How to Write Statement of Purpose For Graduate School (Sample)

This article contains vital information on How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Graduate School (sample) and some important tips that would guide you. 

One of the major problems in essay writing is how to start. Sometimes getting the right format can give you an idea of what to write, and How to write it.

As a student writing a statement of purpose, you are putting so many things into consideration like, where to write your address, how the body of your statement would be, and your conclusion.

What is a Statement of Purpose? 

It is an application essay writing, which sometimes is called a personal statement or sometimes statement of purpose, it is a written essay by an applicant or candidate, usually, a prospective applicant applying to a college, university, or sometimes graduate school.  

This statement is not only telling the people about you, but also your ability in writing as well, either in university or graduate school.

Here are some vital points or tips that would help you to be a good writer:

  • When writing a statement of purpose, your words should be well spelled and also free from grammatical errors.
  • Your writing should be very clear and also be concise writing.
  • Avoid repetition of language.
  • Your writing should be positive and have a good command of tone.
  • When writing tries and stays away from informal languages or slang.

What is the General Format of writing a statement of purpose?

The general format of writing a statement of purpose is the same as any piece of writing.

  • You should use a 12 point times New Roman font
  • Use 1-inch margins on both sides
  • You should also use a line spacing of 1.5.

This writing format will give your reader easy access to read and understand the message you are passing across. This will benefit you more to concentrate on your reader will your genuine content.

 Do I really need to write my name on my statement of purpose?

Generally, there is no need for you to write your name on your statement of purpose. This is because your statement is part of your University application and it has your name throughout.

 Notwithstanding, it is good as an applicant to carefully check for the specific requirement of the program you are applying for.

For instance, if the requirement demands that you include your name then you should.

How long is a statement of purpose supposed to be?

A good statement of purpose should be at least one page or two pages if required. This is because you need to be brief and precise in your writing. 

School admission officers read a lot of this application every day, so you need to be precise and also clearly mention what you want to say. Writing more than one or two pages will seem as if you are lacking focus in your writing. 

Statement of purpose Format-what do I write?

It is usually difficult to know what to write and what not to write in every part of essay writing. In general, how to write a statement of purpose format consist of five paragraphs.

 In each paragraph, you are expected to address all the necessary points you expected to write on. 

 Who are you and what do you want to do?

In your first paragraph, you are expected to introduce yourself by giving a brief background. And also, mention your goal or objective.

Your introduction should go in line with the program you are applying for. Writing things or information that is not expected from you is not allowed. 

For example, writing about our love for dancing when you are applying for engineering school. That won’t help you at all, it is required that you go straight to the point no beating around the bush. 

The information you write in your introduction must be related to the specific program you are applying to.

Why do you want to do it?

In your second paragraph, you be should be able to explain in detail what prompted you to be interested in your area of studies. 

Haven made it clear that you have a good knowledge of the program, you then explain your interest in it. This will give the admission officers an insight into why you’re applying.

As an applicant that knows what he or she is doing, you are not expected to give a general reason like, “I love defending people.’’

 All these reasons don’t really help the officer to understand you. You may just on your own love defending people.

But, I will like you to go in-depth like. Why do you love defending people? How did you come to love defending people? Why do you want to learn in this program to defend people?

 The more you understand your reasons, the more you will be able to convince the admission officers. There are several documents required to study abroad, so be ready to make necessary research.

Why are you the right Applicant for the Program? 

In the third paragraph, you are expected to give a brief experience you might have in your field of study. It may be difficult for some people to recall any experience they might have.  

You can easily remember any project or internship that you might have done.

Tracing back to the first paragraph, about your background and objective. This maybe your point of reference when writing about your experience. Make sure you use the school’s program description as your guide

In the fourth paragraph, you may also include any other experience that you might have had that made you decide on your field of studies.

 Mind you, in your statement of purpose you are not required to give long narratives just go straight to the point.

In case, there is any information you think the school needs to know about you, you can include it in the fourth paragraph.

What do you want to achieve in the Future?

This should be your closing and final paragraph, try and explain what your long term goals are. Always be precise when you are writing this.

This last paragraph should be able to discuss where you will be in some years to come from now.

How to use this statement of purpose format effectively?

After having the basic idea of how to write a statement of purpose format, what to do next is to get started. 

In case you not familiar with this format you can as well read some sample of the essay.

What to do when you are done?

Writing and proofreading at the same time is very difficult. The best thing to do after writing your statement of purpose or essay is to go through the work again to check and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. 

Frequently asked questions:

Why is the statement of purpose important?

The statement of purpose is very important to every applicant admission. There is an essential part of the applicant application that the school committee needs to inspect before making a final decision.

This statement is the only truly subjective part of the applicant application. It is a document that gives an applicant application the opportunity to prove that he or she has something unique. You might be wondering how to get a bonafide certificate check this link for updates.


Conclusively, here at jobreaders, we have taken our time to compile this article on how to write a statement of purpose and the vital tips that would guide you in writing it.

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