that if you scored 180 and above, you are qualified to write post UTME not minding if the departmental cut off mark is 300 marks or anything.

And please don’t be so proud about your JAMB score or feel that you can’t make it again because you scored 200 against a departmental cut-off mark of 280 or vice versa
University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME or screening is competitive and tricky. If you pass well it must be given you….. You can if you want!

After the JAMB comes to the long awaiting screening or post UTME.
Like we normally say in this part of the world …. After the reggae plays the blues.

Before we continue, let’s check your chances of meeting up with your departmental cut off mark with The UNN Departmental cut off mark published in the previous academic session. That will open your eyes to seeing the magnitude of force you need to apply on the coming University of Nigeria Nsukka Post UTME / screening.


This list of different UNN Faculty Of Agriculture Cut Off Mark may vary in years and entry levels, but is valid as of the time of compiling this post.

1. Agric Economics – 227
2. Agric Extension – 201
3. Animal Science – 202
4. Crop Science – 206
5. Soil Science – 205
6. FST – 227
7. Home Science – 200
8. Nutrition And Dietetics – 247
UNN Faculty Of Arts Cut Off Marks
1. Archaeology & Tourism – 246
2. English And Literary Studies – 271
3. Fine And Applied Arts – 260
4. Foreign Languages – 254
5. History And International Studies – 259
6. Linguistics And Nigerian Languages – 245
7. Mass Communication – 268
8. Music – 255
9. Theatre And Film Studies – 254
10. Combined Arts – 201
UNN Faculty Of Biological Sciences Cut Off Mark
1. Biochemistry – 248
2. Botany – 200
3. Combined Biological Sciences – 214
4. Microbiology – 243
5. Zoology – 207
Faculty Of Business Administration
1. Accountancy – 257
2. Banking & Finance – 229
3. Marketing – 207
4. Business Management – 233
UNN Faculty Of Dentistry Cut Off Mark
1. Dentistry – 270
Faculty Of Education
1. Adult Education – 201
2. Education Art – 251
3. Education Chemistry – 203
4. Education Social Sciences – 245
5. Agric Education – 205
6. Business Education – 220
7. Guidance & Counseling – 263
8. Health Education – 206
9. Home Economics Education – 229
10. Industrial Technical Education – 236
11. Library And Information Science – 246
12. Science Education – 200
UNN Faculty Of Engineering Cut Off Mark
1. Agric & Bioresource Engineering – 204
2. Civil Engineering – 248
3. Electrical Engineering – 242
4. Electronics – 232
5. Mechanic Engineering – 242
UNN Faculty Of Environmental Studies Cut Off Mark
1. Architecture – 226
2. Estate Management – 201
3. Geoinformatics & Survey – 201
4. Urban And Regional Planning – 210
UNN Faculty Of Health Science & Technology Cut Off Mark
1. Radiography – 266
2. Medical Rehabilitation – 258
3. Nursing – 268
Faculty Of Law
1. Law – 297
UNN Faculty of Medical Sciences Cut Off Mark
1. Medicine – 295
UNN Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Cut Off Mark
1. Pharmacy – 284
Faculty Of Physical Sciences
1. Computer Science – 227
2. Geology – 234
3. Mathematics – 200
4. Physics And Astronomy – 200
5. Pure And Industrial Chemistry – 206
6. Statistics – 200
7. Computer/Statistics – 200
UNN Faculty of Social Sciences Cut Off Mark
1. Economics – 260
2. Geography – 243
3. Philosophy – 259
4. Political Science – 275
5. Psychology – 252
6. Public Administration – 266
7. Religion – 232
8. Social Work – 213
9. Sociology/Anthropology – 260

Do you now see what you are going to face? The figure can always go higher, it is time to study like you never prayed and pray like you never studied


I can still recall that after sitting for my JAMB back in the days, I gave a two weeks break to relax and chill-off after which I had to dust off my old and rugged JAMB past questions in readiness to score a Hat-trick this time. I was still chilling off on the remaining few days of my break Period from reading and my Big brother called and behold, I scored #220 in my just concluded JAMB Exam.

I regretted that he knows my details at least I could have managed the information and not tell anyone. I couldn’t help my poor emotions so; I went home and straight to my Room.

“After the brags, this is what I was able to achieve”

I brought out my four JAMB And UNN Post UTME past question papers and made a time table that could just allow a few time off from the reading table. I concentrated more on JAMB past questions.
Though I’ve covered the JAMB syllables in my respective textbooks, it occurred that each time I meet tough or tricky questions, I always referred to my textbooks after which I become more conversant with the trouble I met.

I continued making a friendship with my JAMB past questions in such a way that I started realizing how often JAMB repeats questions from year to year. But wait a minute!

I was never happy until I was done familiarizing myself with the JAMB questions for about seven (7) JAMB Years. But for you, I recommend five (5) years and above provided you are willing.

When the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME Drew closer like a month and some weeks, I knew I was ready for the BIG DEAL.

I started using the UNN post UTME past questions and sincerely it’s just JAMB questions in disguise but tricky ones. But then ensure you covered not less than five (5) year questions in the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME past request. If the last question is not at your disposal you can contact us for further directives but surely you can find it in the UNN book shop.


Means of transportation in Nigeria is not a big deal in Nigeria and Enugu state is one. For ease of explanation, you can go for Peace mass Transit or any other companies. When you get to Peace Park Nsukka, Just opposite to it are the UNN shuttle, you just need to pay a token within #50 to #100 to get to the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

Many candidates have relatives within the campus or outside the campus but in case it becomes necessary to Lodge and relax before the Exam day, there are many hotels within the school at your disposal.

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Most Universities in Nigeria has a Security system but in UNN they have a security plus. They are friendly but you don’t need to apply for their rough side. Try as much as possible to submit your self to any security order for checking. Know what you want and don’t try to challenge them.

Note: A candidate can end up in their popular underground dark room if it chooses not to be law-abiding.


The venue of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME is usually the popular Nnamdi Azikiwe Library. On the third floor, their ICT Lab. Is equipped with over two thousand (2000) computers. Keep your phone at home or somewhere else to avoid losing it.


After a series of security search on all the candidates, In a single format, candidates will be going into the Hall with nothing but yourself. You may decide to go in with a pen but they will provide you with writing material for rough works if need be.

Listen, You must pay attention to the invigilator’s instruction for with it, even a novice can scale through by logging in properly and clicking on your choice answers.

The University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME or UNN screening as they normally say is a very competitive one and you have to outwit your exam fever and stand firm with courage and power – Proof that your sleepless nights were not in vain.

Wait!, University of Nigeria, Nsukka does not praise malpractice, they kill it and I don’t just want my candidates here to fall victim.

To know how to pass the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Post UTME is to read more and pay more attention. At the same time, you need to be smart and vocal to call on invigilators to help you… They are there to serve you (you only serve when you default)

Don’t Click on submit Botton until you have completed all four subjects. Some candidates submit after writing a single subject and may not inform you that even the invigilators can’t help your matter in that regard. In fact, It is better not to submit than to submit without finishing. By default, the computer submits for you when your time elapses. Please be very careful then. Start studying today Today! And make it happen

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