Illinois’ Action for Children | 10 Must Learn for a Strong Family

Illinois’ action for children | 10 must learn for a strong family has been adequately dealt with within this article. The Illinois Action for Children is a catalytic agent for organizing, developing, and supporting strong families and powerful communities.

Here, the lives of children matter most.

The high quality of early care and education is a necessity for working families and is also affordable.

It has always been a struggle to balance work, budgets, and family as well.

This is where the Illinois Action for Children comes to play.

The services connect families to resources actually for finding, and also paying for the child care and early education programs.

It is statistically calculated that the first five years have a significant impact positively or negatively on the child’s personality.

Illinois’ action for children has come with good quality early care and education programs.

Hence, it strengthens the child’s both physical and mental development before they can enter kindergarten.

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About the Illinois Action for Children

Research has it that, high-quality early childhood programs play an essential role in grooming children for success.

It helps children in kindergarten and also build a foundation for long-life learning.

Life expectancy and connections, are formed every second during the first few years of a child’s life.

90% of their brain’s physical size is formed and developed. This period is a period of incredible growth, flexibility, and even adaptability.

Stimulating experiences provided by parents and other caregivers are an essential part of healthy early childhood development.

Illinois Action for Children has over time build a high quality of early learning programs to serve over 1,100 children.

Illinois action for children serves families at the prenatal stage, till the age of five visiting and center-based programs.

It is formidably designed to reach those families that are the most in the society or communities.

Where they dwell and to provide the necessary support, resources, and privilege the families need to succeed.

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Family Engagement

The more the involvement of the family, the likelihood for that child to succeed is guaranteed.

Family is the key to every child’s early learning and futuristic success. More than any other factor, research has proven that the family has a great impact on the child’s future success.

That is why the Illinois action for children partners with families to provide support where it’s necessary and also encourages family inputs and involvement in all areas of your child’s development.

How can Family be involved?

Family involvement in the Illinois action for children can be of many ways beyond your imagination.

As Volunteer – it is well opened for guardians, parents, and other family members to be volunteers.

The Illinois action for children invites you to spend time in assisting both in the class and field trips.

Early Learning Programs – the programs have monthly family activities. Which includes family workshops, literacy night, and parent to child activities.

Home Visiting – those families in the home-based programs would also be invited to socialization activities.

To meet other families, and also engage with their children in a fun and supportive environment.

Parent Advisory Board and Policy Council – this is strictly depending on the nature of the program you enroll in.

Members of either the Policy Council or Parent Advisory Board, you have a privilege to make your voice count.

Group meetings are regularly, by providing important family input to the program.

The Illinois Action for Children Uses Two Research Curriculum in the Early Learning Programs:

The Early Learning Centers – here, the play-based creative curriculum is used. It paves way for children to learn via their interests.

The teacher has to create a well conducive environment with an interactive section that propagates learning.

Thereby in turn, the children select the projects that interest them the most.

The Home Visiting Program – the research-based parents are used as a teacher’s curriculum.

Because parents have the highest impact on the child’s education.

That is why the focus is on child parenting, parent and child interaction, and family wellbeing. 

Children are assessed three times a year, via the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment system. It measures the child’s growth in 10 major areas, which are;

Cognitive, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Technology, the Arts, English Language and Acquisition, Literacy, Physical, Language, and Social-Emotional.

In the end, the result would be presented to families during teacher conferences. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet, discuss, and set a notable goal for their children.

10 Must Learn for a Strong Family

Illinois’ action for children | 10 must learn for a strong family are different essential component and ingredients needed in a family to enhance their standard of living, such as;

Create a Family Mission Statement

Putting together the mission statement of a family can establish the family’s priorities, though it might look a little corny and business-like.

Now, when you talk about family mission statements, you might be tempted to think of non-profit organizations and businesses, but these documents work well for families too.

Ensure you display the family mission statement in a principal place in your home.

Read it, make reference to it often by reminding everyone about the core values or what you love most about each other.

Therefore, all these help to solidify what is important to your family.

