How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel: Activation and Usage

Find out How to Transfer Airtime to Airtel Me2U and its Activation and Usage Policies, which enables its users to send airtime from one Airtel line to another, regardless of where you are.

Airtime transfer is the mechanism by which airtime is sent directly from your account to another subscriber on the same network. 

However, you may like to inquire, is it possible to share your airtime on various networks with another person?

Currently, the telecom providers do not approve or enable this unique function from now on and at the time of this post because of reasons best known to them, but we expect and foresee any improvements in the coming blissful year.

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About Airtel Me2U?

Airtel is a telecommunication corporation operated by India that commands a huge number of customers in the largest country in Africa.

The ME2U feature was introduced by Airtel to address the needs of its various Nigerian clients. 

Thus, there is a time in the life of an Airtel subscriber from Nigeria, when he or she needs to share airtime with a friend or family. This could be for multiple causes. 

To ensure a stable transaction, exchanging airtime using the Me2U service requires a configuration password.

Me2U is an airtime sharing service aimed at enabling customers to share airtime (credit) on their airtel routes with their friends and families independent of location and time. 

Airtel me2U operation has some small distinctions with those of MTN share’n ‘shell in terms of costs related to the transaction. 

Airtime conversion however does not exceed the amount of credit available on the swapping subscriber network.

Relatively each subscriber is restricted every day to N5000 / transaction, meaning that even in a single or split transaction, you cannot send more than N5000 airtime to another airtel subscriber. 

So, by moving a portion of the credit to the other user, Airtel Me2U is a special service that enables an Airtel subscriber to express love to another Airtel subscriber. 

It suggests that as long as they are on the network, you can recharge a card and swap it with your family members, acquaintances, or even colleagues. But no more than N5000 a day can be passed to you.

Me2U Airtel registration 

You don’t have to apply with the Airtel Me2U service if you are a subscriber to the Airtel network. Since each active line is allowed to enjoy the service. 

You only need to change the default “PIN” that came with the line to a private and more secure “PIN” that can be quickly recalled but impossible to guess for anyone.

Therefore, you should change the default “PIN” although the default “PIN” is usually 1234. 

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How to Activate a PIN to enable Airtel Me2U service         

Both Airtel lines come with 1234 as their transfer PIN by chance. And it must be altered.

Additionally, the explanation is that the default 1234 PIN is not allowed to be used to make a transaction. 

  • Open your app for text messaging 
  • Give the PIN OLD PIN NEW PIN format text to 432. For eg, your new password is 4006, your message will be sent to 4324 4006 in this “PIN 1234 4006” type. 

How to change the ‘Me2U Switch PIN’ default? 

Only follow these steps if you want to change your default Me2U PIN: 

  • Navigate the SMS menu on the computer. 
  • Write PIN-Default PIN-new PIN in a text message. PIN 1234 9087.
  • Give it to the 432 number. 

Furthermore, as used in the above example, you will get a message that will inform you that your new PIN is 9087 respectively.

However, when this is done, you can transfer some of your credit to other Airtel numbers 

How is the Airtel Me2U service used? 

Only follow the highlighted steps for Airtel airtime transfer: 

  • Please navigate to your SMS menu on the phone. 
  • Build and write a text message in the following format: 2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Sum [space] PIN. For example, you can write 2u 08081234567 100 9087 if you want to move N100 to the number 08081234567. 
  • Give an SMS message to number 432. 
  • The credit would automatically be passed. To inform you of the move, you will get an instant SMS while the receiver also gets a message. 

What do you need to Know about Airtel Me2U Service? 

  • For each successful switch, you will be paid the expense of an off-peak SMS rate (N10 at the time of this post’s publication). 
  • Transfers, which are performed inside the Airtel network, must be on-net. 
  • An infinite number of transactions are possible. 
  • You may also prompt other Airtel users to use the Credit Me program to give you airtime by dialing 
  • *141 * 8*number of the recipient # 
  • The receiver will receive an SMS that reads “Please Credit Me” from your number.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I recover my lost Airtel Me2U pin? 

However, by contacting Airtel customer service by calling 111 or 112, you can now reset your Airtel Me2U pin. 

Note: In order to reset your Airtel Me2U pin, the last 5 digits of the SIM serial number and the last recharge sum must be given.

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Can I transfer airtime from Airtel to other networks?

Airtel Me2U only helps you to send airtime from the terminal to the terminal regardless.

However, this ensures that airtime will not be moved from the airline to other network lines. All you can do is give airtime to individuals via airtel routes. 

At this point, the only thing you can do is to directly recharge their non-airtel lines from your bank account.

In conclusion, transactions with Airtel ME2U are permanent, so you have to be very cautious with your transactions.

Until initiating and verifying transfers, verify to make sure the number is correct.

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