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Uh, wow! Here is the easiest and best way to transfer credit to MTN Nigeria and any other network to which you would like to transfer airtime.

Have you ever been in a position where you want to make a call, but don’t have ample cash to do so, but someone is willing to transfer credit, but you don’t know how to do it?

Ok, MTN, like all the other networks, has an airtime sharing service that helps us to quickly send airtime without stress to other MTN subscribers.

You may be curious how this is done, so I am happy to assure you that all the details you need to know about this service will be given to you by this message.

You’ll have to get a transfer pin before you can transfer airtime to someone using share ‘N’ sell.

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This can be achieved by changing the default pin to a different one for improved protection.

You will know how to transfer credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers ‘ accounts with MTN Share ‘n Sell.

To maintain protection and avoid theft, it comes with a PIN option.

MTN Share (formerly share ‘N’ sell) is a program that enables you to pass airtime (credit) from your MTN account to the accounts of other MTN customers.

Both new and current prepaid and postpaid customers on the MTN network will use MTN Share.

You must change the default PIN, which is 0000 before you can transfer airtime.

Airtime (Credit)

In order to place phone calls and use cell data, airtime is the amount of money paid to your account.

Often an individual needs to ‘borrow’ or ‘send’ his or her airtime to another MTN line, you can still take advantage of the quick MTN airtime transfer service and share with others your airtime.

For you, here’s an easy article about how to transfer credit from MTN to MTN Networks.

The largest and most successful network in Nigeria is MTN Nigeria. Learn below how credit/airtime can be transferred.

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To Change your MTN Share PIN

Send an SMS with your Default PIN, New PIN, and New PIN to 777. For example, ‘0000 1444 1444’ to 777.

By dialing * 777*Default PIN*New PIN * New PIN # on your computer, you can also update your PIN and then click on send/press OK.

Dial * 777 * 0000 * 1444 * 1444 #, for example, and then send / OK.

You will get an SMS as soon as you change your PIN using any of the choices above, telling you that your PIN has been changed successfully.

How to Transfer Credit using SMS

By sending an SMS with switch, receiver number, sum, and PIN to 777, you can switch credit from your phone to another MTN customer’s phone at any time.

You can send an SMS with, for example, ‘transfer 07038955682 2500 1444’ to 777.

You will get an SMS asking you to confirm that you want to make the move by sending an SMS with ‘YES’ to 777 after sending this post.

By dialing * 600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN # on your computer, you can also transfer credit from your computer to another MTN customer’s phone and then hit send/press ok.

For example, dial*600 * 07038955682 * 2500 * 1444 # and send / OK.

You will get a message telling you that the transfer was effective after the transfer has been completed.

You can do this by sending an SMS with the default PIN, Current PIN, Current PIN to 777 if you want to change the pin.

Send an SMS with, for example, ‘0000 1444 1444’ to 777.

How to transfer airtime using USSD

Dial * 777 * Number of Recipient * Amount * PIN # on your phone and then select OK to send / press.

For instance, dial*777 * 07038955682 * 2500 * 1444 # and send / OK afterwards.

You will get a message telling you that the transfer was effective after the transfer has been completed.

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How to Transfer by phone call

If you apply the additional details (the airtime receiver, credit, the PIN code), note the figure * 600 *.

Once again, you have to dial * 600 * 07038955682 * 1000 * 1444 # if you are planning to move 1,000 Naira to MTN phone 07038955682 and your PIN is 1444.

You should get an SMS that informs you that the transaction has been completed successfully.

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This is a wonderful deal, these quick MTN airtime transfer features would be enjoyed by everyone.

The mobile provider will, however, also charge extra fees that the user of the service must be mindful of.

Each transaction costs some money:

50-100 Naira credit – 3 Naira processing fee.

101-500 Naira credit – 5 Naira processing fee.

501-5000 Naira credit – 10 Naira processing fee.

This is all that you can know about sending airtime to another MTN phone number.

To send your recharge money to people you love as easily as possible, just use the common Share ‘N’ Sell option.