To Encourage Support

Support has always been a source of motivation, so feeling supported by your family is one of the most important elements of building strong family bonds.

Your kids may enjoy these bonds for a long time, even after you might have gone. It should be a thing of joy for everyone to share the good times as well as the bad times.

That sense of support is also necessary by allowing everyone to learn the things that are important to their family members and also do their best to support each other.

The result would be beneficial to every member of the family because when family members feel supported, passing through hard times becomes much easier.

To be involved in Your Child’s Interests

Families should support each member’s passions as regards to their area of interest. 

Whatever it takes, even if it entails you reading a book series they love, or by helping to access Marvel figurines.

It is of most importance that you support the interest of your child.

Therefore, if the passion of your child is about football, try as much as possible to watch a game together.

Just find a way to assure your kids that you love them and support whatever it is that they are doing.

You as well ask for their own opinion in case you are confused.

Note, asking is a sign that you care about the things they are passionate about and interested in.

Join with Other Families

No man has always been an island of himself, so your family must build a lasting relationship with other families.

We are all part of a growing community, whether the church, school, or even your neighborhood, by so doing, you should spend time with other families as well.

Moreover, it is more about the family strength and bond, so doing things together with other families gives your family that edge.

Collective Volunteer

It has been proven by research over the years that the more you give, the happier and more grateful you feel in your own lives.

To invest your energy and time to ensure someone else lives a better life has always been a powerful learning experience.

So, therefore, when your family partakes in these learning experiences together, it gives energy to your relationships.

For instance, taking a day to build a charity home are valuable experiences you will continue to share in your lifetime.

Volunteering exposes kids to a lot of different individuals and increases their appreciation for those who are different from them.

Now, the issue of being self-centered and not empathetic would not be found around your kids.

Collective Volunteering is a positive experience for the entire family.

Schedule time for Relaxation

As family time is an important aspect of our everyday living, it is also necessary for some time to relax too.

The kids should not just be encouraged to have some quiet time alone but you need to make out time also for yourself.

The act of parenting is a huge obligation that can take a peal on you. So as a result of that, never in any way feel bad to take a break.

Family Meeting

Having family meetings is a good section for every member to mingle with each other, discuss futuristic plans, etc.

It’s also a good time to discuss an upcoming trip and vacation. The meetings can be used to set goals.

You can as well start each meeting by reading the mission statement, and pin down what everyone would want to talk about and go through them one-by-one.

Emphases should also be made on the need to be kind, considerate, and respectful. The goal is that these meetings allow you to solve family issues productively.

Do Household Tasks as a Family

Cleaning the home and caring is a major responsibility for the whole family. Set up a nice time within the week when everyone can handle their chores at the same time.

Should in case your kids have a demanding schedule and need a little more flexibility, grant them the deadline to have their task completed.

Doing household task together as a family creates a sense of teamwork, most especially if someone gets done early enough and still willing to assist another family member complete theirs.

To make the household task more rewarding, think outside the box by planning a small reward for when the work is done like getting.

Getting ice cream together, watching a movie, or as well as playing board games together.

Eating Meals Together

A particular night should be set aside most especially when you expect everyone to gather together at the dinner table.

Other external devices should also be set aside to avoid distractions. Eat a meal and have a good conversation.

It has been proven that eating meals together have a great positive impact or effect on children’s physical and mental well-being.

Reinforcement of communication and strengthening of family bonds can also be achieved via eating meals together.

Family Scheduled Time

It is very important to note that schedule family time is necessary whether you have children or kids. It warrants planning to set aside family time.

Setting aside time for the family should be so essential, as such designated family time should be set.

Probably, a regular night, it could be once a week, or maybe when the entire family gets together for a fun activity.

Another attainable way to observe family time is to plan a small vacation together. 

You can also make and maintain some new traditions, like looking for things your entire family would enjoy.


Illinois’ action for children | 10 must learn for a strong family has impacted the lives of so many children in the U.S and the world at large. 

The opportunity is open to as many families that are willing to orchestrate a change positively in the lives of their kids.

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