Jeopardy! Online Test 2020: Study Guide, Tips, Dates, Results, login, Requirements

How long have you shaped your brain? Yes! Jeopardy! Online Test 2020 is around the corner and waiting for you prepared and ready to explore the questions.

Take your ability beyond the books you read and have opportunities waiting for you after conquering the technicalities of the exam.

Now, this post will take you through the path of discovering the things you must know to qualify and pass the exam.

What is Jeopardy! Online Test?

Jeopardy is an internet screening! Periodically a series of screenings for potential contestants are conducted on the Internet through the official Jeopardy! Web site.

During the online testing, a 50-question qualifying exam is administered to pre-registered applicants, who have 15 seconds to answer each question using their home or work system.

Each test is slated for a specific date at a specific time, and it is given only once. (For multi-day testing events, you may only take the test on one of the days.)

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To participate in the test, you must:

  • Have a current My Jeopardy! Account and have completed the extended contestant registration.
  • Always log into the testing site at before the test starts.

Testing events are held for:

  • Regular shows: adults (ages 18 and over).
  • College Championship: college students (full-time with no previous bachelor’s degree).
  • Teen Tournament: teens (ages 13-17).

Eligible full-time teachers who hope to compete in the Teachers Tournament are chosen from the list of candidates who have taken and passed the test for adults and participated in the audition process.

Announcements for upcoming tests are made in the Jeopardy! Program and delivered to Jeopardy! Newsletter subscribers.

Who is Eligible to Take the Jeopardy! Online Test?

If you have never been a Jeopardy! Contestant and have not participated in a Jeopardy! Audition within 18 months prior to the test, you are eligible to take the test.

Teens also require parental consent before completing registration for the Teen Jeopardy! Test.

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How often do They Take the Jeopardy! Online Test? Dates

The jeopardy online test takes three-day testing events to qualify for the regular shows are offered to adults one to two times per year.

You may take the test on any day that is convenient, but only once per event. Multiple entries could result to disqualification.

For teens and college students, tests occur approximately once per season, or as upcoming teen and college tournaments are scheduled. Eligible college students may register for both college and adult tests.

How Do I Register For The Jeopardy! Online test?

Simply Visit the Be a Contestant tab and click “Register Now” to fill out the test registration form.

You may be prompted to set up a My Jeopardy! Account if you don’t already have one.

To receive all test updates, make sure you’ve checked the box to receive the Jeopardy! Email newsletter in your account profile.

What is the Duration of the Online Test?

The test consists of 50 categories and 50 clues, and you 15 seconds to respond to each clue. The test takes about 13 minutes. You are not allow to log in late or restart.

What Are The Requirement To Take The Jeopardy! Online test?

Applicants who have not participated in the Jeopardy! Contest or auditions within 18 months prior to the test are welcomed to refresh in the Jeopardy! Online test.

Teens might have to obtain parental approval before registering for the Teen Jeopardy! Test.

You can take the Jeopardy! Online test on either a mobile device, tablet Mac, or PC; with the latter highly recommended.

The device you are using must meet the following requirements:

  1. High-speed internet connection.
  2. Internet Explorer 10 and above, or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari 5.0 and above. The test is NOT compatible with AOL browsers.
  3. A screen resolution of 1024×768 or larger. Make sure your text settings are no larger than 100% or the “normal” or “medium” size. Increased text settings may prevent you from viewing the test in full.

We encourage you to become familiar with the test format by taking the practice tests at and also sticking to our laid down tips on how to pass the Jeopardy! Online test.

Tips on How to Pass Jeopardy! Online Test

To get a jog for America’s favorite quiz show, you need to register for the Jeopardy online test and follow our laid down study tips. See our tips below.

1. Take the practice test

It helps in given you an educational focus.

There is also the daily J! 6 game, where you pick six Jeopardy! Style categories that cover pop culture and comprehensive knowledge and answer a single question from each.

2. Read as much as you can

It will be in your best interest if you get your brain open to as much knowledge as you can. Consider refreshing your memory on the works of Shakespeare and world geography.

Consider playing a few rounds on quiz sites like Trivia plaza, Sporcle, or JetPunk to help get your brain into shape.

As a reference point, you can also use J! Archive, an exhaustive online compendium of every single episode of the modern version of Jeopardy! 

That’s aired since 1984, including every answer that Trebek has asked about over nearly four decades. 

3. Do not be afraid during the exams

Once it’s ShowTime, do not panic. Just relax and follow the questions as they come.

Remember it’s an online exam, so endeavor to be calculative enough not to leave any question unanswered.

That doesn’t mean you have to rush into giving answers.  In fact, it will be nicer if you take all due time to consider and confirm each response.

According to producers, getting the spelling of a word right isn’t a requirement for scoring the right answer on the test. In other words, don’t sweat the typographical errors.

According to prior Jeopardy! Contestants, if you can afford to get more than 85 percent right in the test, you might be in for a pole position in the audition.

Will I Receive My Jeopardy Test Results?

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Normally, Jeopardy! Never reveals test scores. Only passing scores are submitted to be considered for an audition.

If you pass the test and qualify for an audition, the Jeopardy! Contestant department may contact you at any time within one year of your test.

Those who do not pass the test will not be contacted. So, you have to put in your best in the online test in order to stand a chance.

Notwithstanding, all the online test-takers will receive a confirmation email that the test has been submitted within 24 hours of taking the test.


Just like every other test, Jeopardy! Online test requires apt practice and adequate preparation.

To stand a chance, you need to take the practice test very serious and also ensure you stick to our outlined tips

I wish you good luck and all you need wish yourself! Comment below your questions or suggestions on how we can improve our services to you.

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