Please note that:

Only Naira sums can be moved and not kobo sums, i.e. NGN71.00 can be moved, but not NGN71.99.

In a single contract, you can transfer between NGN50.00 and NGN5, 000.00.

Each day, up to NGN100, 000.00 will be moved from your handset to either a single or several MTN accounts.

The actual number of transactions per day does not have a limit.

The conversion will not be completed and you will get an error message if your MTN prepaid account does not have enough airtime to cover the balance you have asked to move.

You would only be allowed to switch airtime if you are a postpaid client when your account is positive.

When your account is negative, you won’t be able to transfer airtime (-). If your account balance, for instance, is N-300.00.

MTN Share would not authorize you to use it. On the other hand, you would be able to move airtime up to the available N1, 000.00 in your account if the account balance is N1, 000.00.

Main rules:

Only the sum of Naira is transferable. Kobo transfers are not sponsored, so it should be 50.00 Naira and not 50.29 kobo.

Around 50 to 5,000 Naira per transaction can be transferred. Regular transactions are limited per person to 10,000 Naira.

The kit provides added security to ensure that only the original sender is allowed to transfer the credit and to protect any third party from using the sender’s mobile device for the same purpose.

Share ‘N’ Sell is a special PIN (personal identification number) alternative that is covered.

Originally, both persons had an equivalent number of four zeros (0000). Using this default option, it is impossible to share capital.

Before exchanging the credits, anyone who wants to reap the rewards of the program must make some adjustments.

How to Share Data on MTN Network

Take the following actions to exchange data on the MTN network:

Dial * 131 * 2 * 1 # or text REG to 131; you will obtain a special protection PIN to register for MTN Data Sharing.

You are expected to move the device created PIN to a new PIN they can quickly recall by dialling*131 * 2 * 5 # or by texting Move OLD PIN NEW PIN NEW PIN to 131.

The shift from 0000 1444 1444 to 131. E.g. Where 0000 is an old PIN, the current PIN is 1444.

You must connect beneficiaries to your MTN shared Data Package account through the USSD menu * 131 * 2 * 2 # or by texting Connect to 131 after changing the PIN.

Up to 5 beneficiaries may be added.

Once you have added beneficiaries, by submitting the keyword Share to 131 or simply dialing the USSD code * 131 * 2 * 3 #, you (the sponsor) will be able to share your usable data package with the added beneficiaries.

Benefits of Share ‘n Sell

  • You can transfer credit from your phone to other MTN accounts in a simple and easy way.
  • As soon as you confirm the transfer by sending an SMS to 777 with YES, your credit transfer with Share ‘n’ Sell is completed.
  • You will transfer between NGN50.00 and NGN5, 000.00 under a single contract.
  • You will send up to NGN10, 000 .00 every day from your device to either a single or several MTN accounts.
  • Your credit transfers are secure as your PIN is required before any payment can be made.
  • Share ‘n’ Sell provides access to all new and existing prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • There is no limit on the overall amount of transactions per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I transfer credit from MTN to MTN in Nigeria?

Dial * 777 * Number of Recipient * Amount * PIN # on your phone and then select OK to send / press.

For instance, dial*777 * 07038955682 * 1500 * 1444 # and send / OK afterwards.

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You will get a message telling you that the transfer was effective after the transfer has been completed.

How can I transfer credit from MTN to another network?

With the aid of the USSD code, how to transfer airtime is another simple form that is fast and convenient.

What you need to do is dial the recipient’s code * 600 * telephone number * duration of airtime * the switch PIN #.

* 600 * 07038955682 * 100 * 0000 #, for starters.

How do I activate MTN share and sell?

You should, for instance, send 0000 4321 4321 to 777. That means 4321 will be your PIN for transfers.

By dialing * 600*Default PIN*Your Current PIN * Your Current PIN # from your phone, i.e. the second way to enable the MTN Share and Sell service

If you want your PIN to be registered as 4321, you can dial * 600 * 0000 * 4321 * 4321 #.

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