Airtel Transfer Codes (USSD for Recharge & Payments)

This is for Airtel Transfer codes and other Airtel USSD for various transactions such as buying data, buying Airtel airtime and sharing these credits with family and loved ones.

Discover how to make  Airtel transfers, and the USSD for Airtel recharge, bank payments and other useful transactions. Currently, the *432# is a universal USSD for carrying out every transaction on this network.

However, you will be seeing how to use this same code (both for Airtel mobile banking, and your airtime recharge and transfer methods) as we are discussing in this post.

How to Make Airtime Transfer Using Airtel

Airtel credit transfer is known as Airtel ME2U and here is how it is done:

A simple and easy call to action *432*AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX). However, you will need to activate the Me2U before you can carry out this function.

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About Airtel Me2U?

The Airtel ME2UAirtel ME2U feature was introduced by Airtel to address the needs of its various clients. With this feature, you can share or transfer airtime with friends and loved ones.

To ensure a stable transaction, exchanging airtime using the Me2U service requires a configuration password.

Me2U is an airtime-sharing service aimed at enabling customers to share airtime (credit) on their Airtel routes with their friends and families independent of location and time.

Airtel me2U operation has some small distinctions with those of MTN share’n ‘shell in terms of costs related to the transaction.

Airtime conversion however does not exceed the amount of credit available on the swapping subscriber network.

Relatively each subscriber is restricted every day to N5000 / transaction, meaning that even in a single or split transaction, you cannot send more than N5000 airtime to another Airtel subscriber.

So, by moving a portion of the credit to the other user, Airtel Me2U is a special service that enables an Airtel subscriber to express love to another Airtel subscriber.

It suggests that as long as they are on the network, you can recharge a card and swap it with your family members, acquaintances, or even colleagues. But no more than N5000 a day can be passed to you.

How to Register for Me2U Airtel (Transfer) 

You do not have to apply for the Airtel Me2U service if you are a subscriber to the Airtel network. Since each active line is allowed to enjoy the service.

You only need to change the default “PIN” that came with the line to a private and more secure “PIN” that can be quickly recalled but is impossible to guess for anyone.

Therefore, you should change the default “PIN” although the default “PIN” is usually 1234.

How to Activate a PIN to Enable Airtel Me2U Service         

Both Airtel lines come with 1234 as their transfer PIN by chance. And it must be altered. Additionally, the explanation is that the default 1234 PIN is not allowed to be used to make a transaction.

Start By Activating the Airtel Transfer

Give the PIN OLD PIN NEW PIN format text to 432. For eg, if your new password is 4006, your message will be sent to 4324 4006 in this “PIN 1234 4006” type.

When this is done, you can transfer some of your credit to other Airtel numbers

Remember: You may also prompt other Airtel users to use the Credit Me program to give you airtime by dialling *432*AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX).

The receiver will receive an SMS that reads “Please Credit Me” from your number.

BONUS: As of the time of making this post, Airtel is giving you a free bonus on your transactions. Here you can earn an extra 4% when you buy airtime of N20,000 and above through the self-care app and share it with customers using Me2U.

Recharging Your Phone with Airtel SIM Card

Buying call and data credit with Airtel is simple and here are the steps to follow:

Step One: dial *444# OR *444*AMOUNT#

Step Two: Select the service/product option you want.

Step Three: Select the payment option either through your Bank or using a Debit card.

The USSD for All Airtel Transactions

Here, let us summarize all the transactions you can carry out with your smartphones or other devices that allow for USSD, using Airtel as the network provider.

Airtel Data Plans (Airtel Plans )

Airtel transfer data code: It is almost the same way as how to buy other credits with Airtel SIM. There are various data plans to go with Airtel and here are their various USSD Codes:

To purchase any size of data with Airtel, simply dial: *141# and then follow the prompt correctly.

Below, however, are some of the most popular data plans ( for a monthly subscription)

Airtel Monthly Plans

  • 1.5 GB for N1,000, *141*1000#
  • 2 GB for N1,200, *141*1200#
  • 3 GB for N1,500, *141*1500#
  • 4.5 GB for N2,000, *141*2000#
  • 6 GB for N2,500, *141*2500#
  • 10 GB for N3,000, *141*3000#
  • 11 GB for N4,000, *141*4000#

Checking Your Phone Number with Airtel

The simplest way to check your Mobile phone number with Airtel is to follow this guide: dial the USSD Code: *282# Within a few seconds, you will get another flash message that will have your Airtel mobile number.

How to Transfer Data with Airtel

To share data with your family and loved ones, simply dial *141#. Select the Gift or Share Data option. Thereafter select Data Me2U.

Secondly, there are 2 variants of Smart Share that will be accessible via SMS, USSD, *141# and *141*1# USSD Menus.

Note: You will need the same Me2U PIN to effect this transaction.

Airtel Users are Also Asking

Based on data we gathered online regarding what other users are asking regarding Airtel Me2U, registration and its USSD uses, we are proving a summary that will help you get what you are looking for.

How can I transfer credit from Airtel to Airtel?

The easy call to action is this: On your device, dial 432AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX). This transaction is free of charge

How can I transfer credit from Airtel to Airtel?

Same way as we explain here: To transfer credit with Airtel just dial 432AIRTELNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX). There is no service fee attached to this transaction.

How can I convert Airtel airtime to data in Nigeria?

This is not the same with Airtel transfer: You are buying data with Airtel, simply Dial 1542*amount#, or simply just dial *154*2# and choose your desired option.


Airtel is one the largest network providers in Nigeria, India and other parts of the world. The codes shared on this page are applicable to the locations covered by the USSD and other Airtel Transfer codes – their variants here. If any of these do not apply in your home country or current location, feel free to contact Airtel for proper guides.

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