How reliable are Jiji Cars? Here is a Blogger’s View for Buyers 

Speaking of Jiji cars reminds me of the first car deals I ever witnessed while I was in school; the Federal University of Technology Owerri (to be very precise).

It was one of the first few things that made me believe the internet.

Although, then, I was already blogging and developing websites for clients in different capacities. But it still baffles me, with the level of scepticism that eCommerce still face in this part of the world.

Anyway, it’s not just about eCommerce, car sales online or even Jiji cars; because it thrives irrespective seen odds.

Recent years has witnessed enormous change, and failure to embrace such facts may lead to stagnancy and or inexistence.

Between a car dealer and a single purchaser who may love any of the new or used vehicles sold at Jiji store, only mindsets distinguish the two-optimism and doubt but none belong to one exclusively.

Has this been part of your consideration? I need to ask you a few questions before I proceed with the real subject of the content.

Did you try to know the car prices with the Jiji app? or genuinely perusing to patronize Jiji cars?

Whatever the answer may be, the importance of this post is that you be enlightened, and in regards the features, risks and benefits of going for Jiji cars, so far you are in Nigeria and within. 

What do you know about Jiji or even Jiji cars?

You must have navigated through the eCommerce store without even bothering to take a closer look at the arrangements, contents and commodity showcased to change your purchase narratives.

And you must be asking; could this be a paid review, voluntary promotion or article born as a result from observed excellence in the market-whichever one you dim fit, Jiji car has always been a sub brand that anyone can associate with.

Being one of the largest online market in Nigeria is not all that Jiji could possibly boast of; in spite connecting thousands of buyers and sellers of almost every commodity, jiji remains committed to improvement.

In our time, a business is promoted or demoted in the hands of the customer-relation but their score is incredible. As an eCommerce store, the cars sold at Jiji are what refer as Jiji cars; and it will interest you to know that Jiji has been in the market since 2014.

How to buy Cars from Jiji

You must have not known that even as Jiji allows anyone who genuinely wants to either purchase or sell, there is always a verification process that curbs fraudulent activities.

Jiji operates with a model that allows sellers to create profiles, make precise copies of their products (cars in this case), and leave their contacts for prospects.

In this case, buyer trade directly with the seller. Apart from the premium advert fee (if applicable) that Jiji takes from the advertiser, there is no fraction it earns from the transactions. 

Above all these tactics, there is a viable means of tracking the seller identities by Jiji, through the information provided upon registration. The administrators go as far as making verification beyond cell phone and location. 

But because the cars sold was not directly through Jiji, they suggest a few security tips for buyers

When one finds exciting products, contacts the buyer and reaches a term, it is wise to do the following:

  1. not to pay in advance, even for the delivery
  2. to try and meet at safe place (public places)
  3. to check the items before buying and to 
  4. pay only after collecting the item sold

Jiji’s secure payments/Transactions

Now, this is the second category of the e-store. Jiji makes it easier for both the buyers and sellers, by indeed mediating between the parties. 

Of course, some fraction of the real market cost will be protected for the company, but it is considered safe for both sellers and buyers. 

So, going for Jiji cars, one may consider the first alternatives, to this. It all depends on the nature of the vehicle, the seller and location, and buyers’ readiness. 

According to their “About US” page, Jiji provides Premium Services for those who want to sell and earn more.

We are yet to exhaust the true meaning to this, but one of the implications is that some premium products can be purchased directly through the website, and it give the platform more credit on reliability.

In summary, there are about four simple procedures you need to take while searching and buying any of the Jiji cars, from anywhere,

1. Search with the name of the car

Find the car you need using search panel and filters. The has thousands of adverts; choose what car you are looking for;

The best way to shop for cars in this platform, however, is with the name of the particular vehicles you search.But there are also wider range of means to locate the type and rate of care that will suit you at the moment.

They include:

  • Searching with the brand
  • Searching with Price range
  • Searching with years etc

2. Contact a seller.

There is an option to chat on Jiji or call them via phone. Discuss all the car conditions, negotiate about the price.

3. Order for the car

We advise you to check the seller very well before proceeding. Jiji suggests that you meet the seller in a public place, and ensure you pay when you have the car.

4. Rate the seller;

To build a safe, professional business community, we need to work together. When you purchase a product from any online platforms, always rate the experience; to help others make decisions.

What were you told about Car Auction in Nigeria? 

Enormous demands for better cars have always continued to push car dealers into rapid innovation, and auctioning is a market that has not been left unexploited.

Irrespective of the shortcoming that faces that segment of the car industry in Nigeria, there are visible improvements that lured us to review.

You can check out our latest reviews on car auctions in Nigeria; the prices and nature of cars might also be very enticing.

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